Know What To Wear To A Baby Shower—Best Outfits For Every Season

What To Wear To A Baby Shower

When you get invited to a baby shower as a guest, deciding what to wear to a baby shower can be quite a stressful task. Baby showers occur in all seasons, in many different locations, and in various stages of formality.

Baby showers are important to many women because, in modern society, they are a rite of passage for women. We gather to celebrate a woman who is about to become a mother, and her life will change in many ways. We go to show our love and support and to celebrate her, and we want our choice of outfit to reflect that sentiment.

This article will give you some baby shower outfit ideas that cover all seasons, from a spring shower to a summer baby shower, a fall baby shower, or a winter baby shower. You can piece together the perfect baby shower outfit and have lots of ideas for baby shower attire for the next baby shower you attend!

What to wear to a baby shower

You got the baby shower invite to a family member or friend’s baby shower, and you can’t wait to celebrate the mom-to-be. You may have glanced at the baby registry and selected a great gift as well. But when it comes to what to wear to a baby shower, you, like many others, may find yourself a little nervous about the baby shower outfits that are acceptable.

After all, no one wants to be underdressed or overdressed at a baby shower. You don’t want to be the one people stare at because you’re dressed too casually. But you also don’t want to dress to the nines and outshine the mom-to-be.

How to Figure Out the Dress Code

The level of formality is the first thing you need to figure out when it comes to deciding what to wear to a baby shower. Knowing this will determine the choices you have available to you as baby shower outfit ideas. There are ways to figure it out without bothering the mom to be or whoever is hosting the baby shower for her.

1. Consider the Baby Shower Venue

This piece of information is vital to figuring out the dress code and, ultimately, what to wear to a baby shower.

Think about it this way: Would you wear the same outfit to a party in someone’s backyard as you would to a party thrown in a fancy banquet hall?

So when you get the baby shower invitation, do a little bit of research. It’s going to tell you the following information:

  • Who the baby shower is for
  • What the date of the baby shower is
  • What time the baby shower is
  • Where the baby shower is
  • A gift registry (most likely)
  • The gender of the expected baby (possibly)

The careful eye will see that all of this information can guide you in deciding what to wear to a baby shower.

Start with the venue.

If the venue is fairly informal, you probably don’t need to dress to the nines. You can get away with a simple dress, casual attire that is tasteful and seasonally appropriate, and sensible shoes that are comfortable. Informal venues may include:

  • A backyard BBQ
  • A public park
  • Someone’s home
  • An informal hall in the community

If the venue is more formal, then what you wear to a baby shower needs to fit the venue. Assume that a nice outfit or dress and nicer shoes and accessories will be the norm, and start building your outfit ideas. More formal venues may include:

  • A formal banquet hall
  • A country club
  • A member’s only club
  • A nice restaurant
  • A nice vineyard or another upscale outdoor venue

What To Wear To A Baby Shower, baby shower outfit ideas

2. Consider the Season and Time

The season of the baby shower also plays into what you can wear to a baby shower. More detailed baby shower outfit ideas will be covered further in this article. But keep in mind that you don’t want to appear tacky by showing up to a winter baby shower in flip flops or sandals or going to a summer shower in dark winter boots.

Dress appropriately to the season.

Also, note the time. Day attire is different than evening attire. Evening attire tends to be a bit more formal, especially if a meal is being served. The only time that this rule does not apply is if there is a specific theme to the baby shower.

For example, a luau-themed evening baby shower probably calls for more casual and fun attire. There’s no need to wear a nice dress or pantsuit to something that’s themed in this manner.

3. Consider the Baby’s Gender

If the mom-to-be knows the gender of the baby and it’s been announced, that piece of information can help you decide what to wear to the baby shower and give you outfit ideas. You will still need to figure out the formality level, but you can start narrowing down color options if you know the gender.

For example, if it’s a baby girl shower, you can feel safe choosing options for your clothing that are soft pinks, purples, yellows, and floral prints.

If it is a baby shower for a baby boy, you can decide early on to dress in various shades of blue, green, grey, brown, and patterned clothing.

You can also go with green, grey, yellow, or any other gender-neutral color and be fine as well.

4. Consider if it is a Virtual Baby Shower

The idea of a virtual baby shower came about and gained popularity when the pandemic hit. Babies and their parents still wanted to celebrate, especially since the overall climate wasn’t much of a celebratory mood worldwide.

People couldn’t get together for an in-person event, so many turned to online options. Zoom, Facetime, and other forums made it possible for guests to check-in and celebrate the coming baby with the parents, and gifts could be shipped directly to the expectant parent’s home.

There are many opinions surrounding the dress code for these online events, but the best advice is to wear what you would wear to an event you attended in person. The baby and the parents are no less deserving of a celebration, so you should appear online as though you were right there with them.

What to wear to a baby shower as a guest

As a guest, baby shower outfit ideas seem endless. However, once you have figured out the theme and/or level of formality, things can start to get a little easier when deciding what to wear to a baby shower.

Winter Baby Shower Outfit Ideas

When it comes to picking what to wear to a baby shower in the winter, there are loads of options that won’t make you feel too weighed down by the warm and thick fabrics that come with the cold weather.

Cute ankle boots with nice jeans and a cozy sweater for upper body wear are an excellent option for a more casual baby shower. You can amp up this outfit by adding a chunky necklace, fun earrings, or even a blazer.

Try a satin skirt and knee-high suede boots if you’re looking for something a little more formal. Satin is more of a formal fabric, and suede compliments it beautifully. You can pair it with your favorite sweater or blouse and accessorize it with a statement necklace.

If the baby shower is a casual affair, you can wear jeans. Just make sure that they are clean and without stains. You can pair this with a thick casual sweater in a cable knit stitch to stay warm or even go for a fashion-forward pick like a cropped sweater or detailed blouse with long sleeves, ruffled cuffs, or lace sleeves to look effortlessly chic.

Summer Baby Shower Outfit Ideas

Looking great for a baby shower can be a challenge when it’s hot outside. You’re sweaty, any thick material you wear starts to feel heavy, itchy, and uncomfortable, and your hair does whatever it wants to do if you leave it down in the heat.

There are several baby shower outfit ideas to choose from; however, if you want to beat the heat at a shower in the summertime.

A cute denim or printed (think animal print or polka dots) dress with tied cuff sleeves and a straw hat or lightweight fedora are great options to add a festive twist to your summer outfit.

You can pair a strappy top with a light jacket to create a perfect outfit that is equal parts cool and cute.

Think light fabrics that will breathe well in the heat. An airy sundress is the perfect dress attire for this sort of weather, and the colors you can choose from and prints are nearly endless.

For a more casual look to celebrate the new baby, consider a tie-neck top, like a halter top, paired with a jacket or just accessorized. The right accessories can dress up literally any outfit.

What To Wear To A Baby Shower, baby shower outfit ideas

Spring and Fall Baby Shower Outfit Ideas

We’ve outlined the more extreme weather seasons of winter and summer. So what do you wear to a baby shower that is in those odd transitional seasons when the weather can be a bit unpredictable?


Outfit ideas for spring are plentiful because it’s a season of renewal, Easter attire is readily available in stores and can pull double duty as a baby shower outfit, and pastels and bright colors are available everywhere.

Outfit ideas for the spring can range from a sleek pair of silk or cotton slacks to a pair of cute spring peep-toe ankle boots and a pencil skirt. Satin adds a silky feel that is one of the more elegant fashion choices.

Cropped chinos and a blousy top can be paired with a light blazer with a patterned liner to add a fun, feminine touch to the outfit.

For a casual look, you can attend a baby shower as a guest in a top with boho sleeves that are pretty pastels, which are a perfect match for a baby shower. If it’s warm enough and the mailed invitation gives you the impression that the affair is casual, blousy shorts paired with a cute patterned or floral top with strappy sandals is a great option.


Fall is the season of rich colors and outfit selections that are warm but not stifling. Fall can be quite warm in some regions, even bordering on hot.

You can’t go wrong in a casual attire setting as a baby shower guest with an outfit of classic chambray. An oversize or extra long chambray shirt paired with a stylish necklace is a great outfit choice. You can wear nice black leggings and boots as well.

Another fall outfit for a more formal setting is a top with a high neck, such as a turtleneck or formal sweater, paired with slacks. If the colors are too dark or rich and you want to appear a bit more vibrant, create a bright spot in the outfit you wear by adding fun or funky accessories.

Baby shower dresses

As a baby shower guest, you can’t go wrong if you wear a dress. Just remember to keep the formality in mind when you select the one you want to wear.

For example, a lightweight sundress is perfect for a late spring or summer baby shower. You can dress this up by adding a thin cardigan and nice jewelry and shoes. Or keep it casual if the occasion calls for it.

Maxi dresses in the spring or summer are also a great choice, and you can find them in many patterns, prints, and colors.

Consider a sweater dress paired with tights and cute winter or fall boots for fall and winter. Or a long skirt of wool. Fall is also a great time to wear a jumper dress. You can pair it with anything from a short-sleeved top to a turtle neck top.

Dressing for a Particular Theme as a Baby Shower Guest

Here’s where the stakes are raised, and you may need to swap information and ideas with other guests when it comes to deciding what to wear.

If a baby shower is themed, and you choose to wear something within that theme, try to determine first what sort of mood and formality that theme carries with it. Consider the things we discussed earlier, such as the venue and the time.

“A Night in Paris” is a fun theme, but depending upon the venue and the time of the shower, you may need to wear something fashion-forward and elegant, or you may want to show up looking like a mime or French artist.

If you truly don’t know and can’t decipher what the level of formality is at a themed baby shower, you will most likely have an easier time deciding what to wear if you reach out and ask someone who is attending or someone who is close to whoever planned the event.


Figuring out what to wear to a baby shower can be a stressful decision. You don’t want to offend anyone by dressing too casually, and you don’t want to take attention away from the guest of honor by dressing too formally.

That’s why you should always look for clues in the mailed invitation or e-vite as to how formal the event is. Evening showers are often a bit more formal than daytime showers, and looking into a venue and asking about a themed shower are great ways to glean that information.

There are many choices that are cute and appropriate for any season and any type of shower. The most important thing is that you have fun and feel comfortable in your wardrobe selection. It’s not every day you get to celebrate a new baby!

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