Miscarriage Quotes For Mom When Grieving To Bring Comfort, Hope & Peace

Miscarriage Quotes For Mom

We have put together a list of the best miscarriage quotes for mom that will provide bring comfort, peace and hope for not only mom, but also partners and everyone else affected.

The news of a pregnancy brings a lot of joy to a person’s life, with thoughts of a little one tiptoeing into our world, making everything brighter. But the loss of a child is an experience that no one should have to go through, but unfortunately, it does happen. When a child dies, even before they are born, it leaves behind a path of grief and many unanswered questions.

A mother’s grief is something that has no comparison, and it leaves behind sadness and pain for all of those involved. The spouse’s grief is sometimes looked at under a microscope, and it’s something unfair to the grieving parent because no matter if they were not the ones pregnant, the loss affects them as well.

During this time of grief, relatives and friends want to offer comfort and solace to the mother and the whole family. No words will indeed change the sad outcome of pregnancy loss, but hearing kind words from loved ones and feeling that there’s at least someone who cares about your feelings can bring some light into those dark days.

Sometimes we try to comfort a grieving person and, without intention, say things that may actually hurt the grieving person. So before you say something to them, try to walk in their shoes first and see how you feel when you listen or read those words.

Kindness, empathy, and understanding can make a great difference in their lives. There are many miscarriage quotes around, and some of them may not be well received by a particular person or at an early grieving stage, so choose miscarriage quotes carefully.

If you’re out of ideas on what to say, here are some miscarriage quotes that may offer the desired comfort after a pregnancy loss.

Almost unbearable grief left upon our hearts

Comforting Miscarriage Quotes for Mom

If you want to send a card, a message, or simply say something that will be well received, here are some miscarriage quotes that may help.

“A miscarriage is not a failure because a failure implies that it’s something you can ‘control.’ Miscarriages are beyond our control.” – Dr. Simone Whitmore

“I held you every second of your life.” – Stephanie Paige Cole

“Any woman who’d ever lost a child knew of the hollowness that remained within the soul.” – Brittainy C. Cherry

“The one who left gentle footprints on our hearts left a story worth telling.” – Unknown

“You didn’t stay for long, but in those precious few weeks, you changed me forever.” – Zoe Clark-Coates

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched, but are felt in the heart.” – Helen Keller

“When you carry a life and it’s there, and then gone, a part of your soul dies. Forever.” – Casey Wiegand

“As you danced in the light with joy, love lifted you. As you brushed against this world so gently, you lifted us.” – TC Ring

“How very softly you tiptoed into our world, almost silently, only a moment you stayed. But what an imprint your footsteps have left upon our hearts.” – Dorothy Ferguson

“It hurts because it matters.” – John Green

“Babies lost in the womb were never touched by fear. They were never cold, never hungry, never alone, and importantly always knew love.” – Zoe Clark-Coates

“Heaven and earth may separate us today, but nothing will ever change the fact that you made me somebody’s mother.” – Unknown

“Some say you are too painful to remember. I say you are too precious to forget.” – Unknown

“Your absence has gone through me Like thread through a needle. Everything I do is stitched with its color.” – W.S. Merwin

“Before I carried the pain, I carried you. And in my heart, I carry you still.” – Unknown

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” – Maya Angelou

“An angel in the book of life wrote down my baby’s birth. Then whispered as she closed the book ‘too beautiful for earth’.” –Unknown

“A mother is never defined by the number of children you can see, but by the love that she holds in her heart.” – Franchesca Cox

“I don’t think most people truly understand how much is lost when a baby dies. You don’t just lose a baby; you also lose the 1 and 2 and 10 and 16-year-old she would have become. You lose Christmas mornings, loose teeth, and the first days of school. You just lose it all.” – Stephanie Paige Cole

“When a baby is born, it’s a mother’s instinct to protect the baby. When a baby passes, it’s the mother’s instinct to protect their memory.” – Unknown

“Throughout my life, there were a few hard days. Days where even when I tried to be happy, my heart still cracked and Mother’s Day was one of those. For others, it stood as a celebration. For me, it spoke of loss and failure. Because there’s no such thing as an ‘almost’ Mother’s day.” – Brittany Cherry

“There’s a unique pain that comes from preparing a place in your heart for a child that never comes.” – David Platt 

“She/he was born silent into this world, but their little life spoke volumes.” – Unknown

“You never arrived in my arms, but you will never leave my heart.” – Zoe Clark-Coates

“A miscarriage is a natural and common event. All told, probably more women have lost a child from this world than haven’t. Most don’t mention it. But ask her sometime: how old would your child be now? And she’ll know.” – Barbara Kingsolver

“It has been said, ‘time heals all wounds.’ I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue, and the pain lessens. But it is never gone.” – Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy

Miscarriage quotes about grief

Grief is a process of its own, and it’s not exclusive to miscarriages, but we found some miscarriage quotes that enlighten the grief process.

“Grief, I’ve learned, is really love. It’s all the love you want to give but cannot give. The more you loved someone, the more you grieve. All of that unspent love gathers up in the corners of your eyes and in that part of your chest that gets an empty and hollow feeling. The happiness of love turns to sadness when unspent. Grief is just love with no place to go.” – Jamie Anderson

“Grieving is like having broken ribs. On the outside, you look fine, but with every breath, it hurts.” – Unknown

“The best advice that I got during counselling: Don’t judge your spouse’s grief response. Give them the freedom to grieve their own way.” – Rachel Crawford

“Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith. It is the price of love.” – Unknown

“In lieu of letting go of our trauma and rather than healing completely, in my experience, we learn how to carry it and there are some days when it is heavier than others. Some days, I hardly know it is there, distracted as I am by present joys and excitement; while other days, the burden is cripplingly-heavy and I can hardly breathe under the weight of grief.” – L.M. Browning

“Grief is like the ocean; it comes on waves ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes it is overwhelming. All we can do is learn to swim.” – Vicki Harrison

“There is no right way to grieve; there is only your way to grieve and that is different for everyone.” – Nathalie Himmelrich

What to do with pregnancy loss

Uplifting comfort grief quotes

You may ask yourself, how can miscarriage quotes be uplifting? The truth is that given the right words at the right moment may turn miscarriage quotes into beacons of light in those dark times. Here are some uplifting quotes:

“A person’s a person, no matter how small.” – Dr Seuss

“Maybe learning to live with the question marks, recognizing that closure does not always occur, is all I really needed to do. I hadn’t expected, coming from a world that fights to see life’s beginnings in black and white, to be so comforted by a shade of gray.” – Peggy Orenstein

“As long as I can I will look at this world for both of us, as long as I can, I will laugh with the birds, I will sing with the flowers, I will pray to the stars, for both of us.” – Unknown

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” – Winnie the Pooh

“Perhaps they are not stars in the sky, rather openings where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy.” – Proverb

“There is no foot too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world.” – Unknown

“Even those that never fully blossom bring beauty into the world.” – Unknown

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice.” – Bob Marley

“I no longer seek those things that help me to heal but for those things that fortify me with the strength required to carry the load, fate has set upon my shoulders. Instead of finding a way to forget, find a way to bear the constant remembering. The silence of the wild being one of those elements that reinforce the weathered walls of the soul and mind.” – L.M. Browning

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched. They must be felt within the heart.” – Helen Keller

“When it is darkest, we can see all the stars.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

“If a mother is mourning not for what she has lost but for what her dead child has lost, it is a comfort to believe that the child has not lost the end for which it was created. And it is a comfort to believe that she herself, in losing her chief or only natural happiness, has not lost a greater thing, that she may still hope to “glorify God and enjoy Him forever.”

A comfort to the God-aimed, eternal spirit within her. But not to her motherhood. The specifically, maternal happiness must be written off. Never, in any place or time, will she have her son on her knees, or bathe him, or tell him a story, or plan for his future, or see her grandchild.”

C.S. Lewis

Final thoughts

There’s a lot that can be said to help a grieving mother and other close ones when faced with the sadness of child loss. It’s a unique pain that only the ones who have gone through it, who know the miscarriage feeling and have loved a child that never comes, have an idea of what it feels like, but that it’s different for each and every person.

As soon a mother knows she’s pregnant, she saves a part of her heart for a child that will be loved. Death leaves behind what feels like endless days that only you or a person that has experienced it may understand.

And it’s not something that will affect them for just a little while; it’s a life-changing experience that will change the direction of their lives and reshape it. As time passes, wounds are still present as a mark on our hearts, but the pain dulls as you learn how to live with this new reality.

With time, the unique pain that comes from miscarriage soothes and loses the sharp edges of suffering, and there will come a time when you’ll be able to look back and smile because no matter how brief, the time you carried that little soul within you left footprints in all your lives.

Losing a child doesn’t make you a bad mother, no matter what misconceived notions may tell you. So be kind to yourself, and rest assured that no matter what others may say or think, no matter the many unanswered questions left behind, life existed and left a mark in this world.

If you or a loved one are going through grief and dealing with loss, remember that there are many people who can help you deal with it healthily. Whether you prefer a spiritual approach or therapy, there’s no shame in asking for help when your pain becomes too much.

There are also a lot of good books to guide you through it. One of those is “It’s ok you’re not ok” by Megan Devine. It’s written by a grief counselor after she went through her own journey of loss and grief, and it offers a totally different perspective. In a world that doesn’t understand and is not prepared to deal with loss, this book makes you feel understood and gives light and hope to so many challenges a grieving person faces.

Hopefully, some of these miscarriage quotes will help you or your loved one through the difficult times.

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