The 17 Most Creative & Fun Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Christmas pregnancy announcements are magical and memorable for everyone. Maybe you just found out you’re expecting, and the holidays are right around the corner. Or perhaps you’ve known the big news, and you’re biding your time, hoping to make your holiday pregnancy announcement a Christmas gift for your friends and family.

When you decide on a Christmas pregnancy announcement, you probably want to combine the joy and happiness of the holiday with the pregnancy announcement. But coming up with Christmas pregnancy announcement ideas can be a little bit challenging.

This article will give you lots of tips and ideas on making a truly great Christmas pregnancy announcement. You can add to, deviate from, tweak, and personalize any of these ideas, or even combine them for a truly memorable holiday season this year!

Fun and special Christmas pregnancy announcement ideas

The following are several ideas for a holiday pregnancy announcement. You can use these for your significant other, family, friends, and the world at large. Have fun with them, and feel free to make them your own by adding a personal touch.

1. Sonogram with Santa hat

Nothing says Christmas quite like Santa’s hat. It’s easily recognizable to everyone, and adding a Santa hat to the ultrasound picture is a great way to make your pregnancy announcement festive.

Simply scan your ultrasound photo, upload it to your device, and use whatever photo editing app you want to superimpose the red and white hat onto your little bundle of joy. Stick this in a frame for your loved ones, email it to coworkers and friends, or make copies and stick it in the Christmas stockings for your siblings, partner, or parents.

2. Personalized Christmas card pregnancy announcement

Even if you don’t normally make or send a Christmas card, this is a great way to announce a Christmas pregnancy. It’s also a way to have a heartfelt keepsake that you can use in a shadow box, frame, or even put in your baby book.

Go to any website that offers Christmas card designs, add a photo of your sonogram or any cute photo announcing the pregnancy, and send them out or give them to your family, circle of friends, or coworkers.

Christmas cards are a great way to announce an addition to your family, and the ideas for them are nearly endless. If you are struggling with ideas for photos for an adorable Christmas card, keep reading. You can easily combine a photo announcement idea with Christmas cards.

3. Ugly Christmas sweater party pregnancy announcement idea

A fun and unique Christmas pregnancy announcement is to make an “ugly sweater.”

Ugly sweater parties are very popular around the holidays. Everyone wears the tackiest sweater they can find, and they wear them to a party. These are usually Christmas-themed pieces of clothing. You, however, can make it even more memorable by announcing your pregnancy with your sweater.

You can make or order a custom sweater with a Christmas-themed sweater that says something like, “Tis the season to be pregnant” or “No more Silent Nights.” People will notice and start congratulating you on both your pregnancy news and your creativity!

4. Pregnancy Christmas ornament

Christmas ornaments are popular gifts to give for the holidays, to begin with, and you can really make this gift extra special by using it to announce your pregnancy to your grandparents to be, your partner, or any other family member.

You can purchase an already made ornament that announces a new baby on the way, or you can make one yourself. Giving this gift as a way to announce your pregnancy will end up a cherished Christmas staple that your loved ones put on their tree every Christmas season.

Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

5. Christmas pregnancy shirt

This is a favorite way to announce your pregnancy that involves your other kids. It’s a fun way to get a big brother or big sister in on the fun, with the sweet message that you’re adding to the family.

Make or order a shirt for your other child or children, and either have them wear it around your whole family during your holiday gathering, or take a sweet photo of them wearing it and give it to your family.

It can have a cute saying, a funny pun, or whatever suits you best printed on it. You can also do this with the dad-to-be and give it as a gift to his parents.

6. Christmas stocking pregnancy announcement ideas

One great way to announce your pregnancy is to do so with a stocking. You can let your decor do all the talking and see who notices it first.

For example, if you regularly have a stocking hung on your fireplace for each family member, get a new one, and label it something cute like “baby number 2”, placing it right next to big brother or sister’s stocking.

Say nothing at a family get-together or with your host, and see how long it takes your family and the new grandparents to be to figure out the big news on their own.

7. Sonogram in picture frame gift idea

Make copies of your ultrasound photo and put them in a nice frame as a gift. You can make this Christmas baby announcement a gift to anyone, from your partner, to your parents and even to extended family. It’s sure to be the best gift they’ll get this year.

8. Don’t open till the due date gift

Nothing will give your loved ones happy holidays they’ll remember for years to come like a surprise announcement of new baby news.

One Christmas pregnancy announcement idea is to gift baby items to your parents, partner, or others, with a gift tag that says, “Don’t Open Till…(insert due date). This may confuse your family and friends at first, but they’ll be so excited to hear the happy news once they catch on!

9. Elf on the shelf

This one is a particularly great way to announce a second pregnancy to your partner and older child. If your family does the elf on the shelf doll, and your kiddo loves waking up each morning to see what mischief the elf was up to during the previous night, you can involve this tradition to make the perfect Christmas pregnancy announcement to your family.

Put your elf on the shelf somewhere fun, and have him holding or looking at a pregnancy test or ultrasound photo, or even have him assembling a letterboard announcing the news. Bonus points if your kiddo is the one to discover him and break the news to the rest of the family.

10. Friends and family announcement t-shirt

A baby announcement is more fun when it’s interactive. Ideas that involve those who will be involved in the pregnancy and the new baby’s life will feel especially loved if they get to play an active role in as many parts of the journey as they can.

Making a t-shirt for family members is a great way to do just that. You can give them out at Christmas, and everyone can even change into them to get a great family photo together before the holiday gathering ends.

T-shirt ideas are numerous and can be punny, funny, sweet, or even mysterious so that your family and friends will really have to think about what the print on it means. However you decide to print the shirts is fine, but you can’t go wrong with classic ideas like “Grandma to be,” “Soon to be Daddy,” “No Longer an Only Child,” “Soon to be Aunt,” etc.

11. Naughty Sign

For something a little more on the risque side that plays well if your friends and family have an irreverent sense of humor is a sign near your Christmas tree or stockings that says something to the effect of “Mommy and Daddy were naughty this year. Baby Smith coming June 2023!”

It’s witty and fun, and as long as you don’t mind an eye roll or two from a parent or in-law, this is an entertaining way to break the news to your friends and family. You can even take it a step further and put prank coal in the stockings.

Christmas photo pregnancy announcements

There is no shortage of cute and personal photos that you can take that are Christmas or holiday-themed to let others know about the pregnancy. In fact, there are so many ideas that when it’s time to choose one, many of us draw a complete blank. Sometimes a lot of ideas can be so overwhelming they leave us stumped.

If you find yourself in this category and want to let people know about your pregnancy with a cute Christmas-themed photo, then the following will give you some ideas on how to do just that. After all, Christmas is busy and stressful enough. It shouldn’t be stressful to share your wonderful pregnancy announcement.

12. Holiday baby booties

There are many different photos that you can take to announce your Christmas pregnancy. One of these announcement ideas doesn’t require anything but a pair of cute baby shoes and a background to break the big baby news.

Get some baby shoes, stick them under your Christmas tree, and take a photo of them, with an added caption that serves as a pregnancy announcement. You can post this to social media, send it, or gift it to anyone. This is a fun way to let everyone know you’re expecting without it being a family photo or something you have to get dressed up or pose for.

Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

13. Announcement with Christmas tree lights

A sweet and simple announcement of your baby news will really amp up the Christmas spirit of your loved ones. Wrapping your belly bump with some colored Christmas tree lights and printing the picture or sending the photo is a great option for a Christmas pregnancy announcement.

14. Santa baby letterboard holiday pregnancy announcement

Letterboards have surged in popularity because you can quickly make them say whatever you want to and don’t have to worry about making a big statement.

One Christmas pregnancy announcement idea is to get a letterboard and put your baby news on it with a cute holiday pun like “Santa Baby,” “Jingle bells, jingle bells, baby’s on the way!” or “All I want for Christmas is you.” Then surround the letterboard with holiday-themed baby pajamas, booties, a hat, or a sonogram photo.

You can print this, frame it, post it online, or turn it into a Christmas card.

15. Santa’s lap announcement

This idea is a great photo opportunity to announce your big news. Often, it’s even free to get such a photo. Just bring along your letterboard or ultrasound with you, sit on Santa’s lap, and have a photo taken. You can upload this to your device and caption it with something cute, such as: Guess what was on my Christmas list? Baby Smith coming June 2023!

This also serves as a great keepsake and something that you can add to a memory book or baby book for your new baby to cherish later.

16. Candy canes as props

There are more ideas than a person can list for the big reveal that you’re expecting. But the greatest gift is often a personal one. A sweet photo of your bump, wrapped with a bow and candy canes in the shape of a heart, is a classy, sweet, and personal touch to share with family and friends, in-laws, and even social media.

17. Christmas pregnancy announcement with your kids

If you already have a child or two, or even more, nothing is cuter than featuring them in your pregnancy announcement photo. There are a lot of announcement ideas that center around this theme, so feel free to choose between any of the following for this popular photo pregnancy announcement.

  • A sign next to your little one near the Christmas tree that says, “I can’t read yet, but I’m getting a baby sister/brother for Christmas!”
  • Kids with a letterboard around the tree that says, “We asked Santa for a puppy, but we’re getting a baby instead. Baby Smith coming June 2023.”
  • Kids sitting at the tree on Christmas morning, holding onesies or baby bottles with a caption that says, “Our real gift is coming June 2023 (or whenever your due date is).”

Just be sure that when you use this idea, you are patient with your little ones and don’t emphasize or stress the photo being perfect on the first take. Remember that Christmas is typically a big deal for kids, and the news of a new sibling can be overwhelming and sometimes make older siblings feel a little jealous and insecure.

Make it a fun experience rather than stressful, and your older kids will be far more excited to welcome the new addition to the family.


There is no greater holiday gift for the expectant parent than the ability to share the news with their loved ones. There are many announcement ideas you can go with, and a Christmas pregnancy means that you can also turn the announcement into heartfelt and personal gifts for your friends and family.

There are gift ideas, fun interactive ideas, and many photo and Christmas card pregnancy announcement ideas. Just have fun with it and enjoy yourself while doing it. Your family and those who love you will be overjoyed for you no matter how you go about breaking the news.

There are about 3.6 million babies born each year in the US, and each one of them is uniquely special to the families of those babies. If you want to go all out and make it a big Christmas pregnancy announcement, that’s great. If you want to keep it personal and low-key, that’s great, too. What truly matters is celebrating something amazing with the people you care about most.

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