16 Fall Crafts For Toddlers That Your Little Ones Will Enjoy

fall crafts for toddlers

Fun fall crafts are a great way to spend time with the little ones in your family, doubling as Halloween or Thanksgiving decorations for your home. 

However, fall craft ideas can be challenging to come up with since it’s not really holiday specific.

It’s important to remember that even though you may need to supervise the crafts and help with some of them, always let your child do most of the work.

This article is for you if you’re looking for easy fall crafts to keep your toddlers busy.

Fall crafts for toddlers

Whether you’re looking for something specific, like a fun pumpkin craft, or something more general, like autumn crafts that you can use from September through the end of November, there is a fun fall craft for all ages.

Fall crafts for kids don’t have to be ornate or overly involved. You can spend a quick crafty morning putting fall art together and still have the entire day for everything you had planned.

Make it simple fall fun

Creative fall crafts also don’t have to be expensive. What you’re after is making easy fall crafts that will help your toddler develop and practice those fine motor skills while making a cute craft. It’s a win-win.

The following are some fall crafts for toddlers that you can do. You’ll find everything from easy fall crafts to autumn crafts that your little ones can do on their own.

Fall Crafts For Toddlers

1. Gorgeous fall tree craft from Red Ted Art

A great fall craft for toddlers, you can also incorporate tissue paper if desired.

Start by painting the sky, ground, and tree trunk, and then use bubble wrap to paint bold fall leaves in each bubble. Red, orange, yellow, and brown are great choices.

Then roll the bubble wrap over the tree trunk where the leaves should go for a beautiful design.

This calls for only basic craft supplies, and it’s one of those fall toddler crafts that they’ll want to make every year!

2. Bark Owls by Fireflies and Mud Pies

This adorable owl craft uses things found outside in nature. It only requires bark, a pumpkin seed, and a couple of acorn caps.

This might require the use of hot glue, so be sure to be there to supervise and use all the hot or dangerous supplies needed.

3. Leaf people by Fantastic Fun and Learning

This is one of those toddlers’ crafts that allows creativity and freedom. One of the many fall activities involves going outside and gathering your supplies.

Get some leaves, paste them onto a piece of paper, and then use googly eyes and markers to make them into fall stick people.

You can make your family, friends, or just silly characters.

Cute pumpkin crafts

If you are looking for a pumpkin craft, look no further.

Many crafts for toddlers center around pumpkins, and they don’t just have to be for Halloween.

The following are some crafts for toddlers that are all about pumpkins.

1. Five little pumpkins

It’s not just a fun craft but also a poem you can teach your kids. 

Look up the poem and read it to your toddler, and then start on this easy fall craft that doesn’t require much except for the desire to have some fall fun with art.

Using popsicle sticks, make a fence. You can use liquid or hot glue, but ensure it’s a low-heat glue gun.

Then let your children’s fine motor skills do the work of creating and cutting out five small pumpkins and decorating them like jack-o-lanterns.

Put them on the fence tops and recite the poem again together!

2. Pumpkin craft with apples

An easy fall craft from the Kids Kitchen to do with toddlers is turning an apple into a pumpkin! Nope, it’s not magic, but your kids may think it is.

Slice an apple in half, and dip the sliced side into orange paint. Using the apple as a stamp, create what now looks like pumpkins on a sheet of white paper or construction paper.

3. Paper plate pumpkin

Fall crafting doesn’t get easier than this craft from Mom Brite. 

You can use it as a fall decoration or even a non-toy gift for cousins and friends for the holidays. It’s so much fun, quick, and easy.

Get some cheap paper plates and paint them orange. Then, using colored construction paper and crafting supplies no more ornate than scissors and glue, have them cut out shapes for the stem, leaves, and face.

It is one of many toddlers’ favorite fall arts, and it will help strengthen their scissors skills.

4. Rolled paper pumpkin

From One Creative Mommy, this brings the magical autumn season to the forefront of fall crafts, and it’s even appealing to older kids!

Just take orange paper strips and roll them up into circles. Tape or glue them into loops, then attach them in the shape of a pumpkin!

5. Puff paint pumpkins

Emma Owl shares this fun recipe for making puff paint with shaving cream, glue, and food coloring. You can make more than pumpkins, too.

Anything you can imagine can be made by kids depending upon what color paint you make!

More Autumn crafts

Toddler crafts can be full of imagination and simple in design and execution.

If you’re looking for more fun ways to create fall art and fall crafts for kids, the following are all fall craft ideas you may love.

1. Wreath with fall leaves

Crafulate gives us this totally toddler-approved fall craft that involves cutting out the inside of a paper or styrofoam plate and then pasting found leaves around it to make a wreath.

fall crafts for toddlers

2. Popsicle sticks scarecrow craft

Crafting with kids activities blog brings us this fun fall craft for kids. Using the sticks, line them all up vertically and glue them together.

Then, about half an inch from the top, glue one down horizontally. Now you’ve made a scarecrow and hat.

This is one of the more creative fall craft ideas because the decorating and the face are completely up to the child.

3. Hand print tree

Have kids paint their hand prints on a plain sheet of paper in different fall colors to make falling leaves. Messy, fun, and memorable!

4. Leaf suncatcher

All you need for this is some tape, contact paper, and leaves. Simply stick some leaves to the sticky side of contact paper, use tape to reinforce it, and put it on a window.

The cleanup is easy, and your little ones will love watching how the sun makes the leaves glow.

The contact paper fills the negative space, and your kids will love creating this simple, fun craft that requires no glue.

5. Painted leaf monsters

From Messy Little Monster, this simple craft is one of your kids’ favorite activities. It’s also one of the easiest crafts out there and super fun!

Just collect some leaves, paint them, use washi tape to decorate them, attach eyes and stickers, and turn them into fun monsters.

This is one of those crafty things your kids will love to do every fall.

6. Paper roll scarecrow

Still Playing School features lots of fall crafts, but this particular one will surely be a hit.

Just use an empty toilet paper roll, attach yarn or paper for hair and a hat, and let your kids paint or draw faces for a fun scarecrow.

7. Finger-painted apple trees

Fall crafts for kids are the most fun when they can get messy. 

In this craft, simply draw a tree, dip their little fingers in red paint and let them finger paint apples.

It’s a favorite among fall crafts because it’s simple and engaging. A great craft for kids to do somewhat independently, too!

You can also add leaves or other things with tissue paper if you want to add to your super fun fall craft.

8. Painting Pine cones

Simple Fun for Kids brings us one of the most engaging fall crafts for toddlers with this one. And it requires nothing but some nature and some paint.

Allow kids to paint their cones in any colors that they want. You can also affix a ribbon to them to use as Christmas ornaments!

Resources for more fall crafts for toddlers

Fall crafts for toddlers are a lot of fun, and if you’ve perused all of the ideas here and would like more, there are plenty of places to find fall crafts for toddlers that your child will love.

If your child is two or older and can use a spoon (fine motor skills at work, there), then they should be able to do most of the things listed through the following resources.

  • Kids Activities Blog
  • Red Ted Art
  • Wee Learn
  • Emma Owl
  • Resourceful Mama
  • Pinterest

Crafts for toddlers

Crafts for toddlers are numerous for any occasion. You can use whatever you have lying around the house or even outside!

From tissue paper to leaves and bark, you can do these fall crafts for toddlers and even older kids throughout the school year for various holidays and celebrations.

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