Teddy Bear Baby Shower—How To Enjoy A Beary Beautiful Baby Bash

Teddy Bear Baby Shower

Everyone loves teddy bears. From giant teddy bears won at state fairs to the cutest teddy bear stuffed animal you had as a child, teddy bears generally evoke warm feelings. 

So if you’ve been considering having a teddy bear baby shower, guests will love it.

In this article, we’ll cover all the aspects of a teddy bear baby shower – from baby shower favors to what to have on the food table, decor, and even invitations. 

With the ideas in this article, you’re sure to be able to pull off the perfect teddy bear baby shower.

Teddy bear baby shower

Teddy bears are adorable, and they work alongside many other cute themes. 

From famous bears like Winnie the Pooh or Yogi Bear to woodland creatures and the wild bears of the mountains, bears work perfectly to complement just about any party.

The following are some of the cutest teddy bear ideas to wow your baby shower guests and give you the best baby shower possible.

Teddy bear baby shower decorations

The decor is essential when planning a baby shower. It’s the little things that pull the theme together and make everything work. 

From creating a great photo backdrop so that you have memories on film of your baby shower to making your party memorable for everyone, the following are some excellent teddy bear baby shower decor ideas.

Teddy Bear Baby Shower

1. Balloon garland

Brown is typically the color for this themed baby shower, alongside whatever complimentary color you have chosen. 

Often, soft pink is chosen for a baby girl, while blue or green is selected for a baby boy.

Creating or purchasing a balloon garland is a great decor item, doubling as a photo backdrop.

You can create a balloon garland by alternating brown and complementary-colored balloons. 

As a photo backdrop, you can place the balloon garland near the entrance for guests to walk through or near a back wall.

2. Honey sampler baby shower favors

Baby shower favors are most successful when they go along with the theme. If you are using teddy bears for your theme, giving locally sourced small jars of honey as favors is a great way to support local businesses and tie this yummy treat into your theme.

Like that familiar bear, we all know and love, Winnie the Pooh, who wouldn’t love a small smackeral of honey?

3. Teddy bear centerpieces

The perfect way to decorate the guest tables at your baby shower is by sitting a teddy bear in the middle of the table. You can add flowers, glitter, confetti, balloons, or other additions.

They can all match, or they can all look different. The amazing part is that you can get them at low prices anywhere and then keep them for the new baby.

4. Teddy bear keychain favors

If you’re looking for something different to give as a favor that you don’t see overdone everywhere, cute teddy bear key chains are a great idea.

You can choose from several different design options, and they are usually less expensive if you order them in bulk. These are great for guests, and they are practical.

Teddy bear baby shower dessert table

The dessert table is an often discussed and photographed part of the baby shower. 

Guests tend to judge the quality of the baby shower by the food served. 

If you’re looking for a great idea to help elevate your food choices at your teddy bear baby shower, the following are some wonderful options:

1. Teddy bear cake pops

Cake pops are always among the great ideas for a food table because they’re portable, delicious, and can be decorated in almost any theme. 

For your teddy bear-themed baby shower, you can either make the pops look like the face of a bear or you can have edible images of teddy bears placed on the pops.

2. Bear cookies

Teddy bear cookies are a cute addition to the dessert table; almost any baker can make them. You can make them yourself using a bear cookie cutter or order them from a local bakery.

You can add pink touches for a girl, or blue for a boy, along with any catchphrases, the due date, or the baby’s name.

printable baby shower invitations

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Invitations

Your special day can’t start until you choose and send invitations. 

Your teddy bear baby shower invitations can also be done in a way that correlates with your theme!

The following are some wording and design ideas for baby shower invitations that you can use for inspiration.

1. We can bearly wait to meet you!

The simple but adorable play on the words “bearly wait” gives your guests a clue to the theme of your shower without coming right out and announcing what it is. 

You can add little teddy bears to the invitation, but the spelling choice “bearly wait” should let the more observant guests know the theme.

You can also use this fun wordplay for the cake, a banner, and more. 

“We Can Bearly Wait to Meet You, Baby!” can spruce up even a simple cake!

2. Winnie the Pooh baby shower invitation

Classic Winnie the Pooh looks much more like a teddy bear than the more modern version, and the Disney invitations you can purchase in this style are gorgeous. 

You can customize them with your baby shower details and then shipped directly to your home.

3. Honey baby shower invitation

Bears love honey, and invitations with honeycombs, honey jars, or honeybees are a great nod to the teddy bear-themed baby shower. 

It’s not an outright announcement of the theme, but it goes along nicely and opens up your decor options.

If you choose this option for your invitations, you can also include honeycombs, honey bees, and all things honey in your decorations, which may brighten up your decor and give you more options.

More teddy bear baby shower ideas

If you are still seeking inspiration for your teddy bear-themed baby shower, the following ideas may be just what you want. 

Feel free to tweak, personalize, or add to any of the following to make it your own.

1. Teddy bear trivia

A quick game that can be played while everyone is seated, while guests eat, or while the mom-to-be sits to open gifts, this trivia game can be purchased or created by the host.

Look up facts about famous bears, bears in general, or bears in pop culture, and print them on paper for each guest. 

Guests can spend a little time thinking up answers to the questions, and at the end of the baby shower, whoever gets the correct answers can be given a prize.

2. Autograph bear

Typically seen at graduations or even weddings, you can purchase a teddy bear with a fabric marker for the guests to all sign or write little messages on as a keepsake.

A cute idea that will give you something tangible to remember your guests and your shower, you can purchase one of these bears and put it near the entrance of your venue instead of having a guestbook for people to sign.

You can keep this or pass it on to your little one.

3. Teddy bear diaper cake

A diaper cake is a “cake” made of rolled diapers tied with ribbon. You can have several tiers, including baby items shoved into the layers and a cake topper.

They are great as centerpieces on a gift table, on the table, the mother-to-be sits at, or as a decoration to put anywhere in the shower venue.

To make a teddy bear-themed diaper cake, simply find a cute stuffed teddy bear to use as a cake topper for your diaper cake. 

For an added touch, you can also look for a ribbon with teddy bears.

When to have a baby shower

No set-in-stone rule dictates when you can have your baby shower. 

However, most women choose to have their shower sometime during the third trimester (week 27 through week 40).

The most popular block of pregnancy for a baby shower is four to six weeks before the due date, as it gives the mom-to-be enough time to decorate the nursery with the gifts she gets from the shower – when it’s late enough that she is showing, usually has the chance to find out the gender of the baby, and isn’t at risk of delivering early.

Teddy bear-themed baby shower

There is a lot that can be done when it comes to a teddy bear-themed baby shower. It’s one of those classic themes that will never really go out of style. 

You can expand upon it, go in many different directions with it, and make it your own fairly easily.

Hopefully, this article has given you some great ideas and inspiration for your teddy bear baby shower. 

You will have a great time choosing foods, decorations, invitations, and more when you plan what will surely be a great baby shower.

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