Best Protein Powder While Pregnant—Check Out Our 5 Recommendations

best protein powder while pregnant

During pregnancy, getting the essential amino acids and other nutrients is of utmost importance to keep up your health and your baby’s.

While most pregnant women know that getting extra protein intake is important, not many know protein powders are a great and safe way to get the protein needed.

This article will discuss protein powders for pregnancy, pregnancy-safe protein powders, and even vegan protein powders.

We’ll cover what is best protein powder while pregnant and explain the differences and features of some of the best sellers on the market.

Types of protein powders

Not all protein powders are the same. So many types of protein powder are available that the options can easily overwhelm people.

It can get even more overwhelming for pregnant women focused on which blends are the most beneficial and which may need to be avoided due to pregnancy.

There are over half a dozen types of protein powder to choose from. The following is a list and description of each type.

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1. Whey protein powder

Whey protein is the type of protein powder that most people are familiar with. It’s commonly used to help build muscle. 

If you’ve ever gone to the gym and seen someone sipping on a protein shake, the odds are that it was whey protein isolate in that protein shake.

Whey protein concentrate powder has a lot of amino acids as well as a ton of protein. These branched-chain amino acids and casein protein can help to fill a complete amino acid profile to keep your health in check.

It can help you recover energy and muscle after a workout or busy day.

This is a perfect blend to use before, during, and after pregnancy to maintain, build, or recover muscle mass.

2. Soy protein powder

With each of the nine essential amino acids, this is one of the protein powders for pregnancy that many lactose-intolerant soon-to-be moms reach for.

It is a plant-based protein powder full of plant proteins with high amino acids.

If you need to up your protein intake and you have a milk allergy or dairy sensitivity, this may be a great choice for making a protein shake for yourself. 

If you are sensitive to it, there’s very little use in getting a dairy or milk-based powder.

Always look at labels when choosing a blend to ensure you are not allergic to any ingredients.

The only issue with this soy protein isolate or soy protein powders for pregnancy is that too much of the protein powder can affect estrogen in your body, leading to pregnancy complications.

Be sure to speak with your doctor or healthcare professional regarding what a safe amount of protein powder is for you during pregnancy.

3. Pea protein powder

This is a vegan protein powder that is great for vegans or vegetarians. It’s full of plant-based proteins, and this pea protein powder is made with yellow peas and other legumes.

Full of amino acids, fiber, and protein, they make delicious protein shakes for those who want to mix protein powder into their vegan lifestyle.

It is also great because the enzymes present with this sort of protein help decrease bloating, which is a common issue for pregnant women, especially in the first and second trimesters. 

Bloating can cause discomfort and even pain if not addressed, and this blend will keep that bloat at bay.

Best protein powder while pregnant

4. Egg white protein powder

This protein powder is made from dried egg whites and is absorbed quickly. It can help a person get enough protein into their diet.

Egg whites also typically contain a fair amount of fat (don’t worry, it’s healthy), which can also benefit you and your baby. Just be sure not to opt for this variety of protein if you are sensitive to eggs or allergic to poultry.

However, you may need to eat more protein-rich foods with this supplement, as it goes through your system faster than most other blends.

5. Hemp protein powder

One of the best pregnancy-safe protein powder options for vegans, this vegan protein powder is an entirely plant-based protein blend that makes tasty protein shakes to help you maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Many people don’t understand what hemp does and its benefits. Hemp is a complete protein source full of fiber and Omega-3 fatty acids. 

These fatty acids are essential amino acids that aid in the brain and spinal development of your baby, as well as helping to prevent neural tube defects and other pregnancy complications.

The only real drawback to hemp protein powder is that it typically has less protein than other types and may need to be paired with protein-rich food options.

6. Brown rice protein powder

Brown rice protein powders are another plant-based dietary supplement you can use if you want more protein intake but are vegan. They are great for helping people build muscle mass, and athletes who prefer a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle usually choose brown rice as their protein source for its incredible efficacy and smooth, creamy taste.

How much protein do pregnant women need?

Pregnant women are not all built the same, and due to this, as well as dietary restrictions and other health concerns, there is no known number across the board regarding the amount of protein you should consume daily. 

For an exact amount that is individualized for you, ask your doctor for a referral to a nutritionist, who can also help you with a meal plan to help get you through pregnancy.

However, most pregnant women need about 70 to 100 grams of protein daily. Even if you are focused on eating protein-rich foods daily, protein supplements may still be a good idea, as 70 to 100 grams of protein can be hard to accomplish.

Take, for example, the fact that a boneless skinless chicken breast doesn’t even quite have 30 grams of protein. 

For some women, finding a protein powder safe during pregnancy or the best protein powders for pregnancy is a better way to guarantee that all their nutritional needs are met.

Best protein powder while pregnant

The best protein powders for pregnancy are, for the most part, not set in stone. Personal preference plays a big role in consuming your protein shakes, and your lifestyle and eating habits also play into it.

The following are some of the best protein powders on the market, according to women who have used a protein supplement during pregnancy and find that consuming protein powder for pregnancy is a great way, along with healthy food sources, to get all the protein needed.

1. Momsanity Protein Powder for Women

This delicious protein powder is available in Dutch chocolate flavor and is entirely plant-based. It also contains no preservatives or artificial sweeteners, meaning that you aren’t going to hurt your blood sugar or blood pressure while consuming this protein supplement.

It can be combined with coconut milk, almond milk, regular milk, or even regular water.

This collagen protein powder has no dairy and is one of the best protein powders out there.

2. Mama Natural Collagen protein powder for pregnancy

This organic protein powder contains digestive enzymes because it’s an all-natural option with no artificial sweeteners or added sugars. It dissolves quickly and easily and has animal and egg protein.

As far as prenatal protein powder goes, this one is great because it helps you meet protein requirements in your diet, making your hair and fingernails healthy and promoting good sleep and gut health.

Best protein powder while pregnant

3. Jocko Molk Protein powder

This protein powder is chock full of digestive enzymes and lots of protein per serving with no added sugars, meet your complete protein needs with this delicious blend that will provide dietary supplements in a tasty protein shake variation.

4. Orgain Organic Pea protein powder

Gluten, dairy, and completely lactose-free, you will find no animal proteins in this blend, but you’ll still meet your complete protein needs. If you are on a plant-based diet and would prefer to drink protein shakes without artificial flavors, then choose this brand and rest assured that these plant-based protein powders are working hard for you.

5. Boobie Body organic superfood

This is an excellent protein powder for pregnant women who need to manage their weight and food proteins.

This may be your answer to better health if you have a maternal dietary pattern characterized by protein food sources but otherwise unhealthy food choices.

This protein powder acts as a meal replacement and, when used as recommended, can help women maintain or control their weight and food impulses if they need to do so to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Studies have shown that over half of all pregnant people in the US are considered obese during pregnancy.

If whole foods need to be avoided at your doctor’s suggestion, you may find that replacing those foods with this protein powder is a good idea that keeps you full and satisfied.

Best time to take protein powder in pregnancy

It’s best to start with your protein during pregnancy as soon as possible. Because protein shakes are delicious and packed with protein per serving, giving you energy throughout the day, most doctors recommend taking this supplemental protein in the morning.

Is pea protein safe during pregnancy?

Many things worry pregnant women when it comes to what they can consume. No one wants to put themselves or their baby in danger accidentally. 

Recently, one such rumor has been that pea protein powder is unsafe for expecting moms.

While you are certainly encouraged to speak to your doctor about it and get another opinion, no evidence suggests that this protein-packed blend with protein and amino acids per serving is unsafe for pregnancy.

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Protein powder for pregnant women

Maybe you have been using protein supplementation for a long time, and now that you’re pregnant, you’ve been wondering if you can still take it.

Maybe you’re worried that you can end up consuming too much, especially coupled with healthier foods and your prenatal vitamin.

Always speak with your doctor before starting any supplement regimen. And when you get the okay, ask for suggestions and recommendations from your healthcare provider, and always read labels. 

Never purchase or use supplements containing artificial flavors, dyes, or heavy metals when pregnant.

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