Can Babies Sense Pregnancy Before You Know? Clear Signs They Can

Can Babies Sense Pregnancy Before You Know

Many pregnant mothers have heard that babies and toddlers sense pregnancy, often before the pregnant woman even knows it. Some women absolutely swear by this, and you’ll hear stories about this from friends, family members, and coworkers affirming that kids really can sense pregnancy.

Can babies sense pregnancy before you know? There may not have been any actual clinical studies of this or any scientific evidence to back up this claim. 

Still, suppose you’ve been told by your baby boy or girl that a new baby is on the way or that they’re excited to meet their baby brother or sister, and you had no clue what they were talking about until you took a pregnancy test. In that case, you probably need to schedule a visit to your doctor for confirmation of the positive pregnancy test. 

This article will take a fun look into this sixth sense that babies seem to have. The ability to sense pregnancy sure is one odd superpower for a little one to possess, but after you hear stories about it or experience it yourself, you may just be a firm believer. 

Can babies sense other babies in the womb?

Early pregnancy doesn’t give off too many outward signs or cues for a person to know you’re pregnant. However, if you have older children or a toddler, they may be able to sense pregnancy before you yourself know it.

Does this mean that a toddler can sense when someone is pregnant? 

Well, yes and no. They don’t have x-ray vision, and they aren’t able to communicate via telepathy with their new sibling in utero (at least, we don’t think so!), but the strong toddler sense may figure out that a new baby is on the way.

As far as we can tell, they can sense their own mother’s pregnancy, but typically not other people’s. This is because a toddler is very in tune with their primary caregiver, who, most of the time, is their mother. 

Let’s dig into the details of this.

Can babies sense pregnancy before you know?

When we say that kids can sense pregnancy, do we mean that they have some supernatural power or knack for it? Not really. 

As previously mentioned, the sense that someone is pregnant only tends to extend to their mother rather than the general public.

The following are the signs believed to determine whether toddlers can tell when someone is pregnant.

They want a new sibling

Little kids will often tell their moms that they want them to have another baby. They want a sibling to play with. This scenario is especially true between an only child and a new mom.

The new mom may not have met many women who have kids in the age range of their toddler, so the little one is lonely and wants a playmate.

Adults often don’t take into account how perceptive little kids are. They ask for a new baby, and mom may say, “Daddy and I are working on it, sweetie. Hopefully soon!”

In the above scenario, the mom may say those words to placate a toddler hoping for a new pregnancy. What the toddler hears, however, is that their parents are doing everything they can to grant the wish of a new playmate. 

So that toddler will now listen closely anytime the words “pregnant” or “baby” is said by the parents.

So if you tell your husband quietly that your period is late and that you may be pregnant but are not sure, your toddler may hear this and start paying even closer attention to changes in you and signs that your belly is growing.

Overheard conversations

Pregnancy is something that is talked about in the presence of toddlers and older children. Many times, adults don’t realize that the kids are even listening. 

But when you say on the phone to your friend or your mom that you have been trying for a baby or that you think you may need to get a pregnancy test soon, those kids hear it, and they start to make assumptions and look for signs.

You’ll hear many stories where a woman says that the only person who knows of the possible pregnancy outside of herself is her partner. 

However, that hush-hush conversation in the car while your toddler is in the backseat is heard by eager ears. Soon enough, your toddler starts playing detective.

Can toddlers sense pregnancy?

They notice physical changes before other people

Toddlers are probably more familiar with your body than you are. 

Think about it. They are just the right height to be eye level with your belly. 

If they are breastfed, they know exactly what size your breasts are. They are constantly in your face and don’t have any sense of personal space.

They know what your hair feels and looks like. 

They know how your face looks better than you do. So they notice the bloating of the belly in early pregnancy. 

They can tell you that they are about to be a big brother or a big sister and will even start rubbing your belly before noticing any bloating or change.

Your face may be breaking out or clearing up. Your breasts may be tender and bigger. All these add up to a baby, and toddlers can sense it.

They sense the change in stress levels

Your hormones are haywire when you are pregnant. 

Toddlers pick up on even the most minor shifts in mood from mom, and they zero in on it and fixate. They may have heard you talk about the nine months you spent pregnant with them and how your stress level rose, and they connect that with the big news of a new baby.

Your emotions may be all over the place, you may seem worried, and your feelings may be scattered and even extreme. 

Children are more perceptive to their mommy’s emotions than you may think. You may find in these situations that your child is more clingy, rubs your tummy, and starts wondering out loud what is going on.

This may lead you to wonder if you may be expecting. It’s not so much that your kiddo can tell that you are growing new life in your belly, but children can give us the idea that something is going on with us long before we even realize it.

Signs your cat knows you’re pregnant

Cats have a very well-developed sense of smell and can sense pregnancy. 

If you have a cat in the house acting strangely, you may be wondering what the cat is trying to tell you, aside from telling you that you need to feed it.

The following are some signs that cats give that have been known to predict pregnancy in their owners. Just like toddlers, these animals are more perceptive.

Laying on your stomach

If your cat is suddenly aware of your stomach, especially if it wasn’t much of a lap cat before, it may be related to sensing pregnancy.

Acting clingy or affectionate

Cats are hot and cold creatures who want an exact number of pets and nothing to do with you for a while. 

If your cat is suddenly very affectionate, wants to be near you constantly, is clingy, wants to be pet round the clock, or starts pawing at your tummy, then you may not want to wait too long to go pick up a test from the drugstore.

Bearing gifts

Cats bring food gifts to family members they don’t think can hunt for themselves. 

If your cat has never done this before but is suddenly bringing you a bird, mouse, or other treasure, it may be your pet’s way of taking care of you because they can smell the hormone changes in you.

Can Babies Sense Pregnancy Before You Know, Can toddlers sense pregnancy?


Though there are many anecdotal accounts of children being able to sense the pregnancy of their mothers. There’s no proof of this, and you won’t find it in a medical journal, but mother after mother has attested to this.

This is likely because our little ones are more perceptive and often want to have a sibling anyway. 

They start to become observant of attitude, behavior, and body changes in their mother, and they quickly put two and two together.

Your babies may not be able to figure out how pregnancy occurs, but they are experts at sensing when it’s happened. 

So if your little one starts talking about mommy having a baby soon, you may be wise to listen. Your toddler may have overheard you telling your story alongside those other parents who swear the same thing has happened to them.

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