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The Feeling Sick Song | Baby, Feeling Sick

Oh, No! Ivy is sick! What will Baby Joy Joy do? Find out in this super cute video. Listen to this soothing song when your Baby is sick.

Do You Like Crazy Food? | Lemonade Toast

Mixing up foods can turn someone's appetite really quickly. Will Baby Joy Joy and her friends find some winning combinations?

New Halloween Game | Baby Joy Joy

Try Baby Joy Joys fun new Facepaint and Costume game on iOS and Google app stores! Dress up your favorite Baby Joy Joy characters in fun costumes and play with facepaint.

Baby Joy Joy Games on Mobile

Play and Learn with Baby Joy Joy and Friends

Baby Joy Joy: Christmas Game

Baby Joy Joy game for Christmas! Bake mouth-watering sweets with Baby Joy Joy and her friends and help Joy Joy deliver the amazing presents to her friends!

Baby Joy Joy and the Halloween Party

Get crazy with Baby Joy Joy and her friends! Dress them up and paint their faces - and get them ready for the Halloween party! Loaded with lots of weird and funny face masks and costumes!

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Baby Joy Joy & Friends

Baby Monkey, Baby Kitty, Baby Frog, Rosie, Ryan and Family

Meet pals: Baby Monkey, Baby Kitty, Baby Frog, Rosie, Ryan and Baby-Joy-Joy’s lovely family. They accompany Baby Joy Joy in all her adventures!

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