How To Tell Your Husband You Are Pregnant—23 Unforgettable & Cute Ways

How To Tell Your Husband You Are Pregnant

When you first learn that you are pregnant, a whole new world of emotions flows inside you. Would it not be wonderful if your husband could feel the same way?

Pregnancy is full of moments where the mom is the main character, but the father is also important because the baby will change both their lives and be a gift to them. There are many ways to make a pregnancy announcement extra special for your husband or partner, so they can have a lifetime memory for themselves.

A pregnancy reveal or announcement, especially after trying for some time, will definitely be an amazing memory to cherish, so thinking of creative ways to break the news you are expecting or how to tell your husband you are pregnant is worth the time and effort.

Pregnancy announcement to husband

Although a pregnancy announcement can be made for the whole family and close friends, it would be good to tell your husband first that you are pregnant so he feels more involved and better prepared when you break the news to the rest of your loved ones.

Remember that as the baby grows inside of you during pregnancy, you will have time to bond with the baby and create special moments, but the father does not have that privilege. Remember, the more involved the father can be in the process, the more he can enjoy those months and bond with the baby.

How To Tell Your Husband You Are Pregnant

When exploring creative ideas to make a surprise pregnancy announcement to your husband or partner, think about his hobbies and what he likes and dislikes so he can really enjoy the surprise.

Some people do not like to be the center of attention, so something too public may not be the best idea—maybe he is a sports fan, so plan something with that theme in mind. Whatever his personality is, remember that it must be something that pleases him and makes him happy about the news.

Now, let us explore some fun ways and ideas for a surprise pregnancy announcement to remember.

Cute ways to tell husband you’re pregnant

1. Using a pregnancy test

There are many fun and creative ideas for announcing a pregnancy using the positive pregnancy test strip (remember to cover the tip with a cap!). From something as simple as leaving the test strip where he will find it to adding a note or packing it inside a gift box—this is a non-expensive and straight-to-the-point way of sharing the great and happy news with him. If your husband is absentminded, make sure you leave it in a very obvious place, so you do not have to wait too long for him to find it.

2. Bun in the oven

While getting dinner ready and setting up the table, tell your husband to get the buns out of the oven. Instead, place a letter board inside the oven saying “Fully baked bun in 36 weeks” to announce a pregnancy in a fun way. Other creative ways to achieve this with the same idea include placing an actual bun in the oven with a note or pregnancy test strip.

3. The baby shoes

Get yourself a tiny pair of baby shoes and hang them on the rearview mirror of his car or place them on top of his pillow. If your husband is a sports fan, get a pair of sports shoes, write a message that says “new sports buddy coming soon,” and have a camera ready to catch his reaction.

4. Baby tracking app

Install a baby tracking app on your husband’s phone with push notifications and watch his bewilderment when he gets messages saying, “You are now 4 weeks pregnant. Your baby is the size of a poppy seed.” You can imagine his confusion until he puts two and two together!

5. Pregnancy announcement shirt

This is a super fun idea that can be done in many ways. For example, if this is not your first pregnancy or your partner has another child of his own, get a customized t-shirt that says, “Promoted to big brother/sister,” and let his first child casually walk around the house with it on until he notices. You could also get a customized t-shirt for your husband that says “Daddy-to-be” and gift it to him and watch his reaction.

6. Baby onesie

Baby items are consistently among the cutest ways to make a pregnancy reveal. Get a baby onesie personalized with a message like “Due in September,” or just get one from a store and give it to him with a note or a positive pregnancy test, so he knows that soon it will have a rightful owner.

ute ways to tell husband you're pregnant

7. Coffee mug

You can find pregnancy announcement mugs that change color when you pour hot liquid inside and reveal hidden messages like “Soon you will need more coffee. Baby due in September.” Also, you can write a message on the bottom of your usual coffee cup, and while you drink your hot cup of coffee, watch his face when he notices that at the bottom it says, “I’m pregnant!

8. Personalized sweets

Wrap his favorite candy bar with a label that says, “Eat up! You’ll need more energy soon. Baby on the way!” This sweet surprise will be remembered and cherished. Get him a box of cupcakes or cookies that spell “Oh baby!” Add a note inside to share the news that he later can share with others.

9. Order for two

When you go out to eat together or order a take-out, order two dishes for yourself. When he asks you why you order so much, let him know you will be eating for two for the next 9 months and wait for him to add two and two together. Trust us—it will be super fun.

10. Fortune cookie

Order Chinese take out and switch the fortune cookie with one that contains a message like “Confucius say, Laura & Luke’s baby is on the way!” or “Baby in the tummy, makes life yummy.” You could get the personalized fortune cookies in Fancy Fortune Cookies and use this same tactic to surprise other family members.

11. Diapers

Casually leave a box of newborn diapers in your living room or have it delivered when you know your partner will be one to receive it. At first, he will be confused but when he asks why you are getting diapers, let him know that there will be way more diapers coming your way soon.

12. Personalized drinks

If your husband enjoys a good beer, surprise him with a six-pack of his favorite beer but with personalized labels that say, “Drink for two, and I’ll eat for two.” If dad is more of a wine drinker, you can also use the label on a bottle of his favorite wine, or you could personalize a beer mug or a short wine glass with a message like “Promoted to Dad.

How To Tell Your Husband You Are Pregnant

13. Pet accomplices

If you have a pet, a great idea would be to enlist them to make the surprise pregnancy announcement. Get them a bandana or a sweater that says “Promoted to big woofer” or “I sniff diapers coming soon.” This will for sure not only bring joy but also a lot of laughs from your husband or partner.

14. Parenting book

Get your partner a parenting book for dads like Jimmy Fallon’s “Your baby’s first word will be Dada” or Clint Edwards’s “Father-ish.” This gift will be a cute way to tell your husband you are pregnant and will surely be fun and insightful.

15. Scavenger hunt

If your husband likes a challenge and adventure, make him a scavenger hunt about special moments and places regarding your life as a couple. Let him go to the first place you met, the place where he proposed or where you decided to move in together, your favorite ice cream spot, among others. In the end, lead him back home so he can find a note with the positive pregnancy test, so he completes the experience with the happiest news.

16. Use baby feeding utensils

Another creative way to let him know is by serving him his lunch using baby utensils such as a bottle, a baby plate, and a spoon. When he asks you why you did this, tell him, “It’s so you can get used to using these because soon I’ll need your help feeding our baby.”

17. Make a video

Make a video with pictures of your time together, how you met and when you started dating. A trip down memory lane and your story together. You can insert messages to remind him why he is special and what you like about him and being together. Complement it with your favorite music, and if there is a song you dedicate to him, add it to the mix. Finish the video with a sweet message about how your journey together will add another person and the pregnancy test picture or an ultrasound. Beware: this may bring out the waterworks.

18. Family shoot

Plan a family or couple photoshoot and use a letterboard saying, “Surprise! We’re pregnant!” but do not let him see it at first. Take some quirky photos with it first, and then let the photographer catch his surprised face when he reads the message. Those great photos will become a lovely keepsake that you can frame and display at home.

pregnancy announcement to husband

19. Holiday announcements

If you want to make the announcement with a theme according to a holiday or celebration, here are some ideas.

For Christmas, you could decorate ornaments that have “No more silent nights” written or use baby items such as bottles, booties, tiny socks, onesies, and so on to hang on the Christmas tree. If it is Halloween, carve a pumpkin and place another smaller one inside it and let him think about the significance.

Thanksgiving is a holiday to be overall grateful, so it would be fantastic if you made the pregnancy announcement while saying grace and what you are most thankful for this year. If the whole family is there, prepare for the roller-coaster kind of emotion this surprise message will bring to everyone. It might not be the most private way, but it will definitely be memorable.

20. Puzzle

If you as a couple or your partner enjoy doing puzzles, you could get one personalized with the ultrasound picture or a more generic message like “Due date in nine months.” Gift it to him and have a camera at hand to catch his face when he gets the message.

21. Sporting goods

Aside from this being a fun idea, it can also be practical to get them things like golf balls or pins, baseball balls or caps, or whatever sports gear you could personalize with a message such as “Daddy-to-be” or “Sport buddy coming soon.” This is one of those cute ideas that will definitely make his day.

22. Romantic ways

If you want to give him the great news more romantically, plan a special dinner where you reminisce about your life together, the journey you have taken so far, and tell him you have a big secret. Go down on one knee, like a proposal, ask him to be the best father a child can dream of, and let him know you are expecting. This is one of the sweetest ways to show him appreciation and give him the best news at the same time.

23. Remodel planning

Prepare yourself with decoration and remodel ideas about changes in your house, like moving his office or man cave to another place in the house and changing the color scheme. When he asks why you are planning to change everything, tell your husband you are pregnant and will need the extra space to fit the nursery. A simpler way could be to simply place an eviction notice on his home office or man cave door to break the big news.


Regardless of how you choose to tell your husband or partner, announcing your pregnancy should be a fun and joyous occasion. So choose a quirky or unique way of letting him know that will create a lasting memory.

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