Best Twin Bassinet—Our Top 7 Recommendations For Your Twin Babies

Best Twin Bassinet

Newborn twins are a lot of work. 

While they are adorable, and you’re sure your heart couldn’t be any more full, caring for two brand new babies is not a small task. Parents expecting twins must double up on many things, and sleeping arrangements can pose another challenge.

As with all other products designed for twins, your options can seem limited regarding twin bassinets. 

This article will help you find the best twin bassinet for your adorable pair of babies so that they sleep comfortably, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get a little bit of sleep, too!

Bassinet vs. Crib

You may have heard that other parents opt for a baby crib rather than a bassinet. After all, a bassinet has a limited lifespan regarding how long your little ones can use it. 

If you have a crib and you would instead use that than spend any more money on a twin bassinet, that’s also okay.

Remember that while a pair of twins can share a crib, it’s still a relatively large and open space, and babies are used to being in a small space inside your body. This is especially true of twins. 

Newborn twins prefer to stay close because that’s how they have grown and developed in your body. They had even less space than a single baby. 

So a smaller area, such as twin bassinets, may give you and your babies the peace you all need to sleep.

Twins bassinet and portability

A major perk of all bassinets is that they are often on wheels that can lock, allowing them to be moved around your house for convenience. 

This means that you can keep your babies close to you no matter where you are in the house, giving you at least a small chance that you might be able to get a thing or two done with two small infants around.

Why not two bassinets?

You may think you’ll be better off getting two single bassinets rather than shelling out a lot of money for a double bassinet. This isn’t a bad idea, but you must consider a few factors before choosing individual bassinets for twins.

Twins prefer to stay close

Your babies spent nearly a year next to each other in the womb. Being by themselves to sleep suddenly will likely cause a bit of a stir for them. 

Even the best bassinets for twins on the market that feature two beds next to each other will take some getting used to for your newborns.

Moving two large pieces

If you help the babies, having separate bassinets for twins may not be a bad idea. However, remember that two pieces of furniture can take up a lot more space, and pushing one bassinet is much easier for one person than it is for two bassinets.

Best Twin Bassinet

Bassinet for twins

If you’ve decided on a twin bassinet for your little ones, it’s time to start looking at your options.

According to reviews and sales, the following are some of the best bassinets for twins today. Don’t forget to get double sets of sheets and waterproof mattress pads when shopping!

1. HALO bassinet

We’re starting with the most expensive option. If money is not an issue, this is the bassinet for twins you have been looking for. A Halo bassinet for twins is one space rather than two sleeping spaces, and it has mesh sides so that you can see your babies at all times.

This unit spins 360 degrees and features a soothing center with a nightlight, vibration, and sounds with an automatic shut-off after thirty minutes. It also has one side that can be lowered to get to your babies from your bed with no issues. 

This patented bedside wall is a beautiful asset that you will find a lifesaver in the middle of the night when it’s time to nurse. You don’t even have to be upright to grab a baby for feeding.

It comes with:

  • two waterproof mattress pads
  • two polyester fitted sheets
  • two cotton fitted sheets

Removable sheets add ease and convenience to the equation because no one wants to have to launder an entire mattress pad.

This is easily the best top-of-the-line twin sleeper.

Back to bed reminder

One of the best features of the Halo Bassinest twin sleeper is that it comes with a reminder to put your baby back in bed. 

If you fall asleep in bed nursing your baby, an alarm will sound, reminding you to return your newborn babies to their beds after thirty minutes.

2. Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center

This bassinet for twins is not “just” a bassinet. Baby Trend has made an entire multi-use structure for your family. 

With two removable bassinets that feature hanging toys and soft material, they perch and attach atop a play yard that your little ones can use as your babies grow. The plush fabric of the bassinet holds twins securely and comfortably.

There are storage pockets and a bin with dividers for all those diapers, burp rags, and accessories that you must keep on hand with two babies at all times. It also has large wheels that lock easily. 

If you have the space for it, you really can’t go wrong with this bassinet for twins.

3. Baby Trend Lite

This twin bassinet is a smaller and more compact option than the one featured above. While it is smaller, it also converts to a changing table when the removable bassinets are taken off.

4. Simmons Kids by the Bed City sleeper bassinet

This Simmons Kids bassinet is one of the best bassinets for twins if you aren’t looking for bells and whistles. 

There’s no nursery center, soothing center, or soothing sounds on this. It doesn’t have toys, and it doesn’t convert to anything.

However, the sheer simplicity of this bedside bassinet offers you precisely what you need in a small but effective double bassinet. 

With two separate bassinets in one (a center divider), you get breathable mesh sides, a 1″ thick mattress pad, and five adjustable height settings so that you can put it right next to your own bed. Also, all Simmons Kids bassinets meet or exceed standards for safety.

5. Graco Pack N Play Playard

This is similar to other multifunction double bassinets. The Graco pack n play comes from a brand of trusted baby gear. 

It features not just a portable bassinet option but also a quilted mattress pad for each bassinet. There’s even a canopy to keep the sun out of your babies’ faces.

On wheels and with the capability of converting to a pack n play for older babies, this is a great bang for your buck if you’re expecting twins. 

The only downside is that there is no storage space to keep diapers, burp cloths, or other items for your baby twins. 

However, Graco bassinets have always been well reviewed, and many regard the company as the best bassinet manufacturer in its price range.

6. Joovy Room Twin Nursery Center with Bassinet

These double bassinets can be quickly and easily turned into twin co-sleepers or just used for one baby. 

The center divider comes out so your babies can be together if you prefer. Other twin bassinets often bypass this feature, a favorite of parents so that their twins sleep right next to each other.

This same bassinet set also features a changing table that can hold up to 25 pounds, and you can purchase a play yard separately. Remember to never use your changing table on the unit as a sleeping area. 

There may not be soothing sounds or toys attached to this unit, but as far as baby essentials go, this checks several boxes.

7. Delta Children Twin EZ Fold Ultra Compact Twin Infant Bed

This twin bassinet is the only one you will find that folds down to save space. 

This makes it a perfect double bassinet for travel and will give you peace of mind before a trip that you can let baby fall asleep without worrying if the provided area in your hotel or rental house is sleep safe for your little ones.

Like the Halo twin bassinet, this one also spins so that you can quickly feed or entertain the baby while the other is asleep.

Factors to consider when shopping for a bassinet for twins

Before scooping up the first double bassinet in your price range, there are a few things you may want to think about before making such a big decision for the sleeping arrangement of your pair of babies.

What options do you need?

If you already have a white noise machine or any sort of soother that you plan to use in the nursery, then you can usually forgo some of the more expensive options that offer extra features like soothing sounds and lights. 

These features come on many different baby products and are never even used. If you don’t need them or want them, you can usually find a more affordable and safe double bassinet that doesn’t have these.

The bonding

Twins may be twice the fun, but they are also babies used to being together all the time. So deciding to forgo a double bassinet in favor of two separate beds can end up hurting their chances of bonding and causing you a significant loss of sleep as your babies try to adjust.

A double bassinet offers a safe co-sleeper arrangement for your twins. 

As your twins outgrow the need to be right next to each other, most bassinets can be done away with and replaced with cribs and toddler beds that will better suit your needs. But most newborn twins prefer to be close to each other until they are well out of the infant stage.

Weight limit

There is a weight limit for nearly all baby products meant to hold your baby.

When dealing with a bassinet that is one sleep space with a divider or just one open space for a co-sleeper arrangement, consider the weight limit is for both babies, not just one. 

While a 25-pound weight limit may seem like your little ones can be in there for a long time, divide that in half, and suddenly it may be a bit too small too soon.

The portable playpen

If a bassinet includes a playpen, think that even after using the bassinets, you will still have this feature that will be useful well into their toddlerhoods. 

Playpens are safe spaces where your babies can play and spend time (always while supervised) where they are not destroying your entire house. It may be worth getting a bigger unit that offers more use after the bassinet stage has ended.

Best twin bassinet

While no one across the board answers the best twin bassinet, the abovementioned products are the same ones mentioned time after time. 

To further your research, ask your friends who have twins or join a twin support group online and make a query. Chances are, you will find these same products mentioned time and time again.

You can’t go wrong with any of the products in this article. If you are looking for further use after your twins outgrow a bassinet, finding one with a storage unit, a table for changing diapers, and a safe but contained play area is the way to go. 

If you are looking for a small space that can fit right over your bed so that you can safely co-sleep with your babies, then a smaller unit may be more to your liking.

Safe Sleep

No matter what product you choose for your little ones to sleep in, you should always center your focus on safe sleep guidelines. Bed sharing with your babies is not recommended, nor is allowing your child to sleep on an incline or with loose bedding, blankets, or toys. 

You can purchase the most trendy products and sleepers on the market, but the most important thing is always your babies’ safety.

The final verdict

The same several products are listed repeatedly in product reviews and by word of mouth by parents of twins. You truly can’t go wrong with any of these products. 

When making your decision, consider how much space you have in your home, what your budget is, and what your personal preferences are. Then find the product on this list that fits those needs the best.

Raising infants is a lot of work, but finding their beds should not be. Hopefully, this article has shed some light on the best bassinets for twins out there so that you get to sleep comfortably, knowing that your babies can do the same!

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