Boho Baby Shower—What You Need For This Wonderful Party Theme

boho baby shower

A boho baby shower theme is an excellent idea for parents-to-be looking for a laid-back or gender-neutral baby shower with good vibes and earth tones, with pastel splashes of color. 

The boho theme has increased in popularity over the last decade or so. Because of this, many boho-style baby shower decorations, baby shower games, and even baby shower foods and snacks go well with this theme.

In this article, we’ll discuss boho baby showers entirely – from what the bohemian vibe is all about to how to have a chic boho baby shower that will impress the mom-to-be and all the baby shower guests.

Boho aesthetic

Boho style can be interpreted in many different ways. Boho-themed baby showers can go in several different directions, depending on the parents-to-be’s style and what they want for their new baby girl or baby boy shower.

However, there is a general feel and look to the boho theme that can extend to the theme of your baby’s nursery. We’ll discuss that look and feel now.

The boho vibe

A boho baby shower is great because it’s all about the vibe.

Laid back, eclectic, and a mismatch of colors, tones, and decor that you may not think goes together at first glance.

Many wood and earthy colors and tones, fabrics, fringe, pastels, and feathers are part of the boho look.

It’s a free spirit vibe that makes some people think of hippies, while others feel it’s a modern look shaped by free-spirited and happy people.

Either way, what matters is that you can take a bunch of different colors, textures, materials, and prints that don’t match in any other setting or theme and call it boho.

Planning a boho baby shower

A boho-themed baby shower is one in which a host has to have a very clear understanding of the mom-to-be and her tastes. 

An open and free theme, boho baby shower decorations and vibes are almost an individualized affair.

Ensure you understand what patterns, colors, and looks the parents want in their boho baby shower if you are hosting. 

You can’t just go with what you like or see online. One person’s boho heaven is another person’s boho nightmare.

boho baby shower

Boho baby shower decorations

For a boho baby shower, you can decorate in many different ways. 

While some people go for a minimalist look, others like a more boho chic look, which marries boho with trending fashions and decor to make for an appealing and odd combination of textures, shapes, and colors.

The following are some popular choices for baby shower decorations.

1. Tassels, banners, and poms

A boho baby shower is a perfect theme for a fun “Oh Baby!” banner, complete with tassels, fringe, or pom poms. 

You can do this in earthy colors or choose whichever colors you like best.

2. Balloon garland

A balloon garland is light and fun, just like the boho theme. With the garland style, you can use pastel-colored balloons and get as ornate as you want. Make an archway, frame a banner, or decorate behind the mom’s table.

3. String lights

Strings of white and yellow lights are inexpensive, pretty, easily accessible, and can double later as home decor. Putting these lights up gives an ethereal and earthy feel to any event and makes for beautiful lighting for photos.

4. Pampas grass

Pampas grass is a plume grass that has been classically viewed as a weed. Full, tall, and earthy in color, this seagrass grows in tufts around the South American coasts and some areas of the US.

While it may be a weed to some, it’s a beautiful and peaceful boho baby shower aesthetic for others. Many people even display the fronds of this grass in large vases in their houses as home decor.

5. Dream catchers

Dream catchers have long been used to catch and trap bad dreams, ensuring that the dreamer only has the gentlest and sweetest dreams. What better wish for a sweet baby on the way?

Dream catchers with tassels, poms, moons, and other hippie and bohemian motifs make incredible decorations for a boho-style shower. You can also save these items for the crib in the new baby’s nursery.

6. Succulents

Nearly everyone loves succulents. Small, hardy, green, and mostly without flowers, these strange-looking plants, most often found in desert climates where not much else grows, are a beloved staple of boho style.

From cacti to small and leafy succulents, having a few around at the baby shower will add a touch of earthiness as you celebrate life. 

You can use them as centerpieces for the tables and then give them to the guests as favors.

7. Patchwork

Nothing says mismatched beauty like patchwork. Skirts, murals, banners, table decor and tablecloths, and even napkins made of patchwork fabric or in that style are a perfect and colorful touch to your boho baby shower.

8. Wood

It doesn’t get much more natural than wood. 

Everything from driftwood to carved wood in various shades and types makes for incredible decorations, centerpieces, photo props, and more. Wooden beads are another staple when it comes to this theme.

Often combined with neutral woven materials, you can get wall hangings, murals, and even tablecloths that combine these elements to make an adorable baby shower look.

printable baby shower invitations

Boho themed party

If you are trying to plan a boho baby shower and don’t know where to start, don’t worry. You can begin by talking about the expectant mother and finding out what she thinks of when she thinks “boho.”

After that, it’s a simple matter of putting it all together. If you need extra help, the following are some more common and popular ideas to help you throw the perfect boho baby shower.

1. Photo booth

The use of a photo booth is growing in popularity for all sorts of events, from baby showers to weddings and even graduation parties.

You can rent these booths from party companies, choose props to go along with the theme, and guests can have their picture taken with the expectant mother.

This is a great way to provide keepsakes and favors for guests. You can also collect a photo snapped of the mom-to-be with each guest and put them in a photo album for her.

2. Wildflower invitations

Wildflowers, flower petals, and pampas grass are perfect for setting the boho theme. If you are having a girl, consider making your boho theme like “Our little wildflower.”

You can find adorable invitations online or even in-store that feature these fresh flowers. You can also use flowers matching the invitations for table decor or decorating your boho baby shower.

3. Yellow gold

A boho baby shower is all about warm colors, which include yellow gold. Platinum and white gold are lovely but cool colors and aren’t often used for a boho-themed event.

Consider yellow, orange, brown, and pink hues if you’re using metallic colors or actual metals. Rose gold and even brass are also great metals to use.

boho baby shower

4. Gift teepee

The teepee is seen as a boho baby shower staple by many people. Rather than a gift table, consider having a teepee play tent set up to hold or house the gifts for your new baby. 

This teepee can also double as a play structure in your baby’s room.

If you’re looking for ways to jazz it up a bit, consider having a balloon arch behind the teepee or attaching balloons or ribbons and tassels from the tent poles.

5. Finger foods

A boho baby shower is all about exuding a relaxed feel, even if it’s a lot of work to organize and prepare for. 

Having simple foods you can eat with your hands brings that idea to life and keeps your food prep and options simple.

6. Guest book bibs

A fun baby shower idea that fits perfectly into the boho baby shower theme is having guests personalize cloth bibs for your baby rather than signing a guest book. 

You can get felt, brightly colored bibs, fabric paints, and markers, and ask each guest to create a bib for your baby at the party.

Boho baby shower desserts

Aside from casual snacks that can be munched on while flitting around and visiting with others, there are baked goods that are classic to a baby shower of any theme.

If you want to stick with the boho baby shower idea, there are some great ideas for cakes and other baked goods that will go along with the theme and have everyone talking about how perfect your baby shower is.

boho baby shower

Boho baby shower cake

Serving cake at your baby shower is something that most people choose to do, regardless of the theme. If you want to keep with your baby shower cake theme, there are many ways to do that.

If you’re stumped for ideas, feel free to use any of the following as inspiration.

1. Naked cake

This is a cake that is nearly bare of frosting. Imagine a layered cake with just the thinnest hint of frosting. 

Sometimes combined with fruit fillings or fruit as a topping, this semi-sweet treat looks earthy and simple but tastes amazing.

2. Rainbow boho cake or cupcakes

Rainbows are part of the free-spirited, natural beauty used in the boho look, and a cake or cupcakes that use this as decor is often charming. 

You can have colored cupcakes reflecting the rainbow’s colors or a layered cake decorated with pastel or earth-toned rainbows.

If you have a dessert table, putting the cupcakes on a cake stand, also adds a layer of depth to the aesthetic.

3. Succulent

Any baked goods, from cookies to a beautiful cake or a cupcake decorated with succulents, will be an instant hit for the boho baby shower. 

Perfect for either gender, succulents are cute; there are many variations of them, and they make such adorable treats your friends and family will hesitate to eat them!

Your boho baby shower

If you are a mommy-to-be or the friend of the expectant mother who is hosting a boho baby shower, it can be overwhelming to get everything together and pull off a cohesive party using elements that don’t typically match. 

However, you can create the perfect time for the guests and the guest of honor if you just communicate well.

Remember that you are all getting together to celebrate life, and try to maintain that vibe throughout the planning process. This vibe can help you create a wonderful baby shower that your guests will love and look beautiful in photos.

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