Fertility Prayer: A Guide To Powerful Ways To Pray For Pregnancy

fertility prayer

Many people find fertility prayers helpful when they embark on their fertility journey. 

Prayers for fertility have existed across different cultures and religions for thousands of years. Whether you are Christian or not, the precious gift of a healthy baby is one we all feel thankful for.

Fertility prayers can give us a sense of calm whether we are trying to conceive, already pregnant, or hoping for a healthy baby after a loss or after a period of trying to conceive. Fertility prayers are also offered to have a healthy pregnancy.

Whether you are looking for fertility prayers for yourself or your child or a friend or family member in need of prayers for fertility, you are sure to find some inspiration when looking for some strength in prayer during a delicate time.

Fertility prayer

The Roman Catholic faith believes that the Heavenly Father, or God, not only gave us Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit but also saints to turn to in times of need. 

God hears all prayers, but Roman Catholics believe that praying to the patron saint of some cause, place, or issue can help them get a more direct response from not only that saint but from the dear Lord himself.

Not religious?

You don’t have to be a devout Roman Catholic. You don’t have to be a Christian. You don’t have to attend Church services of any kind. 

Praying is like meditating. It allows you to calm down, focus on something, and verbalize your hopes, needs, and fears.

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How prayer helps

There are many psychological benefits associated with prayer. 

There are also physical health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure and reducing anxiety and heart rate.

Whether you are a person of faith or not, giving prayer a try at any junction in your life may give you the peace you need.

Patron saints for fertility

St. Gerard is one patron saint of fertility, and there is a specific fertility prayer that Catholics can implore to him when engaging in prayers for fertility. 

The same can be said of St. Rita, the patron saint of conceiving a baby.

Many Catholic prayers are meant to be recited, and there are hundreds of saints in Catholicism. If you do not have a prayer book, that’s okay. You can pray to either saint with whatever words you choose. 

You can pray to any saint that you prefer. If you are a confirmed Catholic and have chosen a saint for yourself, you can pray to that saint. Or anyone that you admire and seek guidance and support from.

Often Christians and Catholics ask that God bless every attempt at conception with success. 

Some feel it is a more personal experience to pray to a saint. These people lived real and often documented lives full of many of the same hardships we face.

fertility prayer

Fertility Prayer to saints

The following is an example of a prayer you can say to any saint when trying to conceive, although this particular example is geared towards St. Rita.

Holy St. Rita,

Today I pray that the blessing of a child is bestowed upon my family. I have asked in Jesus’ name, and now I ask that you also bless me so that my dream to bear a child begins to take shape in reality. I ask you, the patron saint of fertility, to guide me. Glorious St. Rita, I ask that you help me achieve my heart’s desire in God’s holy name. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Other prayers for fertility

You can make up any fertility prayer that gives you comfort or hope. 

However, some people have trouble knowing what to say. When hoping for fertility, many people feel very anxious and overwhelmed and need some guidance when it comes to finding the words to say.

The following are a few fertility prayers you can try if you have trouble coming up with one yourself. Feel free to make it personal to your own life and belief systems. 

You don’t have to get down on your knees or be in a church or house of worship. You can be anywhere, doing anything. It only takes a few moments.

You can also choose to write these prayers for fertility in a journal rather than speak them. Do whatever brings you peace of mind and comfort. There is no “right way” to pray.

Fertility prayer 1

Dear God,

I come before you today to ask for guidance, strength, and hope in my fertility journey. I ask that you be by my side as I embark upon the sacred act of creating a child, Lord. I ask that you be with me in times of doubt and worry, give me strength in my darkest hour, light in my most vulnerable moment, and bless my journey so that I may find happiness in conception. I ask this in the name of Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Fertility Prayer 2

Dear Heavenly Father,

You know that I yearn for a child of my own and have decided to begin trying to conceive. I ask that you be with me to guide me as my path becomes one that is both difficult and joyous. I pray that you bless me with a baby, Dear God and that the Lord Jesus is there to walk beside me, my baby, and my family as we celebrate your will and your blessing of new life in your image. I ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Prayer for infertility

Infertility is a blow that many women, men, and couples try to navigate. 

Month after month of failed attempts when all you want is to see a positive pregnancy test can be crushing not only to your mental health and well-being but to your relationship.

Fertility treatments are costly, and they don’t always work. 

Often, it takes rounds upon rounds of exhaustive and painful treatment before pregnancy occurs, if at all. 

You find yourself eating all the fertility foods meant to help you conceive. 

You abstain from alcohol and other activities and find yourself stuck in an obsessive cycle of trying, with only the hope that you’ll one day have and raise children to give you comfort.

If you have infertility issues, you are not alone. In fact, in the Bible, there are examples of people with similar problems.

Examples of infertility in the Bible

There are several examples in the Bible you can relate to your infertility issues. Whether you are a Christian or not, you may be inspired by their stories. The following are just a few examples.


Hannah was married to a man who had another wife. Hannah prayed for children for many years but was not blessed with her offspring. 

However, her husband’s other wife had many children, and Hannah grew jealous of her husband and his other wife. She was insecure.

After Hannah prayed and explained her desire to conceive, she became pregnant and gave birth to a healthy child.


In the Old Testament, Isaac was married to a woman he loved very much, but she was a barren woman. 

Isaac prayed to his Heavenly Father that his wife’s barren womb might hold and bear a child, and she was able to get pregnant. 

After Isaac’s powerful prayer, God fulfilled his promise to Isaac when the baby was born. 

Infertility Prayers

The following are some prayers you can say when you struggle with infertility. Whether you seek fertility treatments, strength in your marriage or partnership, or guidance, these are a great start to finding peace.

Infertility Prayer 1

Dear Lord,

I find myself struggling with God’s divine plan for me. I have dreamed for so long of a baby made in your holy image. I know that your Son, Jesus Christ, was a wonder-worker, and all I ask is for a chance, dear Jesus, to conceive and bear a child in your likeness. Please be with me whatever your plan is for me, especially in this most challenging journey I will undertake. I ask this in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.

Infertility Prayer 2 (To Mary, the Virgin Mother)

The following is a prayer directed towards Mary, the mother of Jesus. Most Roman Catholics pray to her for strength in times of need. 

Even if this is a prayer to her, it could easily be revised to suit your religious views.

Holy Mother,

I pray to you that my journey to parenthood proceeds in a way that God intends. My deep desire to have a child may require more prayers, but I am willing and able to do all I can to find favor in you and your Son, the Lord Jesus. I have been called barren by science, and now I ask for and am longingly waiting for the powerful intercessor, your Son, to bless me with a child. More than anything, I wish to bring a new soul into this world so that they may hear of your love. Amen.

fertility prayer

Prayer for healthy pregnancy

Even if you did not need a fertility prayer and now find yourself pregnant, you may be concerned and require faith to steady your nerves and worries about having a healthy pregnancy.

Such worry is especially true for women who have experienced loss through miscarriage or stillbirth

Many other pregnancies are looked forward to with no worries, but many women who have lost a child spend the entirety of their pregnancy terrified that something terrible will happen. 

Many of these women turn to the power of prayer to help them get through the pregnancy.

The same is true of women who have struggled to conceive and become pregnant. Many have health complications, have reached an “old ager” for pregnancy (over 35) that puts them or their children at risk, or are simply hoping that their morning sickness or other pregnancy symptoms are not insufferable.

Whatever their reason, pregnant women often find themselves praying. Even for those struggling with faith in God, it can’t hurt and might help.

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Prayer for a mother who suffered a loss

The following is a prayer for any mother who may not need a prayer to conceive but may need some faith that God will grant life to a child after a heartbreaking loss.

Dear Lord God,

I ask that you bless this journey and that my child will grow and thrive in my womb and be granted life. I have suffered much and lost a child. I hope you hear my prayer now and grant it. Whatever your reasoning for my loss, it is not for me to question. I only ask that you hear this prayer and help guide me through this pregnancy so I may experience Your blessing of life after loss. I ask this is Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer for Health of Pregnant Woman

A prayer geared toward any pregnant woman experiencing health issues, risks, or intense pregnancy symptoms, is a powerful tool when it comes to persevering through hardship.

Father God,

I pray today, knowing that you have a plan for me and that I am not in a position to question it. Whatever hardships I am experiencing now will be well worth it, as I have been blessed with a life I deliver into the world. My children will know your love and grace, and I will teach them to be the best they can be. I only ask, dear God, that you grant me the fortitude to remain strong this time. It is difficult to stay positive when I feel so sick all of the time. I ask for relief as you see fit, Lord. Amen.

fertility prayer

The power of prayer

For thousands of years, people have been praying to a higher power. In nearly every society, culture, and corner of the world, we have looked outside and beyond ourselves to ask for strength, direction, and love.

Whether praying in Jesus’ name, to God directly, our ancestors, a saint, or just to the universe or nature, we invite peace into our minds and hearts, and through prayer, we grow. 

We learn that we can endure. We realize that we can keep going. We understand that we can keep trying. We know that failure is not the end.

You can pray for anything – from irregular periods to infertility, from loss to worry over the birth of multiples. 

We start to worry and stress over our children before they are even conceived, and offering that worry to any power outside of ourselves takes the mental, spiritual, and emotional strain from us.

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