Weird Pregnancy Cravings—6 Unusual Combos Moms-To-Be Hunger For

weird pregnancy cravings

Pregnant women have heightened senses, which can change their relationship with food. 

Many women will have aversions to certain foods during the first trimester when morning sickness strikes. At the same time, they begin to start craving other foods. 

These cravings can become very strong, leaving you with the urge for strange combinations.

Weird cravings are a normal part of pregnancy. 

You may wonder what it means to have intense food cravings. 

Today, we’re going to discuss some of the weird pregnancy cravings. 

We’ll also discuss if these cravings are telling your body something important. 

Read on to find out more.

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Weird Pregnancy Cravings

Many pregnant women will have a weird pregnancy craving or two. 

You’ve likely heard of the most common ones: pickles and ice cream. But that’s just where the cravings begin. 

There have been a lot of weird pregnancy cravings that you wouldn’t typically think of, like cheese and syrup or straight pickle juice.

A hormone change is the main reason women begin having pregnancy cravings. Women also have heightened senses, so certain ingredients will make foods seem more appealing.

Most weird pregnancy cravings don’t have a significant meaning. 

However, a nutrient deficiency may sometimes lead to a specific craving. 

For example, if your body needs more protein, you may start craving red meat, like a cheeseburger. If your body needs magnesium, you can begin craving spinach and beans.

What Weird Pregnancy Cravings Are Safe To Eat?

Some of your pregnancy cravings may seem out of the ordinary. Maybe you want hot sauce on vanilla ice cream or zesty potato chips with maple syrup. 

These weird food combinations may not make sense to you. 

If the ingredients you want are food, then giving into them is safe.

If you’re craving junk food, try not to let your cravings control your diet. 

Pay attention to what type of foods you’re craving and see if there is a way you can curb that craving into something healthier. 

For example, if you’re craving chocolate, add chocolate chips to your oatmeal or yogurt instead of a chocolate cupcake.

As long as you’re eating healthy, pregnancy cravings shouldn’t be something to be worried about. 

Experts suggest eating breakfast and exercising daily to control intense pregnancy cravings.

Should You See A Doctor About Weird Pregnancy Cravings?

You don’t need to see a doctor if you want to put sour patch kids on your cheeseburger. No matter how strange, some cravings are part of pregnancy hormones. 

Food cravings are fine, but non-food cravings can indicate a health problem. If you start craving non-food substances, we suggest contacting your healthcare provider.

Pica is a disorder that causes people to crave non-food substances. They crave clay, dirt, soap, ice chips, and chalk. 

Some pregnant women with pica have started having bizarre cravings for crayons and buttons. This is often linked to an iron or zinc deficiency.

If you’re craving dirt and other non-food items, seeing a doctor about your nutritional needs is essential. These are cravings that you shouldn’t give into during pregnancy.

Do Pregnant Women Crave Scents?

One of the strangest pregnancy cravings we’ve heard of is laundry starch. However, the women craving laundry items had no desire to eat them. Instead, they craved the aroma of laundry starch.

Since your sense of smell is stronger during pregnancy, there may be certain scents you can’t get enough of. Craving a specific scent is normal if you’re not eating non-food items.

When Do Pregnancy Cravings Start?

For many pregnant women, cravings typically begin in the first trimester. 

They become most potent in the second trimester. You may dip hot Cheetos in sour cream or drown chicken wings in ranch dressing. 

However, these cravings won’t last forever. Most women notice that they settle down within the third trimester.

When cravings start for pregnant women, it’s common for food aversions also to begin.

During pregnancy, women have a very heightened sense of smell. Some foods they loved to eat pre-pregnancy now make them feel nauseous. 

This is most common for foods with strong smells, like spices and sauces.

Are Pregnancy Food Cravings Gender-Related?

No scientific evidence supports specific food cravings linked to the baby’s gender. However, plenty of superstitions and old wives’ tales claim when women crave certain foods; it’s a sign of what gender the baby is.

If you want to know your baby’s gender before its due date, there are more accurate ways to find out. But it’s still interesting to learn about the patterns of food cravings and what genders were born. 

Let’s take a look at what cravings are believed to represent boys vs. girls.

Food Cravings When Pregnant With a Boy

Do you crave foods with salt? Some believe this is a sign that you may be pregnant with a boy. You may have a boy on the way if you can’t get enough french fries, salted nuts, and potato chips.

Food Cravings When Pregnant With a Girl

Little girls are made of sugar, spice, and everything nice. An old wives’ tale suggests you can be pregnant with a girl when your bizarre food combinations contain plenty of sweet ingredients. 

Many women crave sugary treats, like ice cream and chocolate, when they have a girl on the way. Fruit cravings are also believed to be a sign of a baby girl.

Strange Food Combinations Craved During Pregnancy

We’ve heard of some pretty wild pregnancy cravings—everything from red peppers with peanut butter to mashed potatoes with mayonnaise. 

Have you ever wondered what some of the most bizarre combinations a pregnant woman has come up with? 

Let’s look at some weird food combinations more common among pregnant women than you may have thought.

weird pregnancy cravings

1. Pickles & Anything

Pickles are one of the top ingredients that women crave during pregnancy. We’ve heard of it all when it comes to pregnant women and pickles.

  • Pickles and ice cream
  • Toasted pickle sandwiches
  • Dill pickles and cream cheese
  • Pickles wrapped in deli meat
  • Pickles and peanut butter & more

Why do pregnant women love pickles so much? Pickles are appealing for their salty flavor. 

Pregnant women need more sodium in their diet, making pickles more appealing. Since pickles are low in calories, they are a good snack for pregnant women.

2. Fish & Milk

Fish and milk may seem like a weird combination together. But both of these ingredients have high nutritional value. 

This is an easy craving to give into without making anything that seems unappetizing. 

A tuna fish sandwich and chocolate milk at lunch will fulfill this craving, or a piece of salmon with almond milk for dinner.

3. Cheese & Chocolate

Cheese and chocolate are typical food for women to crave, especially when menstruating. However, it’s not until they become pregnant that they start craving the two foods together. 

One of the strangest combinations we’ve seen is using a chocolate cookie as the cracker for the cheese.

4. Spicy Food

Do you crave foods with lots of heat? Some women have an aversion to spicy food during pregnancy, while others have an intense craving for it. 

Even if you didn’t enjoy spicy flavors before pregnancy, you might crave hot foods now.

There’s a very logical reason behind this craving. 

Eating something spicy is recommended when someone’s temperature is very hot because it cools their body down. 

Women are more sensitive to heat when they’re pregnant. If you’re pregnant during a heatwave, you may crave something spicy to help cool down your body.

5. Olives & Cheesecake

If you thought ice cream with pickles sounded weird, it has nothing on our next odd pregnancy snack combination. 

One woman can’t eat enough cheesecake with olives on top. Like pickles, women crave olives or beets from a jar because they’re salty.

Placing olives on a cheesecake is similar to ice cream with pickles craving. 

Cheesecake is sweet and creamy. Pregnant women often crave cream-based foods because they need more calcium and iron.

6. Condiments, Toppings, & The Juices

It’s natural to look forward to putting certain condiments and toppings on your sandwiches. 

Mustard is essential for hot dogs. Pickles can add zest to any sandwich. Hot peppers are a great way to add a kick to your burger. 

But, some of the strangest pregnancy cravings have been when women skip the sandwich and go straight for the condiments.

Some women will crave the condiments, eating mustard and barbecue sauce by the spoon. Others have created mixtures, like chopped pickles with ranch dressing. 

But, the strangest pregnancy cravings have been for the juice in the pickle and beet jars.

The Nourished Bump - Pregnancy Nutrition Course

Final Words

Strange cravings are a normal part of pregnancy. 

Some weird cravings are harmless as long as you eat a steady diet and meet all your nutritional needs. 

If you want pickles on your ice cream sundae, giving in to this craving is perfectly okay. However, if you start craving non-food items, you should consult a medical professional.

What are some weird cravings you have been experiencing during your pregnancy? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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