7 Best Postpartum Leggings & Compression Leggings For Support

Best Postpartum Leggings

Most women love a good pair of leggings. Postpartum leggings, especially, need to be comfortable as well as flattering. But finding a supportive pair of leggings after having a baby can seem like a trial and error gauntlet.

The best postpartum leggings shouldn’t be a mystery, and they don’t have to be any longer! If you wear leggings regularly, then this article will be a lot of help in the search for the perfect postpartum leggings.

If you wore maternity leggings throughout your pregnancy, then you know just how much more comfortable they can be than jeans or slacks. In fact, perhaps the only pants more comfortable are pajamas, but they don’t lend the support you need in a good pair of leggings.

This article will help provide options for the best postpartum compression leggings, regular postpartum leggings, and more.

What makes good postpartum leggings?

There are many things that women look for in a good pair of leggings, whether they are currently pregnant, just had their baby, or just want some good regular leggings.

Most women are concerned with coverage and support, meaning that they don’t want the world to see their underwear the moment they bend over slightly. They also need support so that their abdominal muscles and weakened pelvic floor muscles during their postpartum period are held in tightly.


Many women have a preference when it comes to the cut of a pair of leggings. While a lot of this choice depends on personal style, you should also consider the season and the weather when you start shopping for some good leggings.

The following are the most popular and common cuts of leggings.

Ankle-length leggings

These are what are known as full-length leggings. This means that they go all the way down to or past the ankle. These are great for any season, especially cooler ones like fall and winter.

Capri leggings

These leggings are cut to below the knee and usually end right around mid-shin. These are great leggings for the spring and summertime, and they look great alone with nearly any top, under a dress, or even undershorts for a retro or fun look.


Leggings are designed for comfort, so the material used in making them is important, especially if you are looking for postpartum leggings.

Leggings can be fleece lined to keep you warm in the late fall and winter, and they can also be thin cotton to keep you cool in the spring and even the summer. Moisture-wicking fabric is a plus when looking for leggings in hot climates so that you aren’t sweating and overheated in them.

Best Postpartum Leggings, postpartum wear

Best postpartum leggings

Postpartum wear doesn’t have to be baggy and loose. Your postpartum belly needs support from a good pair of pants, and leggings can be the perfect solution for looking cute and trendy while also being comfortable during your postpartum recovery.

The following are some of the best postpartum leggings you can buy.

Kindred Bravely Martina Maternity and Postpartum leggings

These come in a cropped length to give your legs a little air and mix things up a bit. You can pair them with almost any top and any shoe, and they are as comfortable as it gets.

While the description in the title says that they are maternity leggings, they are really a multi-purpose pair of leggings. Made of elastic, they grow with you throughout your pregnancy. They don’t lose shape, and they don’t sag. This is music to most pregnant and postpartum mamas.

This company’s high-waisted leggings mean that they offer a lot of support. The high waist also folds down if you don’t need the tummy control once you start to get back to your pre-pregnancy size.

The postpartum body is a fluctuating miracle, and these maternity and postpartum leggings can be there for the entire process. Once you’re back to the size you were before pregnancy, you can continue to wear them as normal leggings.

These pants are also made of breathable fabric and are thick enough so that they aren’t see-through, but not so thick that you’re sweating underneath them. That post-baby belly will feel great in these high waist leggings.

Mothers Essentials Tummy Control Leggings

These are seamless leggings that are also made with moisture-wicking material, making them some of the best postpartum leggings out there.

These are only moderately supportive, which means that they are great for everyday wear around the house or running light errands. They are also incredibly comfortable and high-waisted. The high waist lends support, especially to c-section mamas who need to protect their incision site.

Louisa Maternity and Postpartum Support Leggings

With an ultra high waist, these are perfect for the postpartum time period in which many women are trying to get used to their new bodies after having lived in pregnant bodies for nearly a year.

Equipped with a pocket, which makes these post-baby pants even more convenient (phone right there at all times for the perfectly timed baby picture!), they also provide support for all body types.

The high waist helps your healing body in terms of your abs, pelvic floor muscles, and more, and they offer a slimming effect because they come up so high.

Postpartum compression leggings

While you can wear postpartum leggings during and after pregnancy in most instances, it is not recommended that you wear compression leggings while pregnant. This is because they can cause too much pressure on the belly and, therefore, the fetus.

If you feel that you need support during pregnancy that regular postpartum leggings aren’t providing, there are other products, like a support band, that can be added to your wardrobe to give you an appropriate level of support without any risk to you or your baby.

Compression leggings are popular to wear as postpartum leggings because of all the added support that they give. They can help you to get back into shape, they can help to support your belly after delivery and during recovery, and they may even give you the motivation to get up and start moving. Even if they don’t deliver on that last part, at least you’ll look cute in them!

So without further ado, here are the best compression leggings for your postpartum journey.

Mothers Essentials High Waist Tummy Compression Leggings

Giving birth leaves you with some sagging skin that takes time to spring back to the way it was before pregnancy. Postpartum women love compression fabric because it tends to be incredibly soft. The gentle compression helps to hold everything in so that the weak abdominal muscles have time to heal without making us feel self-conscious.

These leggings are made to do just that. Affordable and almost obnoxiously comfortable, these are some of the best post-pregnancy leggings on the market for women with a tight budget.

They have a high waistband and a seamless design, and the compression features work to give postpartum support and hide that slightly swollen belly and love handles. Everything is gently smoothed out under the pants.

Best Postpartum Leggings, tummy control

BLANQI Highwaist Postpartum leggings

These leggings provide moderate compression for your post-pregnancy body that won’t feel too tight. They have a very high rise waist, so if you nurse, you can keep your belly covered if you feel exposed normally when breastfeeding.

They offer just the right amount of support for the post-baby body, and the leggings are made with a very soft material that breathes and feels like butter. Extremely soft, extra coverage, and a high waistband. The perfect pair of leggings.

Syrinx High Waisted Leggings

Coming in as some of the most affordable compression leggings (around ten dollars a pair), these pants offer extra compression and are so affordable that you can splurge and get multiple pairs.

These pants give you more compression than most other pairs of compression leggings and have a high waist that gives you more support and coverage after giving birth.

Belly Bandit Leggings

These are the top of the line in terms of quality and price, but many postpartum moms will tell you that they are worth it. With a high level of compression, they offer more support than most other pants, and they boast that they will smooth everything from your waist down.

You won’t see bulges or bumps in these pants, regardless of how recently you gave birth, and that is exactly the thing that a lot of new moms are looking for. They also give a ton of support.

Another plus to these pants is that they have a fairly inclusive size chart. Sizes go from XS to XL.

Buying the best postpartum leggings you can are worth it

Mamas who give birth via cesarean section usually spend six weeks or more recovering. After that, it can take months to get back to the shape and size you want so that you can feel confident and comfortable.

There’s nothing that says you need to spend your time recovering in baggy or loose pants or pajamas, although you certainly can if that’s what you prefer.

Many women feel more like themselves when they wear clothing that makes them feel good about their bodies. With a good pair of leggings in hand, the postpartum mom can feel like she’s ready to get out and get back to living her best life after the recovery stage is over.

There are two different major types of leggings for the postpartum period: leggings and compression. Compression offers support and structure in the pants and can help recover and heal the stomach muscles and pelvic muscles. If you are not looking for this level of support, you will probably love regular postpartum leggings.

Whatever your choice is, remember that you have plenty of time to get back to your pre-pregnancy shape or size. Every size and shape is beautiful, and you deserve to look and feel great all the time.

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