Snuggle Me Vs Dock A Tot: A Clear Comparison Between 2 Top Brands

snuggle me vs dock a tot

Baby loungers are a lifesaver when you have a newborn baby. 

Some parents would even go so far as to say that having a baby lounger at home is necessary, especially if you don’t have a lot of round-the-clock help with the baby.

There are several options for infant loungers on the market, and they all have their differences in design and price point. 

However, the two most popular baby loungers are the Snuggle Me Organic infant lounger and the Dockatot baby lounger.

In this article, we’ll compare the Snuggle Me Vs Dock A Tot. We’ll discuss the two products’ similarities and differences so that you can decide which piece of baby gear best suits your family.

Snuggle Me vs Dock A Tot

According to many parents, baby loungers are a vital piece of equipment, especially for younger babies who cannot sit up on their own and are not mobile. 

You can put your infant in one of these baby loungers to keep your hands free and, at the same time, allow a safe place for your little one to lie down on any flat and firm surface so you can have a few minutes to yourself, get something done, or get down on the floor next to them and interact.

The Dockatot baby loungers and the Snuggle Me Organic baby loungers create a baby nest. They make a safe space for your child to lie down without being held or put in their crib or bassinet.

Understanding the difference between baby loungers will help you ascertain which ones meet your family’s needs. 

If you need a baby lounger for your upcoming family vacation, you may prefer one. Likewise, if you are looking for exclusive home use and something your baby can use for longer, you may choose a different option.

Do I need a lounger?

Baby loungers are lovely because they serve several purposes. You can use it as a changing table anywhere there’s a safe surface to set it on. 

They can travel with you so that you don’t have to worry about laying a blanket on a dirty hotel floor for your little one to have independent playtime. You also get small breaks where you don’t have to hold your baby for a few minutes throughout the day.

If you aren’t sure if you have the space, the budget, or the need for one, you can always put your favorite lounger on your baby shower registry. 

This way, if you’re still on the fence, you’re not putting out any money, and if you end up not liking it or using it, you can return it and get something you will use more.

snuggle me vs dock a tot

Snuggle Me Organic baby lounger

The Snuggle Me Organic is an organic baby lounger that many parents love and trust. You can let baby sleep for short amounts of time in one, use them for tummy time, and more.

Described by some parents as the baby lounger that’s like a donut pillow, this simple yet innovative gear for your baby can make your life so much easier, whether you’re visiting friends or family, on a trip, or just using it on the comfort of your own home.

The following are all the pros and cons of the Snuggle Me Organic lounger.

1. Appropriate age range

The Snuggle Me Organic does not only make a baby lounger, but they also have a line that is an organic toddler lounger. 

This is great for older or bigger babies who still need tummy time, have developmental delays, or like the tight and secure feeling that the baby lounger provides.

2. Organic cotton

The Snuggle Me Organic is made from organic materials, specifically organic cotton. It is also made with hypoallergenic fabrics, suitable for parents concerned about the baby’s fragile and delicate skin.

It is made with certified Global Organic Textile Standard materials only, which relieves moms concerned with what materials come into contact with their little ones.

Another bonus is that this organic infant nest is machine washable!

3. Unique Side Snug fit

These infant loungers have a center sling design which means that when your baby starts to thrash or stir and the sling is pulled on, the sides are moved in closer for a more snug fit. The infant lounger has raised sides, so the tight fit can act as a swaddle, helping to soothe and calm your baby.

This also means that your baby may outgrow the Snuggle Me Organic.

4. Tummy Time

The organic materials mean that even if the baby’s face is in contact, there should be no reactions or irritation to the skin. The organic fabrics are safe and soft and can give you that peace of mind.

Also, because the raised sides of this particular baby lounger are lower than that of its competitor, it’s a great place to have some tummy time. 

Baby’s body may end up just a bit cramped into the space due to the center design, but it has been deemed safe for little ones.

5. Co-sleeping

Babies sleep most safely in their beds, which means a crib or bassinet. 

No loungers are approved for cosleeping, and you should only ever allow a baby to sleep in a lounger long enough for you to get them moved to their bed safely. 

Infant and toddler loungers are not meant for sleeping.

6. Small and lightweight

The Snuggle Me Organic is smaller and more lightweight, so it can more easily fit in your vehicle, in a travel bag, and for short trips and vacations. 

Families who do a lot of traveling may prefer this option to the bulkier Dockatot lounger.

7. Recall

There have been no recalls for safety with the Snuggle Me Organic.

8. Added perks

These organic loungers fit nicely and keep your baby safe inside a Moses basket. This means that diaper changes can be done at an elevated level, so you’ll be able to interact with your lounging little one while sitting in a chair or on your sofa.

snuggle me vs dock a tot

Dockatot lounger

Many have heard that the Dockatot lounger is the best baby lounger on the market, but you may not know why it has that clout or title. 

The Dockatot offers more room for your baby than the Snuggle Me, which moms of large or older babies appreciate.

It is pricier than Snuggle Me Organic, but that doesn’t mean Snuggle Me left out any quality. Understanding the perks of this infant lounger may help you decide if it’s worth spending the extra money.

1. Appropriate age range

The Dockatot lounger, like its competitors, has products that cater to infants and toddlers. 

For example, the Dockatot Grand is a version of the Dockatot that cannot be used by newborns but for larger babies instead.

If you are only interested in using a baby lounger for small babies, then the standard Dockatot is all you will need.

2. Materials used

The Dockatot lounger has a 100 percent cotton cover and polyester fiberfill. These materials keep airflow moving and can help keep your infant from overheating or getting too warm while in the loungers. 

Breathable fabric is vital, especially since babies don’t sweat as easily as older children and adults, and it’s often difficult to know if they are getting too warm.

No chemicals or flame retardants are used in making these products, whether you opt for a regular Dockatot or their upgraded version, the Dockatot Grand.

3. Design

The Dockatot lounger is thicker and larger than the Snuggle Me and has higher sides. You can also get a toy arch as an add-on accessory to help keep your little one entertained.

The simple and mostly open design means that big babies can use them for longer, and they don’t get snug around your little one, which some parents prefer.

4. Tummy time

Tummy time in Dockatot loungers may be a little more complicated than it is with the competition. This is due to the higher sides of the Dockatot.

5. Co-sleeping

Co-sleeping is not recommended for any child, and overnight sleep should occur in a child’s own bed. Because the Dockatot looks big and secure, parents have sometimes thought it is okay to put on their beds in a co-sleep situation.

Doing this compromises your baby’s safety. Neither of these two loungers should be used on a mattress at all. They should only ever be used on a hard and flat surface.

6. Recall

While there have been no active recalls regarding the Dockatot, this brand of baby lounger has been linked to the death of two infants. 

While the company offered no comment, they did remove the portion from their website that stated that their product was perfect for cosleeping.

The verbiage was replaced with a statement that this gear should only be used for lounging and supervised play.

Regrettably, this put a sour taste in the mouths of some consumers, who swore off the brand and its products. 

If you’re looking for a product that has never had any issues with safety in the Snuggle Me Organic vs Dock a tot debacle, then the Snuggle Me may be your winner here.

7. Added perks

This entire lounger (if you get the smallest version) can fit inside a Moses basket, which can help to elevate it. 

While you may not want to practice tummy time while you have the Dockatot inserted into the basket, it does help if you would like to interact with your baby in a room where you are sitting or standing.

The Dockatot also comes in the Dockatot Grand version and a Dockatot Deluxe version.

You can also get an extra cover for your Dockatot, which makes it easier if you have a baby who makes a mess. Just switch out the cover when your baby spits up on it, throw the dirty one right into your washing machine, and put the extra cover on. 

This is one definite plus for the Dock a Tot in the Snuggle Me vs Dock a Tot contest.

Safe sleep

The American Academy of Pediatrics has set safe sleeping guidelines to keep your child from injury and death. 

Following these guidelines has been known to help reduce the occurrence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and accidents involving falls and other injuries.

The Dockatot and the Snuggle Me are intended to be used during awake time and play. While the Dockatot has more room, and the Snuggle Me has the cuddle-like design feature to keep your baby comfortable, they should always sleep in their crib or bassinet.

You should never use crib bumpers and only ever put your child to bed on a clean crib mattress with a sheet. Your child does not need a blanket or a soft pillow. Stuffed animals and toys should not be placed in your child’s bed.

Baby nests are not baby beds. They are not meant to replace a crib. Nest pillows are intended as short-term loungers only.

The Verdict: Snuggle Me vs. Dockatot

The Snuggle Me vs. Dockatot competition has no clear-cut winner. 

If you have a baby who does not like to be swaddled, you may be better off with the Dockatot. If you have a larger baby or want something a bit sturdier and heavier for your own peace of mind, the Dockatot may be the right call for you.

If you travel a lot and need a nest pillow that transports easily and is light, The Snuggle Me may be your best bet. 

The Snuggle Me is your winner if you want to spend less money and have something hypoallergenic. 

Only you are aware of your specific needs, budget, and wants. Hopefully, this article has given you the information necessary to make the right choice for your family.

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