How To Hide Pregnancy Belly In The First Trimester: 11 Tips & Tricks

How To Hide Pregnancy Belly

Women hide a baby bump for many reasons, especially in early pregnancy. Those first few weeks can be a whirlwind of emotions, thoughts, and anxieties, and many women aren’t ready to share the news yet.

If this isn’t your first pregnancy, the chances are that your baby bump will show up sooner and maybe even bigger. If you want to physically hide your pregnancy belly for now, for whatever reason, then there are ways to do it that will leave you feeling confident. Gone are the days when all you have to choose from is maternity pants and other obvious maternity clothes that highlight your growing baby bump.

If you have been wondering how to hide pregnancy belly especially in the early stages, continue reading.

Why Hide a Pregnancy Belly?

There are many reasons why a woman may choose to hide a baby bump. If you’re on the fence about whether or not it’s the right move for you, consider why women may choose to do so, and then evaluate your own preferences and unique situation.

Of course, if you want to show off your baby bump the moment it appears, there’s nothing wrong with that, either. You can choose whatever you are most comfortable with.

However, if you want to draw attention away from your growing baby bump in regular clothes, you’ve come to the right place.

Hiding pregnancy belly at work

Sometimes women are between jobs, finishing up college, or up for a big promotion when they find out they’re expecting. While pregnancy should never keep you from a career, it can sometimes lessen your chances of a new job, a big promotion, or being considered for a big project.

Your employer will expect you’ll miss some work for doctor’s appointments and the delivery. There will also be a period you’re absent from work for maternity leave. If you’re trying for a job or climbing up another rung on the ladder at your place of employment, hiding your pregnancy belly for at least the first trimester is a choice that many women make.

Hiding pregnancy because of loss

Women who have experienced the loss of a pregnancy through miscarriage or have lost an infant may be apprehensive about announcing a pregnancy early on, at least during the first trimester.

While friends and family tend to support subsequent pregnancies after loss, these rainbow pregnancies are often a more private experience because the mother is still coping with loss, afraid of what might happen during the pregnancy, or worried that people will treat her differently during her pregnancy.

Therefore, the baby bump is often something that these moms choose to hide for a while.

Personal Reasons

Sometimes women choose to hide a baby bump simply because their growing belly is no one else’s business. They don’t like maternity clothes; they are processing the early stages of pregnancy with their partner and family only or for many other reasons.

Whatever reason a woman may have for choosing to hide a baby bump is fine. It’s her body, and it’s her growing bump. It’s her choice to dress it up, show it off, or hide it.

How To Hide Pregnancy Belly

When do you start showing during pregnancy?

When a baby bump makes its debut is unique to every woman and every pregnancy. Women of average build and weight typically start to show between 16 and 20 weeks gestation, or sometime in the second trimester.

Some women don’t show until the third trimester. And some women, especially those who have been pregnant before, can start showing during the first trimester. This is due to the body’s memory. The uterus and abdomen have now experienced the process of pregnancy, and the changes to the body are less gradual the second time around.

The stages of pregnancy affect the growth of the belly differently as the uterus expands. Each trimester comes with its own unique stages of development. However, all women grow outward during pregnancy. The only differing factor for each woman is at what point in gestation they start to show.

Body Shape and Build

When you start to show during pregnancy also depends upon your body shape. Overweight and obese women tend to show late in their pregnancy, while underweight women tend to show more in early pregnancy.


Women pregnant with twins, triplets, or any form of multiples get a noticeable baby bump much earlier on in the pregnancy than women who are pregnant with one fetus. The reasons for this are obvious. There is less room and more babies. The only way to accommodate more than one baby is to grow outward.

Clothes to hide a pregnancy

If you’ve noticed that your skinny jeans are starting to give you away and that your baby bump is becoming something you can’t hide in your fitted clothes you wore pre-pregnancy, you may be wondering what you can do to hide a baby bump.

There are a lot of options available to you. Whether you can find some of the following suggestions in your regular wardrobe (or your partner’s) or get new clothes, you aren’t restricted to the maternity section. The following will guide you to find clothes that will help hide your bump while still looking great.

Fit and Flare Dresses

These dresses are great for anyone! You can get them in any length, so even if the weather isn’t warm, you can find long dresses in this style and pair them with a cute sweater or jacket.

Fit and flare dresses are form-fitting in the sleeves, chest, and upper torso and then flare out dramatically right under the chest. It’s easy to hide a baby bump while wearing one, they are very stylish and come in just about all colors and patterns, and the extra fabric of the flare is flattering on all body types.

Wear Layers

Wearing layers is a great way to hide a baby bump and look cute at the same time. A black tank with your husband’s loose-fitted flannel shirt over it, a flowy blouse with a loose cardigan unbuttoned over it, or a turtleneck with a chunky sweater over it are all great choices of layered tops that will not only help hide that bump but look cute.

You can pair these clothing options with fun accessories that will also shift the focus from your belly. Chunky necklaces, thick scarves, hats, and trendy earrings are great pairings with layered looks.

Busy Patterns

The human eye is easily distracted. Wearing fun and busy patterns are a great way to keep the eyes of those around you moving, rather than directing the focus on your tummy area. Bonus points if the top or dress is super comfy, flowy, or loose-fitting.

A fun long floral peasant top is excellent for the summer, or a maxi dress with a colorful print or patterns are great options.

Choose a Slimming Color

If you’re trying to hide a pregnancy, opt for dark-colored clothes. Black is classic and never goes out of style. It’s slimming on all body types. Everyone looks good in black, and it takes away from the bump you may be developing when pregnant. You can even get away with a tighter top in a darker color for a while without anyone noticing.

Other colors that are usually slimming are dark purples, hunter green, dark and deep reds, and royal and navy blue.

Peplum Tops

Peplum tops are cute for most women. The perk to this is that you can also use these great pieces to help you hide a pregnancy.

The style of these tops helps to conceal your growing belly because as the shirt progresses downward, it gets flowier and often ends in ruffles or pleats. They are loose, flattering, airy tops that you can dress in for at least the first few months of the pregnancy and not worry about people noticing you’re pregnant.

Loose Patterned Dresses

Loose dresses are great for hiding those body parts you don’t want people to notice because they are super comfortable, really cute, and draw more attention to your style than your body.

Even if you aren’t pregnant, having a loose-fit patterned dress in your wardrobe is a great idea!


Bring attention to other features while hiding your belly with a few accessories that will take the focus off of your waist and draw attention to your fashion sense! A great summer hat paired with a loose-fit peasant top or maxi dress or a great thick scarf with a chunky and long sweater are great ways to keep your big news to yourself.

How To Hide Pregnancy until you are ready to share the exciting news

How to Wear Regular Jeans During Pregnancy

Let’s face it. The big elastic stretchy band of material attached to most maternity pants are a dead giveaway that you’ve got a bun in the oven. The fit of most maternity pants doesn’t help, either.

If you want to continue to wear your regular jeans when pregnant but would like to hide the fact that you’re expecting, there are a few ways that you can continue to wear your work pants, dress slacks, and jeans well into pregnancy without feeling as though your tummy area is in a vice.

The Belly Band

This wonderful tool is great for wearing your non-maternity jeans longer, and it also gives support to your lower belly and will help reduce the pressure you may feel as you progress in your pregnancy. I would recommend a band to anyone who works a job where they stand or move around for long periods or the mom on the move.

All you have to do is put on the band and then pull your jeans up over the band. The band will help to keep your pants in place while they remain unbuttoned. If you wear a loose top or a long top that covers the top portion of your pants, no one will ever know that your pants aren’t buttoned.

A Hair Tie or Rubber Band

This life hack for pregnant women is useful even after your little one has arrived. It’s great for if your pants are a bit too snug, your buttonhole is worn out and too large for the button, or any other reason you may not want to button your pants.

All you have to do is loop the hair tie or rubber band through the buttonhole and then around the actual button. It will keep your pants up and give you a few inches more in the waist of your pants.

More Tips to Hide Your Tummy

Your choice in style and beefing up your wardrobe with pieces that can help you draw attention away from your waist is a great way to keep your coworkers or peers in the dark about your pregnancy.

However, there’s more to hiding a pregnancy than just your choice of shirt or a great pair of dark pants. You can have a lot of long dresses in different colors and patterns and still give yourself away. It’s also easier to hide a bump from coworkers than a close friend or family member.

The following are some more tips you should think about when you choose to hide your growing bump and your big news.

Hands Off

Regardless of the shirt you’re wearing; there’s a good chance that you’re touching and rubbing your belly more often than you realize. Pregnant women tend to instinctively touch and rub their bellies, and it can be what gives you away.

If you’re looking for a way to avoid doing this, at least at work and in public, try keeping your hands busy with other things. Hold something when you’re around people. Busy yourself by typing or handling work materials or paperwork when colleagues come around.

Check Your Chest

Your tummy isn’t the only thing that grows when you’re expecting. Your breasts also get bigger. Sometimes a lot bigger.

Making sure that you have a well-fitted bra and wear a shirt that takes the attention off of your growing chest is a great way to keep suspicions at bay. For example, you could choose a flowy shirt paired with a loose and long scarf. This way, your tummy, and breasts are hidden, and the focus is elsewhere.

What To Say If You’re Offered a Drink While Pregnant

How do you keep people from thinking you’re pregnant if you’re offered a drink and refuse? Especially in a setting or atmosphere where you’d typically drink?

Telling people that you are a designated driver, that you’re on a medication in which you can’t drink, or simply that you don’t feel well and would rather pass on a drink may work for a short time while you prepare for the time in which you’re ready to share your news.

If you’re in a bar, you can also grab the attention of a server or bartender privately and ask that they only serve you virgin drinks. Just be careful that they don’t forget this. Watch your drink being made if at all possible, or if you are with someone who is in on your secret, have them order for you.

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