The Best Twin Mattress For Toddler—12 Suggestions To Choose From

Best Twin Mattress For Toddler

When your toddler grows to the point of needing a twin bed, and it’s time to say goodbye to the crib mattress and toddler bed, the hunt for quality twin mattresses for kids, begins. 

We know that for ourselves, a good mattress means a good night’s sleep, a healthy body, and a feeling of rejuvenation in the morning. And we want the same for our toddlers.

The best twin mattresses for kids depend largely on the preference of the parent, child, and style of bed. 

It makes a difference, for example, if you’re going to be using a bunk bed or if you’re going to be using a toddler bed that uses a twin mattress.

You’ll also want something that will last for a long while and grow with your child.

This article will help you in your hunt for a twin mattress for your toddler.

Whether you’re looking for a memory foam mattress, an innerspring mattress, a twin xl, or an organic twin mattress, we’ll look at your options.

Toddler sleep matters, and a twin mattress for kids deserve some thought and research.

Types of twin mattresses

As a parent, it’s been quite some time since you had a twin mattress of your own, and it’s even possible that the last time twin mattresses were a part of your routine, the mattress was provided for you by your own caregivers.

There are a few types of twin mattresses, and knowing what they are and having a general understanding of them can help you to decide what you’d like for your toddler.

1. Memory foam mattresses

A memory foam mattress is known for comfort. It works by reacting to body heat, and it conforms to the person’s body shape. 

Many parents and children love memory foam, saying it’s the most comfortable option.

Some people, however, prefer to stay away from memory foam, citing that it gets too warm or feels like they have sunk into the mattress.

2. Innerspring mattresses

These classic twin mattresses have springs or coils in the bed. These can come in firm, soft, or somewhere in between.

Less durable than memory foam, these mattresses usually must be replaced sooner than other options.

3. Hybrid mattresses

A hybrid mattress takes the gel memory foam or latex mattress layers known for comfort in a memory foam option and combines it with the coils or spring mattress option to give you a melded hybrid mattress that many parents like.

Best Twin Mattress For Toddler

Firmness Matters

The firmness of the mattress matters not only in terms of comfort but also in terms of safety. The three classifications of firmness are as follows, and they’ll help you choose the right bed for your child.

1. Soft

Best for side sleepers and older kids, soft mattresses allow a person to sink into a bed a little, sort of cocooning them into place and adding a bit of security.

While these feel great, they are not the safest choice for young toddlers.

2. Medium

A middle-of-the-road option that combines the other two options is usually a hybrid mattress. 

Typically, they come with a pillow top or a layer of foam, and coils on the bottom, to give you a bit of spring and a bit of comfort and softness that will allow for good sleep, but you won’t sink into the bed.

3. Firm

A firm option is best for small babies and young toddlers. Young people should sleep on something that will produce no indentations. This is for spinal support, respiration, and overall safety.

Most often seen in coil beds or spring beds, this is the best and most frequently chosen option for parents of children who are just now making the transition from the crib.

CertiPUR-US Certified

This is a tag that is looked for by some parents concerned with the cleanliness and safety of a mattress for kids. 

A non-profit organization, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, that reviews products, especially for sleep ensures that certain substances, chemicals, and other materials are not included in making things like beds and pillows.

The following are mattress materials that are prohibited in CertiPUR products:

  • chemical flame retardants
  • ozone depleters
  • Mercury
  • lead
  • low VOC emissions for air quality indoors
  • phthalates
  • polyurethane foam

Best twin mattress for toddler

Finding a good twin mattress for kids is often a matter of preference, budget, and the sort of bed frame that you have or want for your toddler.

The following are some of the best twin mattresses for various bed frames.

1. Nectar memory foam mattress

When discussing the best twin mattresses for kids, if you want memory foam, you may not find one better than this for your twin-size toddler bed.

It’s breathable, so you don’t have to worry about your little one getting too hot or overheating. And the memory foam mattress allows for optimal comfort.

More perks of this option are a free one-year sleep trial, a set of sheets, and two pillows!

2. Save classic mattress

The price tag for this mattress may cause you to clutch your pearls, but remember that often, you get what you pay for. 

This is an innerspring mattress with many perks (like being made with organic cotton) that may prove to you that the price tag (over $700) is worth it.

This hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, organic kids’ mattress has two sides with various levels of support for your growing child’s changing needs.

One side is made with children ages 3-8 in mind, while the other is for ages over 8. 

Simply flip the twin bed mattress when your child is ready.

Water resistant and with a waterproof barrier inside, this will help the child who still wets the bed or has occasional accidents.

It also has a 180-night sleep trial period and a whopping 12-year warranty. 

The cover is also made of certified organic cotton.

3. Milliard Tri Folding Mattress with Washable Cover

The Milliard Tri Folding Mattress is a twin XL is great for taller kids or even older teens on the tall side.

This option is undoubtedly different and is meant to be folded, manipulated, and used to serve the consumer best.

It also comes with a carrying case so you can put it away or store it easily. 

This twin xl mattress option is one that parents who like floor beds tend to gravitate towards.

4. Nod by Tuft and Needle

This memory foam twin mattress is a bed-in-a-box option that is great for kids’ sleep, regardless of their preferred sleeping position.

It’s not a firm or soft mattress that combines the best options, giving you a child’s mattress with several features that fit most bed frames.

It also works well on a loft or bunk bed because it’s fairly lightweight and easy to maneuver.

5. Helix Sunset Hybrid mattress

This mattress is great for spine support and is bouncy enough so kids who don’t care for foam layers can get a little spring out of it.

It has foam layers to support the spine but cannot be flipped due to the pillow-top memory foam layer.

6. My Green Mattress Kiwi

This mattress may be your best bet if you’re looking for a firmer mattress for kids. 

With a hefty price tag, this one is close to the luxury tier but offers great firm mattress support for kids.

Made from organic materials, it also features wool, coils, and latex to give supreme comfort. It’s touted as the best organic twin mattress by many parents.

The natural latex and other materials make this toddler-size mattress a great option, especially if having an organic mattress is one of your priorities.

7. Casper Original Mattress

Known as the best memory foam mattress on the market by many, this one has a medium firm feel that is great for spine support.

Mattress firmness is essential to many parents to provide a safe infant sleeping environment that extends throughout childhood, and soft mattresses just don’t always lend that security.

With air circulation, this heavy mattress won’t allow your child to sleep hot and wake up in a puddle of sweat.

It comes with a 100-night sleep trial and is one of the most expensive toddler mattresses on this list, but many parents will testify that the price is well worth the product they get.

8. Colgate Evertrue Grand

With an extra firm mattress on one side softer mattress on the other, these mattresses are best for hot sleepers. They provide air circulation and repel both bed bugs and dust mites.

With a honeycomb design on the inside, this is an excellent bed for kids who overheat quickly, and it’s also quite comfortable.

9. Zinus 12-inch gel-infused green tea memory foam mattresses

With its green tea and charcoal-infused interior, this bed will smell great for years. It also has pressure relief foam, meaning it’s got the comfort of softer mattresses with the firmness kids need for spinal support.

While it’s a bed in a box, don’t let that make you think it’s low quality. These medium-firm mattresses are well-known to be excellent options for all kids.

Twin mattresses under $100

Purchasing a good twin mattress for kids doesn’t have to break the bank or empty your wallet. 

If you’re looking for something budget-friendly, the following are twin mattresses for toddlers under the $100 price point and have great reviews.

Twin beds for your children

1. Slumber 1 by Zinus Bunk beds innerspring mattress

You don’t have to have bunk beds for this to be a great mattress for your child. 

In fact, you can use this mattress on any bed frame.

With five inches of coil and an inch of foam, this medium firm mattress will give your child the comfort of foam and innerspring mattresses with enough cushion to keep them sleeping peacefully through the night.

This mattress is excellent for stomach and side sleepers and has a moisture barrier, so you don’t have to have a mattress protector.

2. Linenspa 6 inch innerspring

This thin, lightweight mattress for kids is excellent for a trundle bed. 

It may be light, but don’t let that trick you into thinking it’s not great quality. This quality mattress for kids has thick coils and a foam mattress layer to add comfort.

The one major drawback is that the mattress isn’t weight-rated for adults. You may want to head to the adult mattresses in the home for story time or cuddles before bedtime.

3. Ikea Minnesund foam mattress

Mattress shopping at Ikea can get you everything from organic mattresses and beyond. These particular budget-friendly toddler beds may surprise you at all they offer for such a low price point.

Easy to clean, with its machine washable cover that comes with the mattress, this thin and lightweight mattress doesn’t skimp on comfort and is great for toddlers and young children.

Finding the right toddler bed mattress

We went from looking for bedding and cribs that would help cut down on sleep-related infant deaths to looking for a bigger mattress for kids who are mobile and growing daily. 

It can seem like a whirlwind and very overwhelming. Just yesterday, they were tiny little newborns. Today, we’re looking for beds that will help them to stop sweating through their pajamas!

Finding a mattress can be tricky, but remember to stay within your budget and look for safety, comfort, and something that will fit the bed frames you have available to you.

It’s a lot to deal with, and more milestones are ahead of you as a parent. But finding the perfect bed for your toddler is one hurdle you can get through!

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