190 Girl Names That Mean Beautiful And Stunning That You’ll Love

Girl Names That Mean Beautiful

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 190 girl names that mean ‘beautiful’ – from classic names to unique and modern ones, there’s something for every taste and style.

The name you choose for your little one reflects her unique qualities and the hopes and dreams you have for her. What better way to celebrate her beauty than by giving her a name that honors this special quality?

So, whether you’re expecting a baby girl or just love exploring beautiful names, let’s dive into this list and find the perfect name that honors your little beauty.

Girl Names That Mean Beautiful

190+ girl names that mean beautiful

Below is a list of girl names that mean beautiful:

Adamma – Means ‘beautiful child’

Adin – Hebrew origin that means Beautiful Or Slender

Aglaja – means splendor, brilliant, shining one

Akemi – means bright, beauty; bright sea

Alana – means precious and awakening

Alika – Nigerian, Swahili, and even Hawaiian origins meaning most beautiful

Alina – Slavic origin meaning ‘bright, beautiful’

Alpana – Indian origin that means Beautiful

Alusia – Polish origin that means Beautiful, Lovely

Ami – Latin origin, meaning ‘beloved’

Anabelle – French origin, a combination of the Latin name Anna, which comes from the Hebrew word for grace, and the French word belle, meaning beauty.

Ani – Salvic origin, means ‘very beautiful’

Annalyse – Latin and German origin, meaning ‘graced with God’s bounty.’

Anwen – Welsh origin, and the meaning of Anwen is ‘very fair’

Aoibhin – means ‘beautiful sheen’ or ‘radiant beauty.’

Aoife – Scottish, Irish, and Gaelic roots, means ‘beautiful, radiant.’

Arinya – means ‘beautiful knowledgeable woman’

Astrid – means divinely beautiful; beloved of the gods.

Aysun – Turkish, ‘Aysun’ means ‘(a person) whose face is as beautiful as the moon’

Bayle – American origin that means ‘beautiful’

Belinda – Spanish origin meaning ‘beautiful.’

Belisma – Spanish origin that means ‘beautiful’

Belita – Spanish origin that means ‘beautiful’

Bella – Latin and Italian origins., meaning ‘beautiful’

Belle – French, meaning ‘fair,’ ‘beautiful,’ and ‘lovely one.’

Bellezza – Italian origin, a nickname or personal name meaning ‘beauty loveliness’.

Bellini – Italian origin, meaning ‘little beautiful one.’

Belva – Latin origin meaning ‘Beautiful view’

Belvedere – means a building (or part of a building) with a view

Bonita – Spanish origin meaning ‘pretty’

Bonnie – Scottish name meaning ‘pretty.’

Buthainah – Arabic origin that means ‘beautiful woman’

Cadhla – means beautiful; graceful

Calanthe – Greek origin meaning beautiful flower

Calissa – means Fairest, most beautiful

Calista – Greek origin meaning most beautiful

Callia – Greek origin meaning Beautiful voice

Callidora – Greek origin meaning ‘Gift of beauty

Callie – Greek origin meaning’ Beautiful, lovely

Calliope – means beautiful-voiced

Caoimhe – Irish origin meaning precious or beautiful

Caralynn – Latin, Irish, and Gaelic origin meaning ‘beloved or friend’

Catelyn – Greek roots and is related to the popular Old French and Greek name Caitlin. Meaning ‘pure’

Cemile – Turkish origin that means Beautiful.

Ceridwen – Welsh origin with ‘cerdd’ meaning poetry or song and ‘wen’, (a contraction of gwen) meaning white, fair or holy

Charae – American origin meaning Beautiful, Precious, Dear

Christabel – Latin feminine name that means ‘beautiful Christian.’

Clarinda – Latin adjective ‘clarus’ meaning bright or clear

Cosima – Greek origin Meaning Order; Beauty

Damali – Arabic origin that means Beautiful Vision

Daylin – American origin meaning of Daylin is ‘beautiful day’ and ‘tender touch

Delwyn – Celtic name meaning Pretty and white

Delyth – derived from the Welsh words for neat and pretty

Dione – Greek origin meaning ‘divine queen’.

Donatella – Italian origin meaning ‘gift’ or ‘gift of God’.

Dulcibella – a variant of Dulce (Latin), meaning ‘sweet’

Ece – Turkish origin that means Queen, Beautiful Woman

Eider – Basque origin that means Beautiful

Eirian – derives from the Welsh word arian, meaning ‘silver,’ and may also mean ‘bright’ or ‘beautiful.’

Elgielyn – means noble and beautiful

Ella – German origin Meaning Other; Fairy maiden; Goddess

Ellie – a variation of the Greek names Helen or Ellen, means ‘light.’

Elu – female name of Native American – means Zuni origin that means Fair, Beautiful.

Emi – Japanese origin. This name translates to ‘blessed,’ ‘favor’ and ‘beautiful’

Fayre – English name meaning Beautiful

Fritha – Scandinavian, Norse origin meaning ‘fair, beautiful’.

Fumiko – Japanese origin Meaning: Child of treasured beauty, hibiscus beautiful child

Gisbelle – American origin that means Beautiful Pledge

Githa – English name meaning Gift

Grazina- Lithuanian origin meaning ‘pretty’, ‘beautiful’

Harika – Arabic origin, meaning wonderful, excellent or beautiful.

Hasana – Arabic origin that means Beautiful, Fair

Haunani – Hawaiian origin that means Beautiful Snow.

Hazen – Dutch origin Meaning Smooth, beautiful.

Hermosa – Spanish origin meaning ‘beautiful’.

Indah – Indonesian origin that means Beautiful One.

Indira – Sanskrit origin and translates to ‘splendid.’

Ingrid – Scandinavian origin meaning fair; Ing’s beauty.

Jacinta – Greek origin meaning ‘hyacinth’ 

Jaeda – means ‘precious stone.’

Jaffa – Hebrew origin meaning Beautiful

Jamel – Arabic origin meaning Beautiful

Jamila – Swahili word meaning ‘beautiful.’

Jaunie – Arabic origin meaning Pretty, Beautiful.

Jolie – French word joli meaning ‘pretty’

Jovelyn – American origin meaning God Is Gracious, Beautiful. 

Kaitlyn – Greek origin, meaning ‘pure.’

Kalyani – Indian origin meaning Happy; Blessed; Lucky

Kanani – Hawaiian origin meaning the beautiful one. 

Kayleigh – Irish or Scottish origin meaning pure

Kayo – Japanese origin meaning Good, Beautiful, Generatio

Keelia – English, Irish and Gaelic origins meaning of Keelia is ‘slender, pretty

Keely – from the Irish word caoil, meaning ‘slender.’

Kenisha – American origin meaning Feminine or royal obligation

Kenna – female form of Kenneth, which is from the Scottish Gaelic names Cainneach meaning ‘handsome

Kennice – English origin that means Beautiful.

Keva – Irish origin. A phonetic spelling of the name Caoimhe, this name translates to ‘gentle, beautiful, precious.’ 

Kimiye – Japanese origin that means Joy, Beautiful, Blessed

Kirana – Light of Sun; Beautiful Ray of Light.

Kiva – a feminine variation of Caoimhewhich means beautiful; grace

Kyomi – Japanese origin meaning ‘pure and beautiful

Labonita – Spanish origin meaning Beautiful One

Leinani – Hawaiian origin meaning Beautiful Child.

Lewa – Kenyan origin that means Beautiful

Lillie – variant of Lily. Lily flowers symbolize innocence, purity and beauty

Linda – Spanish word meaning ‘pretty.’

Lydia – Greek origin meaning beautiful one

Lynika – American origin meaning Little Beautiful One

Mabel – Latin origin meaning lovable

Maha – Arabic origin meaning ‘half moon’ or ‘beautiful eyes’

Maliha – Arabic name meaning ‘state of being gorgeous or graceful’

Manami – Japanese origin that means Love, Affection, Beautiful, Sea, Ocean

Mayumi – Filipino origin meaning ‘tender,’ ‘soft,’ and ‘modest’

Mei – Chinese origin meaning gorgeous, plum

Meiling – Chinese origin meaning beautiful and delicate

Meimao – Chinese origin meaning good-looking

Melinda – means beautiful honey

Memphis – means enduring and beautiful

Menefer – Egyptian origin that means established and beautiful

Merinda – means a beautiful woman

Mika – Japanese origin that means Beautiful, Fragrance, Good

Miku – Japanese origin that means Beautiful, Sky, Long Time

Mirabella – French, Italian, Latin origin meaning Wonderous beauty; Admirable

Mirinda – Latin origin that means Beautiful, Admirable.

Mitsuye – Japanese origin meaning Shine, light; Beautiful; Harbor

Miwa – Japanese origin that means Beautiful Harmony

Miyeon – Korean origin meaning beautiful and kind-hearted

Miyuki – Japanese name meaning beautiful fortune

Mizuki – Japanese origin meaning ‘beauty’ and ‘moon’

Naamah – Hebrew name meaning Beautiful; agreeable

Naava – Hebrew name meaning Beautiful

Nakshita – Indian origin that means Beautiful Feature

Namilani – Hawaiian name means beautiful heaven

Naomi – Hebrew name meaning ‘pleasant’ or ‘gentle’

Nava – Hebrew origin meaning beauty

Nazli – Turkish name meaning ‘to have beauty’

Nefertari – Egyptian origin that means Beautiful Companion

Noemi – means ‘pleasantness’ or ‘delight.’ 

Nomi – Japanese origin that translates to ‘beautiful,’ ‘pleasant,’ and ‘delightful,’

Olathe – Native American origin meaning ‘lovely’. 

Omarosa – Nigeria origin that means My Beautiful Child

Orabela – Latin origin meaning ‘beautiful altar’

Raanana – Hebrew origin meaning ‘beautiful, fresh’.

Ramana – Sanskrit origins and means ‘pleasing’ or ‘beautiful.’

Ratih – most beautiful; godlike

Rumi – Japanese origin meaning ‘beauty, flow, lapis lazuli’.

Rupinder – Indian and Sanskrit origins meaning most beautiful, greatest beauty

Sapphire – means blue, often refers to the beautiful gemstone

Satomi – means wisdom, beauty

Sena – Greek name meaning the moon

Shaina – Yiddish name meaning beautiful

Shakila – Hindi and Arabic origins, meaning ‘beautiful.’ 

Shana – Hebrew origin meaning ‘lily,’ ‘rose,’ and ‘beautiful.’

Shayna – Yiddish origin meaning ‘beautiful’.

Sherlyn – American and French origin meaning beloved

Shigemi – Japanese name meaning luxuriant beauty

Sigrid – Scandinavian name meaning beautiful victory

Siri – Scandinavian origin meaning Victory; Beautiful

Solfrid – Norwegian origin, means She is beautiful like the Sun

Starlin – American origin meaning beautiful star

Suchin – Thai origin meaning Beautiful Thought

Sugako – Japanese origin meaning Longevity, Beautiful.

Sundari – Indian origin meaning Beautiful.

Tazanna – Native American origin meaning princess

Tegan – Welsh origin meaning Loved one

Tevin – American origin meaning Handsome

Tove – Norse and Scandinavian meaning Peaceful, beautiful 

Tuva – Norwegian origin meaning beautiful

Ulanni – Hawaiian name meaning heavenly beauty

Urara – Japanese origin meaning Serene, Beautiful.

Vashti – Persian name meaning beautiful

Vella – American origin meaning Beautiful

Venus – Roman goddess of love and beauty

Wakako – Japanese name meaning excellent, child

Waseemah – Arabic origin meaning Beautiful.

Westlyn – American name meaning Beautiful West

Wyanet – Native American origin meaning ‘beautiful’

Xiu – Chinese name meaning ‘beautiful, elegant, grace, cultivated’

Yamileth – Spanish origin meaning beautiful.

Yoshie – Japanese name meaning good, respectful

Yoshiko – means good, excellent child

Yoshimi – Japanese origin meaning beautiful season

Yu – Japanese name which can mean Brave, Leader, Gentle.

Yukari – Japanese name which can mean gentleness, kindness

Yumi – Japanese name meaning Abundance, beauty

Yumiko – Japanese name meaning arrow child. 

Zaina – Greek origin translating to ‘beauty’

Zaynah – Greek origin meaning God is gracious

Zeena – Moroccan origin that means Beautiful.

Zeynep – Turkish name meaning ‘precious rock, precious gem’

Zuri – Swahili origin meaning ‘beautiful,’

Zweena – Moroccan origin that means Beautiful


We hope you’ve found the perfect name that captures your little one’s unique beauty and will inspire her throughout her life.

Choosing the right name for your child is an important decision, and we hope our list has provided some inspiration and guidance on your naming journey.

May your precious daughter bring joy and beauty to your lives every day, and may her name be a constant reminder of the love and beauty she brings to your world. Best wishes to you and your growing family!

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