Best Umbrella Stroller—Find “The One” Among These 10+ Options

Best Umbrella Stroller

Umbrella strollers offer a lot of convenience for those adventures you want to go on with your little one that doesn’t require a full-size stroller with lots of storage space and all the bells and whistles.

Easy to carry, set up, transport, and push, the difficult decision for most parents isn’t whether they should get an umbrella stroller but which one they should purchase.

This article will highlight options in the running for the best umbrella stroller according to sales, reviews, ratings, and features.

Every family has different needs and preferences, but hopefully, you’ll find the perfect lightweight stroller for your family in this article.

The best double umbrella stroller

Double strollers are needed if one parent needs to push two children. 

This can be due to having twins in the family or just two small children who don’t want to walk through a theme park, zoo, or family outing.

Ease of pushing is a major need for parents who require double strollers, as some umbrella strollers of this type can be bulky and awkward.

Best Umbrella Stroller

1. Delta Children LX Tandem double stroller

This may be the best umbrella stroller if you have a tight budget. It is an easy-to-push, lightweight umbrella stroller that can easily carry two small children.

With large shock-absorbing wheels, a five-point safety harness for each seat, and a weight limit of 35 pounds per child, this umbrella stroller checks the boxes for many parents.

It has two large storage bags that are included, as well as a parent cup holder, which is a great perk to include. It also folds up easily to be stored or transported and has padded shoulder straps so that your kids are comfortable.

2. Zoe XL2

This stroller is made for two children over three months of age and up to 50 pounds. This has just one bar as a brake, making it easy to use and handle, and it has oversize wheels, making this lightweight stroller glide over most terrain that you may need to push it over.

It has a carry strap for when it is folded up, and it’s a narrow stroller so that it will fit through most doorways, even with two kids in it. It also has a reclining seat for each child that works independently so that both kids don’t have to recline simultaneously.

The Zoe XL2 also has a quick-release button and a large sun canopy to keep the bright light out of your little one’s eyes, as well as ample hanging storage bags for all your things so that you don’t have to scavenge around under the stroller.

Best umbrella stroller

The following are umbrella strollers that are among the very best for transporting one child. 

With lots of positive consumer reviews, top reviews by companies, and several features that check the boxes that parents examine when searching for a piece of quality baby gear, these are the best umbrella strollers on the market.

1. Summer Infant 3d Lite

The Summer Infant 3d Lite has many features and extras that parents and kids love. This reclining umbrella stroller is at the top of its game with comfy shoulder straps, a large storage basket, and easily folded up for storage. 

It’s also got a peek-a-boo window for little ones to look out.

Made for children six months and older, this five-point harness buckling system will keep your little one secure. Kids up to 55 pounds can use it, which means you can use this compact stroller for years before upgrading or ditching the need for a stroller all together.

2. Chicco Mini Bravo Plus lightweight umbrella stroller

Known as the best infant umbrella stroller on the market by many, this stroller can be used with infant car seats so that even the smallest passengers can use it.

The five-point harness buckle in the seat works for kids up to 55 pounds, too. This means that this may well be the only stroller that your child will need.

This stroller also folds easily, so you don’t have to worry about hitting buttons simultaneously or trying to fold it up to put away in the garage or the trunk of your car.

This unit weighs more than most lightweight strollers, but for all the things it can do, this durable stroller’s weight isn’t so bulky that it can’t be carried easily.

It’s a compact umbrella stroller with many more features than other umbrella strollers with much higher price points.

There are also two cup holders, a storage basket and a zipper area for parents to utilize, a large storage basket underneath, and a removable child tray. This fully reclining seat stroller is a winner for many families.

3. UPPAbaby G-Luxe umbrella stroller

This is not a cheap umbrella stroller. The price tag may make you wonder if you’re reading it correctly. 

Rest assured, though, that most umbrella strollers that are budget strollers don’t stack up against the quality you will get with this one.

Noted as the best travel stroller, the Uppababy G-Luxe can handle nearly any terrain. Another notable feature of this umbrella stroller is its tall handles. This makes it much easier on the back of tall parents who don’t have to bend down to push the stroller.

For children ages three months and up to 55 pounds, the stroller weight allowed in the Uppababy G-Luxe mean that it may be the only stroller you need at all.

It has a reclining seat, a five-point harness, a padded seat for added comfort for toddlers, and a mesh back. The extended sun canopy also has SPF+50 to keep the sun’s rays from burning your little one. 

The seat pad comes off; there’s a storage basket and a cup holder for parents.

If you enjoy being on the go, this is one of the best lightweight umbrella strollers you’ll find.

4. Summer Infant 3d Lite Convenience stroller

This is one of the lightest umbrella strollers you’ll find that has so many extra features. With an approved stroller weight of up to 55 pounds, it is durable and can last years when taken care of.

It is reclining capable, has a five-point harness buckle, and a canopy with a pull-out sun visor for added sun protection.

Its aluminum frame is light and sturdy. It also has a storage pouch for parents, will hold a diaper bag of up to five pounds, and a cup holder.

5. Babyzen Yoyo2

Although it doesn’t fold up as traditional umbrella strollers do, it functions like a traditional umbrella stroller in most other ways. This sleek look is appealing to trendy parents who like aesthetics, however.

It is expensive but better rated and reviewed than many traditional strollers; an umbrella stroller review on this one almost always sings its praises.

This stroller is very small, and the stroller weight limit allows a child of any age of toddlerhood to ride in it. The one-handed fold feature also makes it an excellent umbrella stroller for travel.

It also has a rain cover, carrying strap, and storage bag. These are features that you don’t get with a bulky stroller. The Babyzen yoyo2 is worth the money, according to most parents.

However, the most impressive feature of this umbrella stroller is that it turns into a baby seat or chair and comes with a travel bag. Check out the company website to see a video demonstration of how this is done.

Talk about convenience! It also works as a rolling bassinet for babies zero to six months of age.

6. Kolcraft Cloud Plus

The Kolcraft Cloud Plus tops the list of many parents regarding umbrella stroller options. It reclines, has a snack tray, and has lots of storage space in the storage basket. 

The stroller weight limit is 50 pounds, so your older toddlers can still happily ride in it.

It’s got a one-handed folding option, cup holders for the parents, and the peekaboo window allows mom or dad to keep an eye on their child with the large canopy up.

7. GB Pockit Stroller

This stroller is absolutely tiny when folded up, meaning you can put it nearly anywhere for storage. It also has a roomy storage basket that can hold up to eleven pounds.

The GB Pockit Stroller has swivel wheels, weighs under ten pounds, and has a stroller weight limit of 55 pounds. It’s also got a sliding back panel so that it grows with your child. It is also easy to remove the padding to wash it.

8. Zoe Traveler

Many umbrella strollers come with seats that recline or adjust, but only a few have the feature of an adjustable leg rest, like the Zoe. These travel strollers are brightly colored, and the entire stroller has convenience on its mind.

It folds into thirds, making it less bulky than a traditional stroller. It also has an oversize canopy that can keep your baby out of the sun and the rain.

9. Chicco Active Lightweight strollers

This may be the perfect stroller if a lightweight frame is important to you and you enjoy jogging strollers. Much heavier than the other strollers on this list, this stroller weighs nearly 30 pounds.

But the anti-shock front wheels and under-seat storage are great features parents love about this easy-to-handle stroller.

10. Baby Joy

This weighs much less than the average stroller and boasts that it can be lifted with a single finger. It has a removable canopy, front swivel wheels, and storage. 

This may be the right stroller for you if you need something simple with all the right features.

Best umbrella stroller

If you’re looking for the best umbrella stroller to meet your needs, you need to address those needs.

Ask yourself where you will most use umbrella strollers. 

If you’re looking for something to push around the block for short walks, you don’t need the same sort of umbrella stroller that you’d need if you want to go to the beach or on forest trails.

If you have a little one who likes to doze, a reclining umbrella stroller might be necessary. If you know you’ll be loading and unloading the stroller a lot, then a lightweight umbrella stroller may be a must.

A large storage basket is crucial if you have several kids and many things to carry.

Make sure you assess your needs and shop accordingly rather than going with the most popular choice or attractive stroller.

Proper umbrella stroller safety

Never put your little one in a stroller that they are too big or small for. Always buckle them in, and treat a five-point buckle the same way you would a car seat buckle. Safety is important.

Never leave a baby unattended in a stroller, and if the manual tells you not to take your stroller onto certain types of terrain, heed caution and stick to what the manual dictates.


Finding the best umbrella stroller for your family is essential. Choosing the right one may mean you won’t have to invest in other strollers during your little one’s childhood. 

Remember to trust your gut, assess your needs, and do your research to choose the right fit for you and your baby’s lifestyle.

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