Medela Pump In Style Vs Spectra S2: Important Info To Consider

Medela Pump In Style Vs Spectra S2

When choosing a breast pump, most women narrow it down to a Medela pump or a Spectra pump, two of the most well-known and highly regarded manufacturers of breast pumps. 

You want to trust that your breast pump is good quality and will deliver the best results so that you can be successful in your breastfeeding journey.

Choosing the right breast pump for you will be a matter of preference. Often, your insurance company will offer you a free breast pump for each pregnancy, and you will be able to make a choice. 

Knowing the difference between a Medela breast pump and a Spectra breast pump will make that decision much less stressful.

This article will deeply dive into the Medela Pump in Style vs Spectra s2. Both are well regarded and do a great job extracting breast milk for women who want to pump rather than nurse exclusively.

We shall look at the following criteria:

  1. Strength of suction
  2. Portability
  3. Noise level
  4. User-friendliness

Medela Pump In Style Vs Spectra S2

Medela Pump in Style

Medela has been around for half a century and has earned its reputation in breastfeeding supplies and breast pumps. 

It is a well-known brand by women, doctors, and lactation consultants and is highly regarded.

When considering a Medela breast pump, be aware that the company makes more than one model. There is the Pump in Style with MaxFlow, the Pump in Style Advanced, the Medela Freestyle Flex, and the Medela Sonata.

The Medela pump is a hospital-grade pump that is a double electric breast pump, as well as a closed system pump. 

The Medela Pump in Style will give you an excellent suction speed for adequate milk flow and building up a milk supply. This also means that the closed system can provide a more sanitary double breast pump because no breast milk will ever get into the pump motor or housing unit.

The fact that it is a double electric pump means that you can pump both breasts at the same time, which cuts down on the time you will spend in pumping sessions. You can close suction to one of the hoses at any point as well so that you can be nursing the baby while pumping the other breast.

Strength of suction

A Medela Pump in Style has a letdown mode that will ease you into pumping. This is important for getting your milk flowing faster, as it simulates how a baby nurses. 

The Pump in Style also has a two-part massage mode that mimics breastfeeding, stimulating your milk supply. In fact, the Pump in Style has been found to increase most women’s supply by over ten percent.

This is a fantastic pump for nighttime pumping if you intend to power pump while the baby is sleeping due to its suction power. This hospital-grade breast pump is amazing when it comes to the strength of suction.


A portable breast pump is necessary for moms on the go, moms who pump at work, and moms who travel at all. The Medela Pump in Style is an excellent closed system breast pump in terms of portability.

The Pump in Style has a cute pump bag that looks like a tote or trendy handbag. It’s a cooler bag with enough space to hold the bottles, containers, tubes, and breast pump, but it isn’t so large that you need to worry about it taking up a ton of space in your office, car, or public transport.

It also comes with an optional battery pack that takes 8 AA batteries. This battery pack is great, but keeping up with all of those batteries can sometimes be a hassle. 

Some women opt for a car adapter to use their breast pump while on the go with the car’s adapter outlet or cigarette lighter port and a good pumping bra.

Heavy duty and heavy unit

The downside to lugging around the Pump in Style is that it’s heavy. 

It weighs in at almost seven pounds. That’s just a little less than a gallon of milk weighs. 

Women who carry things like a briefcase, diaper bag, or other luggage may find this weight pretty inconvenient.

Noise level

The Pump in Style breast pump is not quiet. At all. If you are looking for a quiet pump, this is unfortunately not it. 

Due to its powerful motor and suction, this is a loud closed system pump that everyone around you will hear. Medela pumps worry more about power than they do about noise.

Is it user-friendly?

When it comes to breast pumps, no mom wants to waste time figuring out all the bells and whistles. A good adjustable suction speed, increased milk volume, and simplicity are all important.


The Medela Pump in Style has fewer parts to worry about cleaning than most other closed system pumps. It is also more sanitary because it is a closed system, and you have backflow protection. 

You won’t have to worry about bacterial buildup in the motor or housing.

Replacement parts

A Medela Pump in Style is excellent for replacement parts because you can easily order more breast shields and bottles. You can actually find most of the supplies you may want to replace in your local department store. 

Also, you can use other brand containers instead of Medela containers, making this one of the most popular breast pumps.

Medela Pump In Style

Spectra S2

Spectra Baby USA was founded by moms who are also nurses to offer a choice of quality breast pumps. 

The company was founded in 2011 and has since taken off, becoming the most prominent competitor with long-time heavyweight Medela breast pumps.

Strength of suction

This electric breast pump is also great for nighttime pumping, although it packs less power than the Medela Pump in Style. 

Of the two breast pumps, Medela has more suction. However, that doesn’t mean Spectra pumps aren’t just as effective.

Women with sensitive breasts have voiced that the In Style Medela pump is too much to handle as far as suction goes and often leaves them sore or even in pain. 

These two popular breast pumps both offer great suction. However, if you want to reduce pain and sensitivity, you may be better off with the Spectra S2.


This Spectra s2 may be one of the best hospital-grade breast pumps on the market, but it may leave a little to be desired when traveling with it. 

While it is undoubtedly a lightweight breast pump (just three pounds), it doesn’t come with a battery pack, and a car adapter has to be purchased separately.

The pump bag will hold the unit and the tubing, but you have to buy the cooler separately and store it elsewhere, as it does not fit in the bag. 

The spectra s2 also lacks the battery life that the Spectra s1 has, making this double pump a little less impressive than its earlier model. However, the fact that it does have a rechargeable battery makes it one of the most popular pumps.

Noise level

The S2 is quite possibly the best breast pump on the market in terms of how quiet it is. Likely, you won’t even wake your sleeping baby if you pump in the same room. 

This means you can conduct a pumping session on the phone with clients at work, and the noise won’t interfere. 

If you are looking for a discreet pumping experience that won’t result in a low milk supply or lack of cycle speed, then the Spectra S2 is a great choice.

Is it user-friendly?

Unlike an open system breast pump, the Spectra S2 will prevent backflow and keep things sanitary and easier to clean. 

An open system pump cannot be donated or sold, so considering a Medela Pump in Style vs. Spectra S2 gives you that level of protection.

Extra features

Featuring a night light that can be used so that Spectra S2 can pump in a dark room without disturbing your baby, this great pump can extract more milk while letting your little one rest. 

While you may not think that a night light is a big deal, consider that most other pumps require a light source, which can be a big bummer when you’re in the same room with an overtired and finally sleeping infant.

Replacing the parts

This lightweight pump is less easy to replace pump parts because it connects only to wide-mouth bottles. 

While you may be able to substitute breast shields for other brands or find a detachable breast shield of the same brand to have on hand as an extra, finding a different bottle that can fit this pump might be quite a chore.

The verdict on Medela Pump In Style Vs Spectra S2

Both the Medela Pump in Style and the Spectra S2 are great pumps

Many women love the massage mode or expression mode of both pumps. 

The Pump in Style always starts in expression mode, whereas the Spectra S2 starts you out where you ended in the last pumping session.

With a higher vacuum speed of suction, the Pump in Style is more powerful, but if you are sensitive and prefer slower pumping, both pumps offer adjustable suction modes.

Medela bottles can be substituted for other brands, while Spectra S2 bottles are wide-mouthed, so you may have a more challenging time finding replacements.

When it comes to taking it along, the Medela is over twice the weight load that the Spectra S2 is. It comes with a bag, an ice pack, and plenty of room to store extra parts. 

The Spectra S2 is lighter and comes with a smaller bag. However, it has a rechargeable battery.

Assess your own needs

The best thing to do is to think about your specific needs regarding a pump. Over 80 percent of women start breastfeeding their children immediately after birth, but at the six-month mark, that number drops by nearly 30 percent.

Choosing the pump that fits best with your lifestyle and needs will get you farther in your journey than simply choosing one based on looks or reviews.

Do your research and consider your needs before making a choice. Both of these options are excellent products. Make the pick that is best for you.

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