14 Great Twin Announcement Ideas You Can Use For Your Double Blessing

twin announcement ideas

You can get creative with a pregnancy announcement, but there are just as many creative ways to announce a twin pregnancy!

Your family and friends won’t be expecting twins when they find out that you’re expecting, so have the privilege of wowing everyone twice: First with a pregnancy announcement and then with news of twins!

Twin announcement ideas may be hard to come by just off the top of your head, but there are a lot of fun ways to announce a twin pregnancy.

With twin pregnancy announcements, you can go funny, sweet, sentimental, or overwhelmed.

This article is all about twins’ pregnancy announcement ideas. We’ll provide ideas and inspiration for a twin pregnancy announcement photo and the twin pregnancy announcement.

When to announce a twin pregnancy

Maybe you find yourself bursting at the seams to tell everyone about your twin announcement. It’s big news, after all.

No rule dictates that you have to announce a twin pregnancy at any specific time, but some expectant twin parents consider the following factors when deciding when to announce:

1. If you’ve been trying to conceive

Some parents expecting twins have been trying to get pregnant for a long time. 

Twins are often the product of fertility treatments such as IVF, which can be a grueling process that leaves hopeful parents in limbo over a long period of time.

Many of these parents want to tell the world they’re about to be parents. They’re excited that their patience, time, and hard work have paid off, and they see this as the biggest blessing they can possibly get.

2. If you’re high-risk or a loss parent

If you have experienced pregnancy or child loss before, you may have some reservations about twin pregnancy announcements or a pregnancy reveal happening in the first trimester.

Twin pregnancy is sometimes considered high risk for some women. The complications, such as statistics that say twin babies are at higher risk for preterm birth or other issues, may mean that these parents are hesitant to announce their twin pregnancy before things are more definite.

There’s no right or wrong time to announce your twin pregnancy

This is your twin pregnancy. It is entirely up to you when you announce. 

If you want to do so as soon as you get confirmation that there are two babies, that’s absolutely fine.

If you would rather wait until the first trimester ends when the chance of loss is less, that’s also perfectly fine.

You should never feel pressured. Twin pregnancy announcements are supposed to be fun. If you feel uncomfortable, then wait.

Twins pregnancy announcement and cute twin pregnancy announcements

Twin announcement ideas

The following are some great ways to announce your twin pregnancy. Any baby announcement can be fun, but when you get to announce your twin pregnancy, you get to have twice the fun!

1. Copy and paste with ultrasound picture

This cute announcement features the ultrasound photo of the two babies and two baby onesies. One of the shirts says “Copy,” and the other says “Paste.”

For a fun keepsake, make them gender-neutral if you don’t yet know the sex, and get them in newborn sizes so you can feature them on your babies after delivery.

2. Double Trouble

Whether you’re having fraternal twins, or identical twin girls or boys, it’s still double trouble and incredibly exciting news! 

You can use this fun word play on a letter board, caption a photo of the ultrasound with it, or even use Dr. Seuss’ Thing One and Thing Two from The Cat in the Hat for announcement ideas that use these fun words.

3. Baby shoes

Let the baby gear announce your twin pregnancy for you! 

A simple picture of two pairs of baby shoes is a great way to get the news out to your loved ones quietly.

You can make them girl or boy shoes or even gender-neutral.

If you are looking for words to caption it, a unique twin pregnancy announcement could be something that says, “Can’t wait to hear four tiny feet pattering through the house.” You can also include your due date.

4. Baby bodysuits

Custom or funny bodysuits can help you make your big announcement and be a fun way to have outfits made for the babies to wear after they are born. 

Sayings such as “Buy One,” “Get One Free,” or “Plot Twist” are funny ways to announce twins.

5. Let your fur babies announce for you

If you have a pet, take a photo of your furry family member. Add a caption or letter board that says something like, “About to be outnumbered,” or something to that effect.

Including pets is a great way to announce your pregnancy, whether you have one or multiple babies.

6. Ultrasound images

When it comes to twins, some people don’t believe it until they see it. 

Showcasing ultrasound photo proof is a great way to make your baby announcement.

Simply showing a close-up of both babies in the sonogram, along with a sweet message or caption that says something like, “Your vision is fine, but you are seeing double!” is one of the many announcement ideas you can use to showcase the ultrasound.

7. Two buns in the oven

If you want to make it a bit of a tongue-in-cheek announcement, you could place two buns in your oven, along with the due date.

For more clarity, the first ultrasound or “We’re expecting twins!” will also work. However, some parents prefer to let their peers figure it out on their own for a fun twist.

8. Get the help of older siblings

If you have older children or even just one older child, consider inviting them to help make the announcement.

You can have your older kiddo wear a shirt that says “Big Sis” or “Big Bro” while holding two sets of baby clothes or “About to have two new best friends!”

Extended family and friends will love the inclusion, and your older kids will feel like a part of a growing family.

9. Word Play

If you have a silly streak or your family likes a good joke, a silly play on words or a funny announcement is the perfect way to share the news.

Have a Mexican food spread in a photo, with an ultrasound and a caption that says something like “Taco Twos-Day” as a play on the popular Taco Tuesday tradition.

You can also make a wordplay on Doublemint gum’s slogan of “Double the Fun!”

10. Shocked photo with pregnancy test and results

A fun way to break the news to family and friends is to include a picture of you and your partner holding the picture of the ultrasound scan or the pregnancy test.

You can have mom smiling excitedly while dad looks overwhelmed or shocked, or the other way around, or whatever way is most reflective of your personalities.

11. A funny pregnancy announcement sign

You can have your family in a photo while you or your partner (or both of you) hold a sign. The sign can say anything you want.

Something as simple as “Double the fun! Babies coming (date babies are due)!”

Or you can get witty about the pregnancy announcement with something like, “And now we’re outnumbered!” if you have an older child.

Twins pregnancy announcement for twin parents

12. Basketball twin pregnancy announcement

If you or your husband are basketball fans, announcing can include your passion for the sport. 

Simply post a photo of you and your husband on any social media site that says something like, “Surprise! No more one on one defense. Zone defense coming soon!”

It’s a great way to include the things you enjoy in life in your surprise post announcing your twin pregnancy.

13. Advertising for a babysitter photo

If this is the first pregnancy for you and your partner, you can make a cute announcement to bring a little of the real world into the picture.

You can post a photo and a caption that reads like you’re advertising for a babysitter soon.

Your audience will chuckle at this cute twin pregnancy announcement, and you may get some volunteers that the mom-to-be can call in after the babies get here!

14. Twin Announcement with Math

Announcing twin pregnancy can be cute when you make your audience do a little work! 

A photo with a math equation with dad, mom and other siblings is a great way to announce your twin pregnancy.

Twin pregnancy announcement ideas are always more fun when people have to figure it out themselves!

For example, Dad plus mom plus two kids equal 6!

Twin gender reveal ideas

After your twin pregnancy announcement, you may want to start thinking of ways to announce the gender during your twin pregnancy.

You may think it will be difficult since there are two babies, but you can treat twin pregnancy gender reveals like any other.

You can also announce genders during the pregnancy announcement itself if you know the genders at that point.

Things you can do, like twin pregnancy announcement ideas, is to do it simultaneously, especially if the little ones are the same gender.

The following are some ways you can announce the gender of your little ones.

  • Colored cake (blue or pink), one for each baby
  • Smoke bombs, one for each baby
  • Confetti, one for each baby
  • By putting a bow on mom’s belly for the girl, and a bow tie for a boy

Twin pregnancy announcement ideas

The sky is the limit when it comes to twin pregnancy announcement ideas and announcing your big news! 

You can make your pregnancy announcement any way you want to.

Twins mean a bigger family and more than one baby to love, and inviting those you care about in on the cute double addition to your family can be done on a social media site or in person in any way you choose.

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