Best Maternity Clothes On Amazon: 17 Amazing Outfits For The Mom-To-Be

best maternity clothes on amazon

Maternity wear is a category of clothing you only need for a short time. Most pregnant women wear maternity clothes during pregnancy and shortly after that. 

While your maternity wardrobe is admittedly short-lived, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to look cute and have confidence while wearing them.

More and more women have turned toward Amazon maternity clothes to find everything from maternity dresses, maternity underwear, maternity bras, maternity pants, and maternity pieces that you can mix and match.

This article will highlight some of the best maternity clothes on Amazon. 

From the comfort of your home, in your comfy pair of PJs or your husband’s oversized tee shirt, you can put your feet up and get ready to shop for the cutest maternity dress to fit your style or stretchy fabric to suit your ever-growing baby bump.

Best maternity clothes on Amazon

You can find almost anything you think of on Amazon, and maternity clothes are no exception. The only issue that you may run into is the fact that there are so many options it can be overwhelming.

Having a list to draw ideas from is a great way to remove some of the anxiety associated with such a plethora of options and see what great value you can find for your money.

When will you need maternity clothing?

Many pregnant women are excited about the stage they will need to dress their growing bump. 

It’s exciting to dress up for, and dreaming of that perfect fit and baby shower outfit can be something to give yourself to look forward to while you battle those first trimester bouts with morning sickness.

The first few weeks of pregnancy may not show much aside from a need to pee more often and sore breasts, but don’t worry. You’ll be showing soon enough.

Most first-time moms start to show between 16 and 20 weeks, while moms of multiples or women who have been pregnant before tend to show just a bit earlier. 

While you can undoubtedly shop ahead even if you’re not yet showing, it may be better to wait to find your favorite maternity clothes once you know what size you’ll need.

best maternity clothes on amazon

Best Amazon maternity clothing

The following are some of the best options for maternity wear, based upon consumer reviews, number of purchases of products, looks, style, and quality. 

Hopefully, you’ll find something you love and perhaps find some inspiration for more pieces that suit your personality and personal style.

1. Mother Bee maternity open shoulder dress

Who doesn’t love a flowy maxi dress?

In terms of maxi dresses, this one is as cute as it gets! You can dress it up or down; it comes in several color options, and the off-the-shoulder ruffles make this dress festive, flirty, and fun. 

You can pair it with some glam earrings or accessories, or even wear it coupled with a denim jacket for a more “put together” look.

2. Mother Bee maternity half sleeve front tie faux wrap dress

Knee-length and with an adjustable belt that will loosen the piece up as you get bigger, this is one of the women’s favorite maternity dresses for maternity photos, baby showers, and nights out. 

Elegant but simple, this faux wrap style will make you feel gorgeous and show off your bump perfectly.

3. Motherhood maternity rib bodycon tank dress

Maternity brands should never skimp on comfort when it comes to dresses for the mom-to-be. 

This dress, by Motherhood Maternity, is one of the best maternity dresses out there for the hot summer months when you feel like anything more than a thin tank dress will cause you to melt.

Pair it with a jean jacket on a cool evening to make it a little posher, while the ribbed fabric accentuates your curves and shows off that baby bump.

4. Joyspels women’s maternity pants with pockets

With full belly coverage and pockets, these maternity bottoms are a pregnancy must-have. Offering belly support in comfort and style, these are one of the maternity items you’ll still be reaching for even after the baby is born.

5. Foursome women’s maternity ripped jeans shorts

When it comes to denim shorts, these are a favorite of many women. 

Stylish and cute, with a belly panel that offers support under the bump, you’ll want to wear these for your whole pregnancy. Pair with cute maternity tops, and you’re set!

6. Ingrid and Isabel maternity workout leggings

With extra support in the front that will see you through that bigger-than-life third trimester, you don’t have to work out in these to appreciate the comfort fully. Adorable and available in several colors, these leggings are a favorite for pregnancy.

7. Ginkana women’s sleeveless maternity dress

With its adjustable straps and polka dots, this is the perfect dress to wear out as your belly grows. Made of good quality stretchy fabric, you can wear it when you first start showing in the second trimester or even after your last pregnancy. 

It’s flattering for date night or a casual day out.

8. Lately women’s nursing bras

Comfy, soft, stretchy, and in multiple colors, these nursing bras are great for sleeping in, working out, or wearing under your favorite t-shirt.

Unlike most bra packs that come in a three-pack, this five-pack of bras will give you extra coverage during your pregnancy and easy access to feed the baby if you nurse after delivery.

9. LULENQ maxi dress

If long-sleeved clothes are too warm and you want some coverage and elegance, this lace maxi dress may be perfect. Available in multiple colors, you can use it from the second trimester on and still have room at the end of your pregnancy.

Touted as the perfect dress for pictures, it can be worn during the summer months, the fall, and the spring. Be sure to pay attention to the size chart when ordering.

10. Peauty premium pregnancy shapewear

Fitting like high-waisted bike shorts, they are great to wear under a dress, for working out, and can be worn postpartum to support the belly.

They aren’t see-through, and they support your bump under your clothes so that you can run errands without getting too much discomfort.

11. Bhome Store maternity tanks

Available in multiple colors, wearing these tanks during the summer will keep you cool, and wearing them in the fall under a jacket or cardigan is a great way to feel dressed up while still in relative comfort. These all-occasion tops just can’t be beaten.

12. Lemlem Bandira dress

With its multiple colors, layers of neon, metallic threading, and vertical stripes, this fashionable and thin fabric outfit is the perfect piece for a fun day or evening out. The material breathes well, and the striped design is flattering on all body types.

13. Blanqi support tank

For expectant mothers who work or are active and on their feet a lot, this tunic-length top offers support for the chest and the bump without rolling or bunching up.

The breathable material won’t make you sweat, and it’s soft so that it won’t irritate sensitive skin.

14. Smallshow women’s maternity shirt pack

This pack of three tees features a side ruche that will show off your growing belly in style. Soft and thick enough to not have to wear a shirt under them, these tees are a must-have for every wardrobe during pregnancy.

They come in several colors and prints to match everyone’s style.

15. Intimate Portal maternity underwear

Maternity brands may not do a lot of marketing for underpants, but every pregnant lady knows just how important it is to get a good fit when it comes to undergarments.

These are mostly cotton and have just enough spandex to keep them from rolling down or sagging; they are also great to wear after the baby is born.

They sit just below the bump and stay put all day!

16. Coolmee round necked ruched dress

This dress does that and more when it comes to flattering your shape during pregnancy. Its long sleeve and knee length come in many colors and prints.

Pair it with a jacket or a sweater to dress it up in the fall and winter, or pair it with a pair of sandals or wedges in the spring and summer for that put-together look that will make you feel amazing!

17. Motherhood Maternity long sleeve v-neck shirt

An essential staple to your wardrobe, this simple but comfy v-neck top is perfect for nearly every setting and occasion. 

It pairs well with jeans, slacks, skirts, and leggings to give you effortless style and comfort.

Versatile pieces are important for maternity brands and items, and this has that!


Hopefully, this article has given you many great ideas for a new maternity wardrobe. Maternity clothes shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. You can always find cheap maternity clothes on Amazon, that will suit this stage of life.

Be sure to pay attention to return policies incase you get the wrong size, and have fun shopping in the comfort of your own home for the best and cutest styles out there!

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