Where To Have A Baby Shower—9 Great Options You Can’t Go Wrong With

where to have a baby shower

Many parents start planning their baby showers soon after finding out they are expecting. 

The mom-to-be often helps to plan the baby shower with family members and friends, and all of the plans require a lot of forethought, preparation, and budget planning.

After the date for the baby shower is decided upon; usually, the next step is deciding among all the options for baby shower venues.

Read on for ideas on where to have a baby shower that fit most situations and budgets so that you can have a fun and memorable event without being cramped for space or blowing most of the budget on the baby shower venue.

Getting creative with spaces

Suppose you plan to have a more traditional baby shower with just the female family and friends to celebrate the mom-to-be and the baby on the way, or a co-ed baby shower, which has grown in popularity to become the new norm.

You can have a fun baby shower in a great venue with just a little creative thinking.

Hopefully, you’ll find some inspiration in the options mentioned here and will be able to find the perfect baby shower venue for your event.

Where to have a baby shower

When you start to plan for a baby shower, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before you begin to narrow down ideas for the baby shower venue. They are as follows.

where to have a baby shower

In-person baby shower vs virtual baby shower

Some families are spread out over large distances, and some only choose travel. While many agree that an in-person baby shower is more fun and personal, sometimes the best option is to go online so that everyone can be included.

Suppose you are military, live in a remote location away from your closest family and close friends, or are concerned about germs during flu season. In that case, you can still have a great time throwing an online baby shower. 

We’ll talk more about that option later.

1. Guestlist

Deciding how many people you would like to have at a baby shower is another crucial thing to consider before you nail down a location.

If the mom-to-be has a large family or a lot of close friends or work friends, you’ll obviously need to find a large space to celebrate.

However, if you want a small, intimate baby shower, it can be done in a smaller, more private setting that may not require as much preparation or money.

2. The weather and time of year

If you are due with your baby in the wintertime and live in a region in which the temperatures are cold, you obviously want to stay away from outdoor places.

If, however, you’re due in the spring and the weather is nice, a local park may be the perfect venue.

Considering the weather and location, you reside in is a big part of deciding on a venue when you host a baby shower. No one wants to freeze or sweat while playing baby shower games.

3. Length of the baby shower

New parents want to be celebrated, and of course, they are thrilled that everyone is excited about the new baby on the way.

If you are hosting a baby shower and are not one of the parents-to-be, make sure that you consult the mother-to-be and make sure that you get a clear understanding of how long she’d like to celebrate.

Pregnant women, especially in the third trimester, get tired quickly. 

As the host, you want to make the parents-to-be feel celebrated and loved but not overwhelmed and exhausted by throwing an all-day event.

If you book a place for the baby shower, you will need to know how long the space is available.

Most baby showers are two to three hours long, but if you rent a space, you need to consider the time it will take you to decorate and clean up after the baby shower.

printable baby shower invitations

Locations for a baby shower

Once you’ve nailed down a date and guestlist and considered the time of year and climate in which the mom-to-be lives, it’s time to start viewing different locations where to host a baby shower.

If you are in charge of hosting a baby shower and you’re not one of the parents-to-be, this would be a great time to include the parents by having them start to register for baby shower gifts or choose a cute theme for the shower.

There’s certainly lots to be done, but the location can be a breeze with the following suggestions.

1. Local park

Baby showers are often held in local parks due to the open space, which grants lots of room to play games, open gifts, mingle with guests, and enjoy the scenery.

Fall baby showers are lovely under a park pavilion.

With a park, there aren’t as many needs as far as decorations go, and if you have an extensive baby shower guest list, people can spread out more easily. The cost is often usually less than renting a hall or a space, as well.

If you live somewhere, that has a beautiful park nearby and are hosting your own baby shower or have designated a baby shower host, considering a park is a great idea. 

It also offers lots of picturesque photo opportunities!

2. Tea room baby shower

Less optimal for co-ed baby showers, a tea room baby shower is an elegant choice that usually means there’s very little decorating required.

Tea rooms can usually accommodate various sizes of groups and are often decorated or even themed.

Some offer foods and appetizers like finger sandwiches or cookies. This baby shower virtually throws itself; it’s simple to pull off.

If you’re throwing your own shower and don’t want to deal with a lot of detail or setup, an elegant tea party in a tea room for you and all your friends is a great location and idea.

3. Community center

Hosting a baby shower in a community center is an excellent option in inclement weather, if you need lots of space, or if you are looking for an indoor venue that gives you a lot of freedom to decorate.

Check with your local community center about hosting a baby shower for new parents. Many centers offer space at a low cost or sometimes even completely free. 

You usually have to supply your food or refreshments, but chairs and tables are often already there.

You can invite friends and family, have lots of space, and clean up afterward. 

Make sure to ask about all rules and requirements, like deposits that need to be placed, reservations that need to be made, and whether guests can drink alcohol on the property.

Most community centers require you to sign an agreement and a waiver to rent their space.

4. Someone’s home

If you are planning on having a few girlfriends as guests, consider a quiet girls’ night in the relaxing atmosphere of someone’s home. 

You can ask a friend or family member to host the baby shower or throw it in your own home.

This requires minimal decorations, a fun time in an intimate setting, and no one needs to rent tables or transport food.

While this is the perfect location for a small baby shower, it’s usually best to ask a close friend or relative to host a baby shower when it’s being held in a home.

This way, in someone else’s home, the mother-to-be doesn’t have to clean and can take the baby items she gets as gifts and her well wishes and go home at the end of the party.

where to have a baby shower

5. Botanical garden

A botanical garden is a beautiful setting to host a baby shower. It’s also a fun way to have free decorations! What better decor than beautiful greenery and flowers?

The mama-to-be can spend time with loved ones and other guests without having to clean up, and it’s often one of the free places to gather that people seldom think of!

6. Country clubs

If you know someone who is a member, or you are a member yourself, this is one of the many great ideas for a baby shower locale that requires very little work. 

Often, the waitstaff will serve a meal for a small fee, and you won’t have to rent any tables or chairs.

7. Firepit

One of the lesser-thought-of outdoor places to host baby showers, a fire pit is excellent for the fall or summer nights. 

You can make smores, have a relaxed setting, and rely on good conversation and friendship rather than orchestrated party games and expensive decorations.

8. Rooftop terrace

If you live in a city with great views, booking a rooftop terrace for a baby shower is great! 

This also works if you or someone you know lives in a building with an available rooftop terrace.

Ensure that there is a working elevator and that proper permissions have been secured. No one wants to tote shower gifts down several stairs after the baby shower ends.

9. Virtual baby shower

Virtual baby showers have become fairly common in recent years. New parents were concerned not only with the spread of germs and illness before the birth of their little ones but also complications that could arise after the baby arrives if illness had been spread during the shower.

The CDC still recommends specific cleaning and sanitizing guidelines when it comes to get-togethers that are held in person.

Outside of an outbreak, flu season and RSV in the fall and winter pose health risks, and many people don’t want to risk the health of older relatives and people and babies with weak immune systems for the sake of a baby shower. 

A virtual baby shower is an excellent option for these people.

Distance is also a factor in why some people opt for a virtual shower. 

Some people don’t have relatives close by, or travel isn’t possible because of work or budgets.

Social media

You can host events on Facebook that span any length and invite as many people as you want. Easy to set up and user-friendly, you can play games, award prizes, mail gifts, or give to a fund set up to benefit the growing family!

You can share photos, make memories, and do many of the same things you could do if you had a baby shower that was held face-to-face.


Having a baby shower over Zoom or another video chat platform is a fun way to have a structured and time-restricted shower.

Held in real-time, for the duration of a live and face-to-face shower, ensure that you give everyone plenty of notice so everyone can attend!

The plus is no cleanup; many people have learned to conduct business and social calls on these platforms, and those who can’t make it can still send a gift or a card.

Baby showers and great locations

The mom-to-be can enjoy a fantastic baby shower venue with any options provided in this article. 

Hopefully, they have inspired you to look into what is available in your community or think of alternatives inspired by some of the ideas given here.

What matters is that the mom-to-be knows that she and her family are cared about and supported by those she loves and cares about. 

Any setting is beautiful when loved ones surround you.

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