Fall BabyShower Ideas—9 Amazing Themes To Choose From For Fall

fall babyshower ideas

A fall babyshower theme is a great way to include warm colors and textures without limiting yourself to a specifically themed baby shower. 

There are lots of fall baby shower themes that you can work with when planning a baby shower during the fall season. 

If you’re a mom-to-be or the host for an expectant parent and in charge of throwing a fall baby shower, leaning into the season for inspiration is a great idea.

In this article, we’ll fall baby shower ideas. Your fall-themed baby shower will be beautiful, from decor to invitations, favors, and more. You can have the perfect fall baby shower inspired by the ideas posted here.

Fall babyshower ideas

A fall baby shower theme typically means warm colors, soft textures, and cozy vibes. 

Baby showers often focus on the cutesy aspects. If you want that, you can include the cuteness in your fall baby shower while still using those warm color schemes and typical fall season decorations and themes to create a perfect baby shower.

The following are some great ideas for fall baby shower themes. Most ideas can be expanded upon or tweaked to reflect your personality or taste.

fall babyshower ideas

1. Little pumpkin baby shower theme

As far as baby shower ideas go for the fall, you can’t beat a little pumpkin baby shower

Not only is it a cute idea, but pumpkin decorations are available almost everywhere. You can choose between orange pumpkins, white pumpkins, carved, decorated, or fake pumpkins.

You can shower your baby in a pumpkin patch or host a carving party to celebrate the mom-to-be and the baby.

2. Sunflower baby shower theme

Baby shower ideas that revolve around the fall season must include sunflowers! These tall and cheerful flowers that seek out the sun and follow it are the perfect themed baby shower if you want something sweet and wholesome while still cute.

You can have sunflower seeds as a treat or favor, decorate with sunflowers in vases, and as a bonus, have maternity photos taken in a sunflower field.

3. Rustic baby shower theme

A rustic baby shower is the perfect fall baby shower theme, especially if you’re a fan of the warm colors associated with it.

This fall baby shower idea can make for the best baby shower because you can find the decor almost anywhere, even months ahead, as stores generally try to stay a season ahead.

Think natural wood, old trucks, plaids, and dark or warm colors for baby shower decor. 

Candles and other fall decor associated with Thanksgiving are also excellent ideas for this theme.

4. Football-themed baby shower

The autumn season means football for sports fans about to be parents. A football theme baby shower is the perfect theme for dedicated fans.

You can use your favorite team’s colors as inspiration. Keep it general and choose baby shower decor that includes footballs, flags, goalposts, helmets, and more for a fun way to celebrate the expectant parents’ love of the game.

5. Bonfire-themed baby shower

Nothing says fall baby shower theme like a bonfire outdoors. A fall theme can’t be outdone when you use nature as your backdrop. 

Using a fire pit, you can make smores, serve hot chocolate or apple cider, and celebrate the little incoming pumpkin outdoors with your loved ones.

fall babyshower ideas

6. Woodland creatures fall baby shower theme

Regarding fall baby shower ideas, including woodland creatures is the perfect touch. Your baby shower party can include fall leaves, trees, animals like deer, foxes, bears, moose, rabbits, wolves, and all of those forest creatures that are absolutely adorable.

This fall shower idea is also perfect if your nursery is themed after woodland animals. You can decorate the nursery for the new baby with the decor from your baby shower party and include the theme in your baby registry.

7. Bakery fall baby shower theme

The baking season comes with fantastic weather, fall foliage, and rich fall colors! 

Don’t underestimate a bakery theme when thinking about fall baby shower ideas.

This is great for a co-ed baby shower as well. 

You can have pumpkin spice latte drinks, apple cider donuts, cookies shaped like mini pumpkins and pies, apple pie, and other gorgeous fall desserts.

With a focus on the dessert table, you can afford to veer away from the baby shower cake and concentrate more on the pumpkin spice drinks, mini desserts, and cake pops that a bakery may serve. These baked goods can also be fantastic party favors!

8. Fall flowers baby shower theme

From wheatgrass and straw to sunflowers, roses, daisies, and grasses, fall flowers are a beautiful way to incorporate fall baby shower ideas with almost any theme.

These can make for beautiful centerpieces or the completed fall baby shower theme.

9. Bear baby shower ideas

When it comes to baby shower ideas for the fall time, bears are a great idea

Like a pumpkin baby shower, almost any fall decor will work for this theme, emphasizing the mama bear and her cub.

You can use fall colors or fall florals to add to the aesthetic and have so much fun celebrating the mama-to-be with this baby shower idea.

Fall baby shower decorations

Fall themes can include many different decorations, but sometimes there are so many options for fall baby shower ideas that it can be overwhelming and hard to choose.

The following are some of the best and most popular fall baby shower ideas regarding decorations. You can combine these with other, more specific themes or stay general and simply have a fall baby shower theme.

1. Use fall colors

Baby shower themes can be tied together well simply based on color choices. 

Consider using color for fall baby shower ideas to tie in your theme. Celebrate your baby’s arrival with golds, deep oranges, browns, reds, dark blues, and purple.

Warm colors that are rich and reminiscent of the harvest season will help establish the fall-themed baby shower, whereas bright colors are more often associated with the spring or the summer.

2. Pumpkin centerpiece

Fall themes for any celebration are often enhanced with the use of pumpkins. 

You can include a little pumpkin in the middle of each guest table, along with a candle, candy corn, or other fall florals, and you can even decorate the dessert table or gift table with a bit of pumpkin or gourd arrangement.

3. Mason jar decor

An autumn baby shower can be enhanced with mason jars as centerpieces and decor.

This is great for a gender-neutral celebration, as you can use the clear jars and stuff them with fairy lights to add warmth and light to the mood, or you can tie them with a pink ribbon for a little girl or a blue ribbon for a little boy.

printable baby shower invitations

Fall Baby shower invitations

Baby showers during the fall months mean that you can use a wide assortment of invitation choices. You can opt for a standard invitation or choose something with the same fall color scheme as your baby shower.

You can also search online for invitations featuring whatever your theme or centerpiece idea is so that it melds together perfectly.

For example, if you have a bakery-themed fall baby shower, you can design or order invites featuring wording or art depicting a sweet treat, hot chocolate, etc.

When should I have a baby shower?

Most women have their baby shower four to six weeks before their due date, giving them enough time to decorate and set up the nursery if the baby comes close to the due date, but also not making it too early so that you’re not stuck holding onto lots of baby things months before you need them.

The third trimester starts at 28 weeks when nearly all women have showers. 

Waiting until you are 34 to 36 weeks gestation will typically give you enough time to set up everything before the birth of your little pumpkin.

However, it’s your pregnancy, and if you need to have it earlier due to weather, health concerns, the need for family members to travel, or other circumstances, do what you need to do. 

No hard and fast rule dictates the right time for a baby shower.

Fall baby shower ideas

Whether you are looking for the perfect favor, great decoration ideas, good themes for a fall shower, or invitation ideas, you will find some inspiration in this article. 

Make your baby shower your own, include what you like, and infuse your personality into the party.

There are many ways to make your baby shower all about the fall, and it can be overwhelming with all the options and color assortments you can choose from. 

The best idea is to stick to what you like most and not worry too much about perfecting it. 

This celebration is about the mama-to-be and the baby on the way. That’s really all that matters.

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