8 Best Postpartum Diapers That Will Help With Postpartum Bleeding

best postpartum diapers

Wearing an adult diaper or a postpartum diaper in the first week postpartum can be a lifesaver for women. 

While adult diapers aren’t discussed often, postpartum adult diapers are not anything to be embarrassed about. They offer far more coverage and leak-free protection from lochia and heavy postpartum bleeding than the thick mesh pads the hospital provides following delivery.

This article is about finding the best postpartum diapers on the market for those first weeks postpartum when the bleeding is at its heaviest. 

If you choose to wear postpartum diapers, you’ll most likely notice a difference between coverage and comfort.

Postpartum bleeding

Regardless of the method of delivery, there will be some postpartum bleeding that occurs immediately after giving birth. Heavy bleeding occurs for the first week postpartum, and then heavy bleeding lessens as time passes.

The best adult diapers offer coverage, comfort, and a good fit, and it isn’t obvious to the outside world that you’re wearing postpartum diapers.

However, because it’s an item many women don’t discuss, knowing which disposable postpartum underwear or disposable diapers to wear during your postpartum recovery may be tricky.

Alternatives to postpartum diapers

Postpartum diapers make the most sense if you want the best shot at eliminating leaks and having good coverage.

However, there are other options. Knowing your options is essential because as the bleeding slows, most women switch from postpartum adult diapers to another, less full-coverage option.

1. Postpartum pads

Postpartum pads are similar to heavy-flow overnight pads for menstruation. They are long and thick and stick to the inside of your underwear or the mesh panties you may get from the maternity ward at the hospital.

These postpartum pads, also known as maternity pads, offer protection from bleeding during the postpartum phase.

However, many women have issues with maternity pads:

  • They can shift in your panties, allowing for leaks.
  • They can irritate sensitive skin.
  • They aren’t known for being great for sleeping or overnight use.

2. Incontinence underwear

Incontinence or postpartum underwear is similar to pull-up underpants that can be thrown away after use.

They are great for the postpartum period and offer more protection than a postpartum pad, and there are many variations and brands to choose from in many sizes.

Wearing adult diapers of this type means that you can wear discreet underwear that can take the place of a bulky pad without worrying about anything shifting around and causing leaks.

A combination of all options

Most moms will recommend using a step-down type method to the protection you use to keep the bleeding during the postpartum period under control.

Adult diapers for postpartum bleeding in the first weeks postpartum are a great option that offers the most coverage.

Postpartum pads are great for after the first few weeks when the bleeding has slowed down. They are thicker, offer more protection than regular pads, and can be relied upon after a few weeks postpartum.

The last weeks of the postpartum phase should be the lightest bleeding, and regular pads should suffice.

best postpartum diapers

Best postpartum diapers

The best postpartum adult diapers are those that don’t feel like diapers but offer great coverage. 

Postpartum moms have enough to worry about without constantly checking their pants for leaks.

The following are some of the best high-quality postpartum diapers on the market, as reviewed by women, doctors, and quality tests.

1. Tena incontinence underwear

Three soft layers make this postpartum diaper absorbent. However, it does not look like a diaper. 

They also have elastic legs so that there are no leaks in the leg holes of the diaper. They are soft and comfortable, and if you have to wear postpartum diapers, many women recommend this brand.

Tena underwear is an excellent brand if you have tried the best postpartum pads with regular underwear or other disposable postpartum underwear and still aren’t getting the protection you need.

2. Rael Organic Cotton Cover Disposable Underwear

If finding organic postpartum diapers is essential, this is one of the best choices. It is excellent for sensitive skin and has a soft organic cotton top sheet.

It won’t irritate a cesarean section incision site and protects four menstrual pads.

Disposable underwear is excellent because it offers maximum absorbency, and you don’t have to worry about cleaning the mess once they’re full. Throw them away.

The best postpartum pads and diapers are the ones that aren’t a lot of work.

3. Always Discreet Underwear

Women swear by this disposable postpartum underwear after giving birth. They are available in several styles and colors, look and feel like real underwear, and have odor-lock technology, so unpleasant vaginal odors are not detected even when they’re full.

Regular underwear with a pad cannot offer that, and one of the worst things about wearing regular underwear with a pad is that you may have to either clean them or toss them when you have leaks.

With these postpartum diapers, you won’t have to worry about it. They look like real underwear, but you throw them away when you’re done.

Leak Lock Technology

Just like infant diapers, Always Discreet underwear has an innovative absorbent technology that pulls the blood and discharge into a gel.

This means that you can prevent leaks, odor, and vaginal infections. According to many consumers, these are the best postpartum diapers on the market.

4. Depend Silhouette Incontinence underwear

It can be safely assumed that the best incontinence products will also make the best postpartum diapers. Everyone knows of the brand Depend.

And, well, you can depend on them for quality postpartum diapers.

These not only offer protection from bladder leakage, which you may experience after delivery, but they also don’t feel like postpartum diapers. 

They are discreet enough to be worn with nearly any pants, including leggings, without being detected, and they have an extra soft liner so that they won’t irritate or chafe your skin.

They also have no scent or lotions, meaning that you don’t have to worry about vaginal infection associated with these substances. The feminine design also helps as they don’t look or feel like diapers.

5. Frida Mom Disposable High Waist C-Section Underwear

C-section moms have a lot to deal with. They are now in charge of keeping a tiny human alive and must simultaneously recover from major surgery.

Regular panties with a regular pad can rub on the incision site, irritate the wound, or even re-open the wound in extreme cases. Frida underwear is made especially for these women.

With a high waist that will keep them from rubbing the surgery site, they stay in place, don’t roll down, and are very soft. They have a flexible waistband, so you don’t feel like you’re being cut into at the waist.

These diapers are great for the care they keep in mind when it comes to c-section moms, but they are also known to be less absorbent than some other brands and types of postpartum diapers. 

You can supplement with a pad in the first week following the birth of your new baby for the best level of protection.

6. Prevail Incognito Maternity pads

You may find these best if you feel more comfortable using pads than postpartum diapers. They protect against leaks and odor and offer up to eleven hours of protection.

Made with natural ingredients, no harsh chemicals, lotions, or scents are used in these products, so you won’t have to worry about infection.

7. Amazon Basic Women’s Protective Underwear

Not only are these affordable and readily available on Amazon, but they are also soft, absorbent, and don’t make you feel hot like other brands.

Due to the cotton fibers used in these postpartum diapers, you won’t experience the overheating associated with some other brands.

The only complaint consumers seem to have with this product is that, compared to other brands and varieties, they are less discreet and a bit bulkier than the competition. 

However, the affordability and quality of leak protection take a lot of work to beat.

8. Speax Postpartum Underwear

These are not disposable and must be cleaned, but they’re great for moms who aren’t bleeding or don’t want the diapers.

Pretty, seamless, and absorbent, these are for bladder leaks but can also work well for the weeks after the baby arrives.

How many postpartum diapers will I need?

There is no magic number you can go by regarding how many postpartum diapers you’ll need. However, most new moms go through about three diapers daily for the first two weeks.

Women who had a vaginal delivery usually experience more heavy flow than c-section moms so these women may need more maxi pads, disposable underwear, or adult diapers than others.

Most new moms find that the average number of postpartum diapers used is about 50.

best postpartum diapers

Bleeding: When to be concerned

While postpartum diapers can help you to deal with the issues you face after your child’s birth, always be mindful that your body is doing a lot of hard work recovering from something significant that happened to it.

While motherhood is a very natural and beautiful part of life for a woman, paying attention to your body, your emotional well-being, and your mental health is of the utmost importance during the weeks following delivery.

If you are bleeding through more than one pad or postpartum diaper per hour or are passing large clots at an excessive rate, you need to contact your doctor or seek emergency medical attention.

Choosing your postpartum diapers

Researching and narrowing down which postpartum diapers are best for you, even before you deliver your baby is a good idea. 

The hospital will most likely provide you with a bulky pad and mesh underpants that don’t fit anyone correctly. 

Many expectant mothers pack their choice of postpartum diapers in the hospital bag.

Ask yourself about what matters to you: Natural ingredients? Having three layers for guaranteed triple protection? A great fit? Or discretion?

Once you know the answer, start looking at products that check the boxes for you. There’s a product out there that you’ll love. You’ll be able to make a choice.

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