9 Fun Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcements To Excite Everyone

Valentine's Day Pregnancy Announcement

A Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement is rare because most couples celebrate romantic love on that holiday. 

However, Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcements can be a cute way to share your big news with friends, family, and even your significant other.

Who says that Valentine’s Day has to be about romance? It can certainly just be about love!

In this article, we’ll discuss more pregnancy announcement ideas than you probably realized existed. 

From fun photo ideas to cute and clever wording, your Valentine’s Day baby announcement will be one that no one forgets, even amid their own celebrations of love.

Check out the following ideas for sharing your exciting news with these Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement ideas.

When to share a pregnancy announcement

A pregnancy announcement doesn’t have ironclad rules. You can make a pregnancy announcement whenever you want to.

However, there are a few things that you may want to keep in mind when going about making Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcements.

Waiting until the second trimester

Some people wait to announce the addition of a baby to the family until after the thirteenth week when the chances of miscarriage are lower.

While you don’t have to wait, and certainly hope for the best and let the world immediately know you are pregnant if you want, some choose to keep the gift of pregnancy to themselves until the highest risk has passed.

Know who should know first

Valentine’s day pregnancy announcements are adorable and attention-grabbing. Allowing siblings or older kids to share the news online and on social media is a great way; remember that some people should probably be told first, and even in person.

Remember to tell your partner first and in person. 

Your parents and in-laws would also appreciate getting the details from you in person rather than having to read the homemade sign or balloon announcement you post on Instagram.

Valentine's Day Pregnancy Announcement

Valentine’s day pregnancy announcement ideas

Whether you want to make a simple pregnancy announcement or create something elaborate, the big news is yours to share whenever you want.

Some people think they should wait to share the big news until after Valentine’s Day so they don’t get lost in all the proclamations of love and romance.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you have family and friends who care about you and are invested in your life, they’ll be thrilled to learn your exciting news. You aren’t stealing anyone’s spotlight. 

There’s plenty of room. And those who care will take notice.

You won’t get lost in the shuffle of the holiday.

You can use the following Valentine’s Day baby announcement ideas.

Positive pregnancy test pregnancy announcement

Including your pregnancy test in the Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement is easy for people to distinguish the fact that you are making a Valentine’s Day baby announcement rather than professing your love to a significant other or spouse.

An appropriate caption about the good news you wish to share on social media will bring everything to light. 

1. Ultrasound picture Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement

Including the ultrasound photo in your announcement makes it clear to your audience that you are talking about a baby and not a lover, and it also makes for a cute keepsake.

There are lots of things that you can do with the photo. From holding your ultrasound on your belly, surrounding it with text, or using props like baby clothes or baby shoes, using the photo as a centerpiece gives you lots of creative freedom.

2. Baby shoes and heart balloons Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement

A simple but fun way to share your baby news is to get some heart-shaped balloons, hold them in one hand, and then hold some newborn-size shoes in your other hand near your belly. You can add text that gives the big news, due date, or additional information.

It’s a sweet and simple way to tell people that your family is growing.

Valentine's Day Pregnancy Announcement

3. Promotion to big sister or brother Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement

Everyone knows that a pregnancy announcement is more sweet and more fun when you include older siblings! 

If there is a soon-to-be big sister or big brother in the family, let them be the center of your Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement.

A fun way to do this is to let them hold the sonogram photo or a letter board that tells everyone they have been promoted to either big sister or big brother.

4. Candy hearts Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement

There’s nothing more “Valentines Day” than candy hearts! 

A sweet (pun intended) and fun way to let the family know and announce to everyone that you’re expecting is to arrange some candy hearts or chocolate hearts on a platter or candy dish, along with text that says something like, “Something Sweet is coming soon!”

You can include any other pregnancy information you want to divulge, such as the due date or gender.

5. Letter board Valentine’s day pregnancy announcement

A letter board is an excellent tool to announce something to your friends or family, whether it’s a baby, a proposal, an idea, or anything of merit.

They come with many letters; you can order extra and make them say anything you want.

A fun way to announce your pregnancy with one is to create a poem or saying that rhymes or is catchy. 

For example, Roses are red; love is sweet. Our family is growing by two tiny feet!”

6. Custom t-shirt Valentine’s day pregnancy announcement

A pregnancy announcement t-shirt can be worn by the mom or dad or displayed in a photo. You can have a custom tee made at a local print store, order one from a website like Etsy, or even make one yourself if you have a Cricut or iron-on lettering and designs.

There are many ideas for announcing your pregnancy on Valentine’s Day, but one cute idea is to have a heart printed on the belly of a red t-shirt, with lettering that says, “Growing my Valentine now!”

7. Mom and Dad photo shoot Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement

This one works exceptionally well if this is your first baby and your husband or partner is just as excited to announce the big news.

Grab your partner, consider getting a little bit dressed up, take a photo of the two of you sharing a cute kiss, and hold balloons. 

Mom’s balloon will say “Mom,” Dad’s will also announce his title, and between the two of you, hold one that says “Baby.”

This is an adorable way to surprise your friends and family, who, at first glance, may think it’s a cute photo of you and your partner.

8. Pair with love

If your parents or in-laws love to drink wine, this wine-inspired way to announce your pregnancy may be a hit.

Get a custom label made, and then pick up a bottle of their favorite wine. Bring it with you the next time you have dinner together, and present it to them as you sit and talk around the table at dinner.

Valentine's Day Pregnancy Announcement

9. Valentine’s day gender reveal

One of the best things about pregnancy announcements is that you can do the same for a gender reveal.

That’s right, the same ways that you announced that you were pregnant can be done again to celebrate the gender of your little one.

You just shift the focus a bit and change the details. Instead of letting people know you are expecting, let them know what you are having. 

You can basically replicate the same idea you used for the pregnancy announcement and do a gender reveal.

Or, you can choose two Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement ideas, one for the pregnancy announcement and one for the gender reveal.

Sharing your pregnancy news on Valentine’s Day

However you choose to share that you will be parents, your baby’s just as wonderful to celebrate as romantic love. 

Don’t shy away from announcing your little sweetie on the way just because it’s Valentine’s Day.

Do what makes you happy, and don’t worry about anyone else’s thoughts. 

Cupid doesn’t just belong to lovers. Cupid can mean joy and love when anyone is involved.

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