Can You Take Sea Moss While Pregnant? Safety Info On The Superfood

Can You Take Sea Moss While Pregnant

Sea moss, also known as Irish sea moss, is a nutrient-rich superfood that has garnered much attention lately. 

You may think that you’ve never heard of eating or consuming sea moss, but it’s far more likely that you just didn’t know its uses. 

This Irish sea moss is used as a regular thickening agent for food like smoothies, milkshakes, and even baby formula.

Found on the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean and in the Caribbean Islands, this Irish sea moss has long been praised as a natural aphrodisiac for men and women who may have fertility issues. 

If indeed sea moss is nutritious, can you take sea moss while pregnant? 

This article will take a close look at sea moss – the possible benefits of sea moss, any dangers associated with eating sea moss while pregnant, and any risks for pregnant women when they take too much of sea moss. 

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What is sea moss?

Sea moss is a red seaweed plant found in the ocean waters off several different coasts worldwide. 

It can be prepared and consumed in many various forms. You can eat sea moss, take sea moss supplements in pill form, or add it to drinks like smoothies in sea moss gel form.

Full of nutrients that will doubtlessly provide health benefits, sea moss contains over 90 of the daily nutrients the average person needs to consume each day. 

As part of a regular and healthy diet, most people agree that sea moss is good for you, but it’s easy to consume and reasonably easily found and purchased.

Consuming sea moss for pregnant women

Fertility claims

Sea moss has garnered a reputation for itself as a fertility aid due to the folic acid found in it naturally. 

Sea moss contains a lot of folates, which you most likely know as folic acid. This is the main ingredient found in most prenatal vitamins.

Doctors tell women trying to conceive that they should take prenatal vitamins months before trying to get pregnant because most studies show that folic acid aids in fertility. 

If this red seaweed can provide this essential nutrient, many women think it’s worth a try. Natural supplements are often easier on the body and cause fewer side effects.

Male fertility

Fertility issues are not a female-only thing. Reproductive health depends on both parties when you’re trying to get pregnant, and men often have just as many issues or at least contribute to fertility issues such as low sperm count.

These sea plants are considered a natural sexual enhancement product in the Caribbean, and men swear by them. The claim is that the essential vitamins boost fertility by upping the men’s testosterone levels and sperm count, resulting in a healthy pregnancy. 

While there are no actual studies, many couples have claimed that sea moss can help them achieve pregnancy.

How well does it work?

As stated above, there is no actual concrete scientific research that makes fertility claims valid when it comes to the use of sea moss or sea moss gel. While testosterone is necessary for the production of sperm, it has little to do with the quality or quantity of sperm. 

So even if sea moss shot your testosterone levels through the roof, you’d need the help of other hormones to help male fertility.

FDA regulations

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not allow sea moss to be referred to as a cure, treatment, or preventative supplement on its label. 

It can be called a superfood or food, but no company can put on the packaging that it will help with anything regarding health.

Sea moss benefits for women

Just because the FDA says that you can’t call it anything but sea moss doesn’t mean that it holds no benefit for women. Sea moss is chock full of vital nutrients that the female body needs and benefits from significantly.

1. Blood pressure regulation

Sea moss can help to regulate hormones and blood pressure, meaning that for women with hypertension, sea moss can be incredibly beneficial to health.

2. Immune system boost

Sea moss will give your immune system a boost, as well, which is very important, especially if you are pregnant. The vitamins and minerals in sea moss can help keep you healthy and avoid illness. When you get sick, sea moss can help you get better faster.

3. Folate

Folic acid, the synthetic folate, is essential to maintaining a healthy pregnancy. It is the main vitamin ingredient that women are prescribed and recommended to take during pregnancy. Sea moss is full of it in its raw and natural form.

4. Iron

Women as well as pregnant women, often need iron supplements to help combat or prevent anemia. Iron is crucial to blood building and is also found in many foods. 

Studies have shown that iron also contributes to healthy ovaries and the production of red and white blood cells that keep your bone marrow healthy.

Can you take sea moss while pregnant

Can you take sea moss while pregnant?

The biggest question of women who took or consumed sea moss to aid in getting pregnant is: Is sea moss safe to take during pregnancy? And how much sea moss can be taken?

The answer, unfortunately, is not a straightforward one.


Moderation is key in just about everything that you do and everything that you put in your body. Taking too much sea moss for pregnant women can cause some issues during pregnancy. It is important to be aware that some sea moss pills contain kelp and on the occasion brown seaweed. Both of these contain higher levels of iodine.

Too much iodine

There are many health benefits to Iodine. It is great for you (in moderation) and is responsible for managing your metabolism and assist with the healthy growth of your baby. However, too much of the mineral iodine can cause some really serious problems. 

Iodine plays a significant role in proper thyroid function, and ingesting too much of it can cause or worsen thyroid disorders, such as hypothyroidism. An underactive thyroid can have a very negative effect on anyone, but that’s especially true of adult women who are pregnant.

Always ask a doctor

No anecdotal advice given by anyone you know should be considered medical advice. Both your and your baby’s safety is of the utmost importance. 

Consult your doctor if you want to use sea moss as a food additive or get certain nutrients from it via capsule, powder, or gel.

If you have already had your little one and are breastfeeding, you may want to consult your doctor, as anything you consume ends up in your milk.

In short, although sea moss is considered perfectly safe to consume, always check with your doctor first and always consume high quality sea moss.

Some women are also concerned whether or not you can consume sea moss and prenatal vitamins together. It is completely fine to take prenatal vitamins and sea moss together, as long as you remain within the daily recommended dosage for both.

Does sea moss go bad?

Sea moss does expire and eventually will spoil, even when frozen. Pay attention to the expiration date on any sea moss product or supplement you purchase. 

You can typically tell when it has gone bad because it will change in color and taste.

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The verdict

Sea moss is all the rage right now. 

Men claim it’s a powerful male aphrodisiac. Women claim it can help them get pregnant. Women also swear by its power to provide most of the nutrients needed during pregnancy.

However, much like any “wonder” product that claims to make getting pregnant a breeze, it’s mostly wishful thinking, at least when it comes to the science of it. 

Pregnancy depends upon several factors and conditions, all coming together and working in a way that creates the perfect equation. 

Eating sea moss will not make that happen for you right away.

Whether pregnant or not, never take more than the recommended dosage of any supplement or capsule. Large quantities of this plant can lead to health problems and worsen conditions. 

And, as with anything you take or put in your body, they can create adverse effects, such as stomach pain and other issues. If you have health conditions, speak to your doctor before beginning any supplement regimen.

Pregnancy and its healthy completion depend on much more than a plant that grows off the Northeastern United States and Northern Europe coast. 

You must stay hydrated, get enough sleep, have many other nutrients in your diet, and maintain healthy mental wellbeing. There is no single thing that will give you a perfect pregnancy.

While the benefits of this ocean plant can’t be argued, as with anything, it helps to be realistic. Never stray from a doctor’s advice, and focus on your and your baby’s health first and foremost. 

Only ever take supplements, including sea moss and nutritional drinks, that are considered safe by your doctor.

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