How To Get Rid Of Apron Belly—5 Best Ways To Keep It Off Or Hide It

How To Get Rid Of Apron Belly

Apron belly is commonly associated with motherhood. It’s also called a mother’s apron belly. 

This belly fat is particularly bothersome for women because it is hanging belly fat that is contributed to rapid weight gain and then often followed by rapid weight loss.

The placement of the fat is part of the issue, and it is not an easy part of the body to lose body fat makes it a source of sensitivity for many.

If you are challenged with how to get rid of apron belly, read on for options available to you and some more ways to hide your belly fat.

What is an apron belly?

Apron belly fat is made up of stubborn fat cells that are located most commonly between the internal organs and the abdominal muscles. This belly fat, or visceral belly fat, is difficult to lose because it is in the abdominal cavity and underneath the abdominal muscles.

Not all fat cells are created equal

Apron belly is not only a source of insecurity for many women who have birthed children, but it also poses higher health risks due to the placement of the fat. It can lead to complications such as diabetes and issues with the organs.

The fat builds up around the intestines, liver, and other vital organs, posing risks to your health and quality of life. It may also accumulate in the omentum.

Fat is a combination of visceral fat and subcutaneous fat. It is stubborn fat that makes it hard to lose weight and see results very quickly. It can also be incredibly uncomfortable.

Discomfort caused by apron belly

When you experience pregnancy, you typically experience weight gain, followed by a significant amount of weight loss immediately after you deliver your baby. 

This creates both loose skin hanging from your midsection and those additional fat deposits that settled in while you were pregnant. Those deposits get hard over time, so losing that excess abdominal fat becomes difficult.

Unlike having extra fat in the upper thighs or arms, the fat surrounding your organs cannot be dealt with by doing simple exercises such as stomach crunches and basic abdominal exercises. This extra fat also becomes hard over time, leading to problems like heart disease.

That extra body weight hanging there can become sensitive, stretch, and cause apron belly discomfort. The excess skin can become irritated by rashes, sweat, and moisture trapped. 

Ill-fitting clothes can irritate your entire midsection. Anti-chafing creams can help but can still fall short of providing relief long-term.

Not just for moms

Also known as a pannus stomach, this flap of skin and fat can be caused by sudden weight loss of anyone, man or woman, of any age. 

A common issue people who have had gastric bypasses and lap bands deal with, this apron can hang low. Even a person’s knees can be in the way.

The stretching of the skin from the abdominal area due to weight loss can take a toll on a person’s mental and physical health. Carrying extra weight was difficult, but losing so much weight and having this abdominal apron rather than a flat stomach can hurt a person’s self-image.

Abdominal obesity that is lost quickly does not usually lead to a flatter stomach. It most often leads to an apron belly.

Apron belly help

This article will help give tips on losing weight healthily through a healthy diet, healthy eating, and living a healthier lifestyle to eliminate apron belly discomfort.

How To Get Rid Of Apron Belly

How to get rid of apron belly

Losing apron belly fat is a little different than just losing belly fat, which is difficult in and of itself. To lose belly fat, you must work out your core, stay hydrated, get enough rest, and stay active.

You must do many things to get rid of an apron belly, but the weight loss will not be as quick. This can lead to many women giving up before they see any real results.

1. Go under the knife

Some women believe that getting liposuction or a tummy tuck is the only way to get rid of an apron belly. In some extreme cases, this may be true, and time is the only real way to do anything about extra skin outside of surgery. 

However, if a tummy tuck is not an option for you, there are ways that you can trim down that apron belly without the intervention of surgery.

2. Sweat it out

Weight loss is not easy for anyone, but that stubborn apron belly fat is one of the most challenging places to lose weight. 

Losing weight in this area doesn’t mean lots of sit-ups and crunches. While this may help to strengthen the abdominal muscles underneath the apron-like flap, your exercise routine will need to consist of more than sit-ups to reduce this excess fat and skin.

Focus instead on remaining active throughout your day. Burn calories by doing cardio, stretches, yoga, and whole body exercises. 

This will help make that apron belly disappear much faster and more effectively than a sit-up regiment.

3. Eat healthy

It seems silly to talk about food when trying to undo that unwanted weight gain. However, learning that food is not the enemy and that choosing the right foods and eliminating unhealthy foods from your diet can give your body the fuel it needs to exercise and lead to fat loss can be a significant game changer.

Excess weight after pregnancy often comes from excess calorie consumption and lack of movement and exercise. Who can blame you? 

You’re tired, the baby is a lot of work, and it’s much easier to reach for packaged junk food than to slice an apple. However, your overall health depends on learning how to have a healthy relationship with food.

Learn to consume healthy fats. Don’t eat anything between dinner and bedtime. Get up and move around when you’re bored rather than eating. 

These small lifestyle changes can reduce apron belly over time and increase the health of your vital organs.

Healthy foods to drop weight

Aerobic exercise, heart-healthy fats, vegetables, good protein, and lots of water will help you stop gaining weight and work towards a flat tummy. 

Aerobic workouts work out your entire body, which is better for apron belly loss than focusing only on your core.

Avoiding fried foods, processed snacks, and other sugary foods and drinks will also help you maintain a healthy calorie intake to support your overall health and maintain exercise.

4. Adapt good posture

When fat cells expand and surround the vital organs in the abdominal area, you get that pocket of hard fat that can weigh you down in the front and make it hard to sit straight or maintain good posture. 

A good posture corrector worn for short periods each day, or yoga, can help you strengthen your core and reduce that mummy tummy.

5. Get more sleep

Apron belly takes a long time for anyone to lose. It’s more a marathon endeavor than a sprint. 

Getting plenty of good sleep to be at your best is very important to get rid of that apron belly.

White noise, natural sleep aids, a cool and dark room, and limiting screen time before bed can all help you get better sleep and get the desired results.

How to hide lower belly pooch

If you have a lower belly pooch from having had children or losing weight quickly, you may have felt somewhat embarrassed by it at some point. 

First of all, all bodies are beautiful. If you are otherwise healthy and have some excess skin and a little pooch to worry about, you are much better off learning self-love and exercising it than trying to hide anything from the world.

However, if you find that you feel better covering it up and hiding it, then there are ways you can do it comfortably.

1. Compression pants and bands

Compression clothing can help tighten skin because it holds everything tight against your body rather than allowing the excess to hang over or be affected by gravity. Compression pants can help with a pooch by holding your lower belly and helping mask it. 

High-waisted pants of this variety can be a tremendous help to keep that lump shape from being seen.

On the other hand, bands resemble a corset worn under your shirt. They compress your waist and keep everything tightly secured, so the pooch you may have is less visible. 

These are fine for short periods but should never be worn long-term or as a solution.

Wearing these things too tightly can add further strain to your organs and ribs if a waist trainer or compression band is too tight.

2. Loose fit clothing

Going in the other direction, wearing billowy, loose clothing can also help to mask belly pooch. Tops that flow over the midsection and are longer can help. 

Empire waist dresses, midsection belts, especially wide ones, and flowy pants and skirts can all help to hide the bulges you don’t want other people to see.

How To Get Rid Of Apron Belly

Be proud

You are not the only person you know, let alone the only person around who has a lower belly pooch. When you see celebrities on television who have washboard abs four months after having a baby, give yourself a reality check.

These people have personal trainers, personal chefs, and massive home gyms at their disposal. Nannies watch their kids while they work out. 

It may be possible, but it’s doubtful that an A-list celebrity is doing yoga while holding a screaming infant.

While you should always do everything you can to maintain proper health, you should never be ashamed of your body. 

Consider setting an example to the women you know that you may have a little bit more belly than you used to; you’re still beautiful and proud of who you are.

Every second you spend ashamed of your body is a second wasted. Instead, motivate yourself to get healthier. If your appearance shifts towards something you want to see in that process, then great.

Apron belly fat, and you

Learn how your body works. Learn to have a healthy relationship with food. 

Commit to self-care and get the sleep and hydration you need. Get up and get your whole body moving. 

Wear the clothing that makes you feel good, and work towards better health. This is the best way to accept and love the body you are in and to work towards being healthier you, both physically and emotionally. 

Beauty doesn’t look the same to everyone. Be your own sort of beautiful.

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