How Long Does It Take For Lactation Cookies To Work—5 Best Ingredients

How Long Does It Take For Lactation Cookies To Work

Milk supply and the ability to increase milk production is a significant concern for nearly all breastfeeding moms. 

A low milk supply can shatter a mother’s confidence, making it difficult to rise above the stress of it enough to produce more breast milk.

That’s where lactation cookies and other foods and supplements that can help to boost milk supply come in. Why stress if you can just eat lactation cookies? 

We’ll discuss how eating lactation cookies can increase milk supply and how many lactation cookies you should consume daily to increase breast milk supply as quickly as possible. We’ll also answer that very important question: How long does it take for lactation cookies to work?

Lactation cookies are a sworn by-product you can purchase or make yourself, and women swear by their efficacy.

This article will take a deep dive into what happens when you decide to eat lactation cookies to boost your low milk supply. 

What are lactation cookies?

Lactation cookies are nutrient-dense snacks that you can eat throughout the day that contain lots of ingredients that can increase breast milk supply. 

Ingredients in lactation cookies can vary, but they are usually preferred over other breastmilk production-enhancing supplements by nursing moms because they have so many good ingredients.

How Long Does It Take For Lactation Cookies To Work

Lactation cookie ingredients

The ingredients can vary depending on the brand of lactation cookies you buy. 

When you decide to start eating lactation cookies and choose to make them yourself, you will find many different recipes that feature many different ingredients. You can choose what appeals most to you and try new recipes as you go, testing out what works best for you to increase your milk supply.

However, most lactation cookies share a few common ingredients that you can look for that will help with your milk production and supply.

1. Brewer’s yeast

Nursing moms who start eating lactation cookies often see brewer’s yeast on the label that lists the ingredients. This is because brewer’s yeast can help to increase your milk supply. 

However, this ingredient should be consumed in moderation only.

It’s not recommended that nursing moms have more than three tablespoons of brewer’s yeast per day. 

It has been known to cause headaches and migraines if taken excessively and even cause gassiness in babies.

2. Wheat germ

Wheat germ will not only help increase milk supply but it’s also been said to help with postpartum depression. It also helps to boost your immune system.

This ingredient can help you support healthy lactation and mental and immune health when consumed in a lactation cookie along with other ingredients.

3. Flaxseed oil

Nursing mothers prefer flaxseed oil to whole flax seeds when making lactation cookies. So if you are shopping for this healthy snack rather than making them, most breastfeeding mothers will tell you to go with the oil instead of the seeds.

Flaxseed oil increases breast milk production and is an ingredient in nearly all other lactation supplements. It can help you produce enough milk for your baby almost on its own.

4. Fennel seeds

Fennel is one of the most high-quality ingredients in the natural ingredients world, and moms swear by it. Much anecdotal evidence points towards boosting prolactin levels and helping to increase your milk supply. 

5. Oats

Full of iron, oats are one of the active ingredients most women rely upon to help them with their supply. Some breastfeeding moms even drink oat milk to boost their milk production.

Eating oatmeal can help to produce more milk. With many nutritional benefits outside of breastfeeding, such as helping to stave off weight gain because it’s a filling yet healthy food, many nursing moms will tell you that you can’t go wrong with oats.

Do lactation cookies work?

Many moms worry that they need to work harder to up their supply. 

For a new mom, that can be very confusing and challenging. So, they turn to products like lactation cookies.

There are very few, if any, actual studies that have proven that if you introduce lactation cookies to your diet, they will increase your milk supply. 

However, many mothers will tell you that they don’t need a study to tell them that lactation cookies work.

Galactagogues, or substances that can be anything from herbal supplements to ingredients you’d find on a nutrition label of any food item you find in your kitchen regularly, are known to increase milk supply.

Ask your lactation consultant for a complete list of these substances or to find out where you can purchase them. 

But these wonder supplements are found in lactation cookies, which is why moms will tell you that you need lactation cookies if you plan on committing to frequent nursing.

Make your own lactation cookies

How long does it take for lactation cookies to work?

Some lactation cookies will give you a better supply within a day or so, while others may take a few days or even weeks. 

Oats seem to be one of the key ingredients that get to work for you faster, so looking for cookies or other recipes containing this ingredient may help you in your breastfeeding journey sooner rather than later.

The effectiveness of most lactation cookies varies on the ingredients in them. A lactation cookie made by one brand may have a healthy supply of great ingredients in it, while the next brand mainly consists of unnecessary calories with one key ingredient in some nice packaging.

As previously mentioned, it really all depends on what’s in the lactation cookies.

For best results, you may want to start eating lactation cookies right after giving birth. Most moms find their dietary preferences differ as far as which flavors and types and brands are concerned or which recipes they like to follow soon after delivery. 

There is no harm in getting started on lactation cookies earlier on in your breastfeeding. 

Other moms may choose to wait until they see an issue with their supply. This is fine, too. 

But keep in mind that lactation cookies don’t take effect the moment you eat them.

How many lactation cookies should you eat?

Most breastfeeding mothers who choose lactation cookies as a means to up their supply find that eating them throughout the day helps the most. 

Many women find that eating them in the morning and sporadically throughout the day gives them more milk for the baby by bedtime.

While they may not work this quickly for you, the only real side effect of these cookies is an upset stomach, and if such a thing happens, simply slow down and eat less.

Don’t stress

Your baby getting the nutrients needed for good health and normal development is very important. Lactation cookies can undoubtedly help you to produce enough to feed the baby. 

However, constantly worrying about whether you are making enough is going to slow down even the most prolific breastfeeding mom.  

Stress is a significant deterrent in milk production

Rather than worrying so much about how long it’s going to take to see results, make it a fun side quest. 

Look up recipes and involve your whole family in baking the lactation cookies. You can make a large double batch and even freeze the extras! 

Experiment with different brands and various flavors of cookies, and keep a list of the ones you like best. Try to enjoy the experience.

Your baby will be okay if you nurse or pump as often as possible. Take advantage of the resources available to help you to achieve your breastfeeding goals. 

This is your journey. Try to enjoy it. Life should taste good. So should your lactation cookies.

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