Third Trimester Checklist—Things To-Do For The Best Pregnancy Home Run

Third Trimester Checklist

The third trimester can be a frantic one. 

You can’t wait until the baby arrives; there’s still much to do. 

Women typically have their baby shower sometime in the third trimester, and it’s also the trimester in which you should start to put together your birth plan. At this point, you will also need to start seeing your doctor every week in anticipation and preparation for the baby’s arrival.

Even though the third trimester can be an exciting time, it’s also one in which your pregnancy belly is at its biggest. 

You’re tired, you have trouble moving around, and many women even experience confusion and trouble with memory. And yet, there is so much to do.

This article will provide a comprehensive third-trimester pregnancy checklist so that you can relax and have a guide with everything you need to do to prepare for the baby’s arrival. 

With this third trimester checklist, you can also start delegating jobs and chores to your partner, parents, siblings, or friends so that you don’t have to tackle them yourself.

The third trimester – exciting times ahead

The third trimester is week 29 through week 40, or until your delivery date. 

Very few babies are born on their due date, so getting things done by week 36 or 37 is probably a good idea. 

Even if your baby overstays their welcome and goes past the 40-week mark, you’ll have everything ready and won’t have to rush after the baby gets here.

You will most likely start seeing your doctor weekly during the third trimester until you deliver your baby. 

These final weeks are crucial because your doctor will monitor several factors like the position of the baby, your dilation, your health, and your baby’s heart rate. 

Giving birth is a major life event, and ensuring you don’t miss any appointments is very important.

Third trimester checklist

Many things need to be done when preparing for your baby. 

Always be sure to ask for help and delegate jobs when you can. Try to enjoy your third trimester as much as possible and get plenty of rest. 

If there is a job you can trust someone else to do, then you should take the opportunity to rest and let others do the work.

Third Trimester Checklist

Baby gear

Having all of the necessary baby gear before your new baby is born is important. 

The first few weeks after you have your little one is time for you to recover and bond with the baby. 

Running around and buying gear for your newborn is hardly fun when you’re a sore and sleep-deprived new mom.

You don’t need all that much to start with. Most things you see advertised for babies are wants rather than needs. 

This list will focus on needs; anything outside that parameter can be purchased if you choose to.

Buy and install baby’s car seat

Nearly any hospital will want to check your car seat before you are allowed to leave with your baby. 

This is one item you must have before your due date. 

Not only do you need to purchase the car seat, but you also need to make sure that you have the car seat installed properly.

Proper care and travel safety are vital to the well-being of your child. 

If you plan to re-use or purchase a used seat, ensure that it has never been in an accident and is not expired.

Buy and learn how to use a breast pump

If you plan to feed your child breast milk, whether you plan to nurse or pump, you should get a hospital-grade breast pump and learn how to use it. 

If your baby comes early and has to be in the NICU for any amount of time, breastfeeding moms will have to pump to feed their little ones breast milk.

Other arrangements

Many things need to be done before the baby’s arrival. While they may not all be fun things to do, they will help you once your baby gets here.

Breastfeeding class

Taking a class to learn how to pump, nurse, and prepare for breastfeeding will help confidently feed your baby. 

Moms-to-be may think that feeding a baby with their body is the most natural thing in the world, but it’s something that many women struggle with. 

Educating yourself on how to use the equipment, hold the baby when nursing and store pumped milk will help you immensely, even if you aren’t sure whether you will exclusively breastfeed.

Birth class

Labor pains are no joke. 

A birthing class will teach you, your birth coach or partner, how to manage labor pain, what you can expect to happen once you arrive at the hospital or birthing center, and how to do basic baby care. 

You’re in the home stretch now, and learning a few tricks and tips can be a beneficial tool. Even moms who have had children before can benefit from a childbirth class.

Set up maternity leave

If you work, setting up and getting your maternity leave or paternity leave for your husband is very important. 

If you plan to go back to work, you will need to make sure that you have a job to go back to. 

Taking a covered and approved leave of absence can help give you the peace of mind needed that you’ll be able to provide for your little one after they arrive.

Third Trimester Checklist

Maternity photos

If you want photos to document this final stretch of pregnancy as the baby grows in your tummy, make sure they are booked and taken. 

Choose the clothes you want, the setting you wish to have, and find a photographer that communicates well with you.

Care for other children during labor and delivery

If you have older children, you will need to arrange for their care when you have to go to the hospital to have your newest baby. 

It’s a good idea to have arrangements made and a backup in an emergency.

Baby names

Spending time with your partner or even by yourself looking at names that you like for your newest family addition is a great way to connect with your loved ones, communicate, and relax. 

Make a list of names that you like, or if you have one in mind that you’re set on, have a fun date night with your partner and discuss the names you want.

Pre-register at the hospital

Double check with your doctor about how close to your due date you should register with the hospital. 

Many first-time moms don’t realize that the center you go to to have your baby would like to anticipate your arrival so they can be prepared.

Go online and register, if possible. You may also check on any online or virtual classes the center is sponsoring so that you can sign up if you’re interested.

Other preps for the birth

The following are some things you should consider doing during the third trimester of pregnancy so that you are fully prepared for when labor starts.

Complete a birth plan

Your doctor will most likely ask you to complete a plan for what you’d like to occur when you are in the hospital to have your baby. 

This plan should include everything from how you want pain management to be administered, how you want to feed your baby, and what screening tests you support once your newborn is here.

You can also mention whether you want your newborn to stay in your room with you or go to the nursery so that you can rest.

While these are not guaranteed to happen depending upon unexpected circumstances during delivery, it is still a good idea to complete this plan so that hospital staff are aware of your preferences and can try to respect your wishes.

Third Trimester Checklist

Pack a hospital bag

Hospital bags can consist of any bag you want and should contain the things you will need for yourself, your partner, and your baby at the hospital. 

You will need several items, and it is best to pack them ahead of time. No one wants to hunt down items to pack while they’re in the middle of contractions.

In this bag should be:

Baby proofing

Making your home safe for your little one is on the third-trimester to-do list but can also be done after you bring the baby home. 

Making sure that doors cannot be opened, things cannot be pulled down, and the baby cannot get into dangerous substances is essential. 

However, a newborn isn’t mobile, so this is usually an item that can be a low priority.

Purchase baby items you didn’t get during your shower

Most people get a lot of baby products as gifts at their showers, but there are always a few things you will still need to purchase. 

Make sure you have car seats for your vehicles, a pump, somewhere for baby to sleep like a crib or bassinet, a changing table if you want one, diapers, and baby clothing that will fit your little one. 

Put it all together and arrange the nursery before the baby gets home, and the transition from hospital to home will be much easier.

Download a pregnancy app

Many women download a pregnancy app on their phones in the early days and then forget about using it when labor starts. Take full advantage of the things your apps can do.

Installing something that can record kick counts, has a contraction timer for use when you go into labor, and common symptoms you will experience at the onset of labor is a great asset to helping you through this exciting time.

The home stretch

The best tips and tricks to being prepared for when your water breaks and you deliver your little bundle of joy is there for you to take advantage of. 

Having a checklist is a great way to involve your family, as well. Whether asking for help painting the nursery or helping you to take a birth seminar, allow the people who support and love you to participate.

You can make your checklist as involved and exact as you want to. Tailor it to your needs and your preferences. 

Ask questions and seek advice from other moms about what they will suggest you add to your list. And then, if you can, divide and conquer.

The third trimester is a busy time that can quickly wear you out and leave you stressed. Try not to let that happen. 

Enjoy your last weeks of pregnancy, and use the time to prepare and spend time relaxing, spending time with your loved ones, and dreaming of your little one. You’ll be holding a beautiful baby soon. It’s best to be prepared!

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