Hospital Bag For Dad: Top 15 Useful Items To Keep Him In High Spirits

Hospital Bag For Dad

Preparing for a stay in a hospital room for the birthing process is something that many women take into consideration. 

Women share what hospital bag essentials are a must, what luxuries help with boredom and act as welcome distractions, and what they’ll need to bring for the baby after its arrival. 

However, one thing that isn’t often discussed is what should be in dad’s hospital bag.

This article will focus on the support partner for the birth process: Dad. 

When it comes to a hospital bag checklist, it’s a good idea to have one for him, too. 

This way, the mom relaxes knowing that both of them have everything they need, and dad won’t have to leave to get things he didn’t think to pack.

Hospital bag for dad

You don’t have to have a separate bag for dad, but it may be practical for him to have one. 

Dad’s hospital bag can hold everything he needs, while mom has a bag she shares with baby. This way, everything is more organized and ready for when needed.

The following should be in your partner’s hospital bag, not only for his comfort but for everyone’s. Once you have everyone’s hospital bag packed, you can rest easy knowing that baby can come any time, and you’re fully prepared.

All the essentials

The following are what many couples consider essentials that should go into dad’s bag for the hospital. 

Some hospitals accommodate better than others, but unless you know these are provided, it may be best to go ahead and have them on hand yourself.

1. Your own pillow

If dad is given a pillow at all, there’s a good chance it will be as flat as a pancake and less than comfortable. 

While you may think that his comfort is the last thing you care about since it’ll be you doing all the hard work during delivery, keep in mind that he’ll be your coach and support system. The better rested he is, the better things will go in the delivery room.

2. Comfortable shoes

This is one that many people don’t think of. Unless everything goes to plan and you have a scheduled induction, there is no way of knowing when the baby will decide to make that grand entrance.

The labor and delivery process can take hours and involve a lot of standing and moving around. 

Your husband showing up in his work boots and having to stand there for hours will not lend comfort to a tense and nervous situation.

If he has shoes he loves to wear on the weekends, ten-year-old reliable sneakers, or even old shoes he loves that he cuts the grass in, let him pack those so that he has something to change into.

3. A push present

A push present is a gift that is purchased ahead of time and presented to the new mom by the new dad on delivery day. It’s to thank her and show love for her for all the hard work she had to do and the pain she went through during delivery.

It can be anything—a necklace, a bracelet, anything. The worst thing, however, is when dad forgets it at home.

4. Travel pillow

In addition to your own pillow, a lot of time will most likely be spent sitting in an uncomfortable upright chair during the entire labor process. A small airplane pillow or pillow for travel is a great asset for this situation.

5. Contact lens solution or glasses case

If you or your husband wear glasses or contact lenses, having a glasses case or extra contacts and contact solution is necessary. 

Let the new dad worry about having that on hand, so you don’t have to worry about knowing where to pack it. He can put it in the bag for dad, so you don’t have to dig through the diaper bag and your bag in search of it.

6. Massage oil or lotion

This is a great thing to bring that is considerate and sweet, not to mention helpful. After delivery, you will be very tired and most likely sore. 

Having some oil or lotion in one of the hospital bags can be a lifesaver for those tense and tired muscles.

Hospital Bag For Dad

7. A laptop or tablet

Sticking the laptop in the laptop bag and having it ready means that dad can stream his favorite movies and shows to stay entertained during downtime. This can also be great for the mom if labor is long.

8. Small bills and change for vending machines

You can pack healthy snacks, but sometimes you walk past the vending machines and suddenly crave something. Having cash is great for this. 

It’s also helpful if the new mom needs a sweet tooth fix. One dollar bills and loose change are significant assets for a hospital stay.

9. Comfy clothes

You’re not going to a ball or a fancy dinner. Packing comfortable clothes is key to your and dad’s packing list. 

Dads can have fresh clothes with them if they have to rush to the hospital from work, and everyone will have a more pleasant experience.

10. Phone charger

Giving birth is exciting. The dad checklist needs to have a charger on it. You can keep your devices charged for calling loved ones and keeping up with friends and family with a fully charged phone or tablet.

11. Portable speaker

The entire time you’re at the hospital, you’ll feel like you can’t wait to go home. Having your favorite music playing or even white noise to help you sleep can be a game changer. 

Packing a small speaker can give you this small luxury.

12. Water bottle

A refillable water bottle can save you money at a vending machine and help keep the father hydrated when needed. 

Many hospitals provide a big water cup for the mom but aren’t usually so generous towards the birth partner. Don’t forget this hospital essential.

13. An extra blanket

The big day comes and goes, and it may seem like everyone is too excited to sleep, but having an extra blanket is still a great idea. Hospital blankets are usually thin, small, and itchy. 

Bringing your favorite throw blanket can help your spouse get much-needed sleep and rest.

14. Insurance information

Having your insurance information handy is a responsibility that you can hand off to your spouse so that you don’t have to worry about anything but delivering your baby safely. 

You can also give him the responsibility of having your birth plan on hand and a contact list of everyone you want to share your big news with.

15. Camera charger

Don’t forget to add a charger for the camera to daddy’s duffle bag. This packing list essential can guarantee that family members won’t miss out on those first shots of little fingers and toes when the baby arrives on the big day.

Hospital Bag For Dad

What kind of bag does the father to be need?

While you don’t want to show up to the hospital with an entire luggage set, you also want to be prepared.

The length of your hospital stay will vary depending upon what hospital or birthing center you deliver in and whether or not you have any complications. 

Most vaginal deliveries, however, demand 48-hour stays, while a c-section typically requires 96 hours in the hospital before you can be discharged.

Pack for the stay appropriately

If you know you’re going to have a c-section, you may need a bigger bag than just expecting your spouse to share the diaper bag with the baby. 

Estimating at least a three-day stay should cover most of your packing needs and help you to dictate what sort of bag is best for your spouse to have.

Ask questions on the hospital tour

Call and schedule a maternity ward tour as you near your due date. Ask hospital bag questions, and don’t be bashful. 

Ask what will be provided by the facility for both the mom and the father. This will help you prepare to pack a hospital bag for dad.

For example, most hospitals will allow your spouse to order food at an additional cost. If available, you can plan for this or have him pack cash, trail mix, and other snacks.

Use what you have

Use what you have if you already have an overnight suitcase, duffle, backpack, or another bag. Don’t feel the need to purchase anything extravagant. It simply needs to hold the essentials.

Dad’s hospital bag checklist

The following is an excellent checklist for your partner to use when packing his hospital bag.

  • Travel pillow
  • Glasses/contact lenses/contact solution
  • Massage oil/lotion/massage aids
  • Comfortable footwear and clothing
  • Laptop or smart device
  • Chargers for phone and camera charger
  • Money for vending machines
  • Refillable water bottle (be sure to drink water to stay hydrated)
  • Healthy snacks
  • Contact info and family member contact list
  • Insurance cards
  • Swim trunks if having a water birth
  • Gift for mom
  • Extra pillow and blanket

Hospital bag for dad

When it comes to your hubby’s hospital bag, it’s a nice gesture to help him pack so that he knows whats in the bag and what to expect. 

After all, delivering your child together is a big deal for him, too. A well-packed bag can make your partner feel more comfortable and less stressful in the first hours of labor.

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