The 17 Best Girl Baby Shower Themes That You Will Absolutely Love

Best Girl Baby Shower Themes

Baby showers are great occasions to celebrate and prepare for the arrival of a baby. It’s also an opportunity to share ideas and experiences about parenting, especially for a first-time mom-to-be.

Because of this, there are an infinite number of adorable baby shower themes and ideas, as well as gender reveals to choose from. The theme will ultimately depend on the mom’s personal preferences, accessibility to supplies, and budget.

Nowadays, organizing a baby shower is more than setting a diaper cake on a table, opening presents, and playing games with the mom-to-be at the center stage. A baby shower has become an awaited milestone during the pregnancy and as part of preparing to receive a baby into your life.

The good news is that there are baby shower themes for everyone, and in the case of a celebration for the arrival of a baby girl, the number of ideas you can have is limitless.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most beautiful baby shower themes for girls to serve you as inspiration and guidance. You will not only find elegant themes, but also, unique baby shower themes and fun baby shower theme ideas.

Adorable girl baby shower themes

Little girls are special creatures full of color, light, and joyfulness, and as such, when looking for the perfect baby shower theme for girls they are often full of all those characteristics to celebrate the beautiful baby girl and the mom-to-be.

Baby shower themes for boys tend to be a little more limited, so if you like playing around with combinations, flowers, feathers, color, and glitter, then you will have a blast with how much you can do for baby girls.

Here’s a selection of some of the prettiest baby shower themes for girls.

Girl Baby Shower Themes

1. Succulent baby shower themes

Did you know that the cactus symbolizes maternal love, nurture, warmth, and care? Because of that and how beautiful succulents – which belong to the cactus family – look, it’s become a popular baby shower theme and a way to honor the mom-to-be and the bond she will have with her baby.

This adorable theme can be used for either a boy or girl baby shower, and it’s effortless to achieve because you simply decorate with the focus on the succulents and add pink items to make it more feminine. You can also decorate cupcakes and make them look like mini succulent plants to add to the overall theme. 

2. Flower baby shower theme

If you are looking for a gorgeous baby shower theme, flowers may be just what you are looking for! Flowers are among the most classic themes for baby showers, especially for a girl, and there’s an endless selection of combinations and colors to choose from.

You can go for fun and bright sunflowers for a summer baby shower theme or a more neutral “Baby in bloom” outdoors decoration.

If you prefer, you can go for a garden party where you can mix up many kinds of blooms, flowers, and foliage to create a magical enchanted garden theme set up as a tea party with rock candy to stir the tea and pink flowers mixed with many other colors.

3. Honeycomb and bees baby shower theme

Honeycomb and bees baby shower theme is a very simple theme but very beautiful for a tea party to indulge the mommy to be.

You can give tiny honey jars as party favors for your honeycomb and bee themed baby shower, and set a dessert table full of honeycomb-shaped sugar cookies, honey crème macaroons, and other tasty treats for the sweet tooth.

4. Boho chic baby shower theme

For a more eclectic and unique baby shower, boho-chic styles as shower themes for girls can be absolutely adorable.

Its muted colors and combination of flowers, feathers, ribbons, and dream catchers add a touch of femininity and elegance to a girl’s baby shower.

5. Fruit themed baby shower

Fruit baby shower themes provide the opportunity for a fun baby shower. They also make beautiful baby shower decorations with their vibrant colors and the many ways you can combine them. You can select a specific fruit and tailor all of the decorations around that fruit, such as lemons, peaches, or oranges.

These decorations are not only fun and refreshing to look at, but they can be exquisite as well. And although they can be used for a gender-neutral party, they’re often chosen as shower themes for girls.

6. Mermaid themed baby shower

One of the most unique baby shower themes is mermaid-inspired because it mainly uses colors such as purple, turquoise, and silver instead of the classic soft pink generally used for a girl. This is a concept you can play around with in many different ways, and it will always look gorgeous and make up for a fun event.

You could even experiment with a sea baby shower, where there is more of a focus on the ocean. Switch flowers with seashells and stars. Use sand as part of the decoration and give coconut flavor party favors. There’s a lot of fun in this great baby shower theme!

printable baby shower invitations

7. Woodland animals

You can never go wrong with animal baby shower themes.

Woodland animals are soemtimes used if you’re having a baby boy, but you can easily add some special touches to spin it for a girl’s baby shower.

This cute theme can be complemented by adding tiny flowers to the baby animals to make it more feminine and scattering beautiful fresh flowers as part of the centerpieces or on top of the cake. Let your imagination run wild and free with this sweet shower theme for your baby.

8. Moon and stars themed baby shower

Imagine puffy fabric and cotton clouds with a hanging moon surrounded by glittery stars. This magical theme can be used for either a baby boy or girl alike.

There are a lot of creative ideas on how to accomplish the moon and stars theme, and you can include:

  • Star-shaped cake pops
  • Sugar cookies with “sweet dreams” on them
  • A lot of dreamy decoration elements create a cozy, perfect theme to honor the new baby

9. Ice cream party for a baby

A great theme rarely used but everyone loves is the ice cream party baby shower theme, where you use pastel colors to recreate an ice cream parlor or make decorations to resemble ice cream cones.

This is also a great excuse to serve ice cream instead of other desserts if you feel like it, or let your imagination run free with how to make everything look like delicious ice cream cones, popsicles, and ice cream sandwiches.

10. Peter Rabbit baby shower

For those with a nostalgic flair and a love of vintage decoration, the beautiful Peter Rabbit baby shower theme can make a mom-to-be very happy. It’s suitable for any time of the year but more appropriate for springtime when you can find all the flowers and foliage to compliment it.

To make it even more feminine, you can set it as a romantic tea party with lots of baby pink accents to compliment the traditional pastel colors of Peter Rabbit’s drawings.

11. Seuss baby shower

Another quintessential nostalgic theme is Dr. Seuss. Oh, the things you could do with this theme for your baby girl! You can have a gender natural approach and use the vibrant reds, greens, and blues of the storybooks, or opt for more subtle pastel shades to resemble traditional shower themes for a girl.

This is a very fun and entertaining theme that allows you to play around with ideas and DIYs so that it can be adjusted to suit any budget. You can also reuse some of the elements in your baby’s nursery. 

Cute baby shower theme and popular baby shower themes

12. Pink baby shower ideas

If you are simply looking for a classic baby shower theme, pink is always a winner. You can decorate exactly how you want to and simply stick to a common color theme. There is nothing more feminine than a pink baby shower. Moms-to-be often choose a pale or pastel pink, as it is easy to match with other colors and always looks classy. 

13. Princess themed baby shower

Another fan favorite baby shower idea for a girl is a princess theme. You can go for a general princess decoration or a Disney princess theme for a magical way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of your baby girl.

Gold, glitter, and gorgeous pink balloons and flowers make this timeless theme fit for the little princess and the mommy-to-be.

14. Tropical girl baby shower theme

This super fun tropical baby shower theme is full of bright colors and sets up the ambiance for the perfect bash. Whether you like a Hawaiian Luau or a Flamingo theme, all the fun of these decorations is based on the joy and energy the vibrant colors bring.

Add hot pink accents to liven up the space and combine it with neon colors, palm trees, pineapples, flamingos, and golden details. Use vibrant green leaves, artificial or natural, as part of the table setting for a touch of elegance.

Offer sweet tea in neon-colored glasses with straws that hold tropical fruit decorations. Let your imagination run free with this cool baby celebration.

Girl Baby Shower Themes

15. Carousel girl baby shower

If you’re one for vintage and regal decorations, carousel shower themes are for you and your baby.

Add a whimsical touch to your baby shower with this pretty theme that’s been a classic for a girl baby celebration. You can even make your own cute decorations that go perfectly well with this idea.

16. Unicorns and rainbows baby shower themes

Nothing screams “girl” louder than unicorns and rainbows with all the whimsical color combinations and the magic behind the idea of them. Celebrating the upcoming arrival of your baby girl with such a fun theme will bring a smile to everyone attending the baby shower.

There are many ways you could customize this theme; from a cartoonish style to a more sophisticated watercolor drawing perspective, this theme can be adapted in many ways.

17. Vintage shabby chic for your little girl

You can set the perfect setting for a vintage shabby chic baby shower by mixing old furniture and fixings with fresh flowers and soft color balloons.

Dig into your grandmother’s pantry and attic, visit an antique store, or even a garage sale to get your hands into unique pieces that will not only make the perfect baby shower decorations but can also be used in the nursery for the baby.

Nursery theme ideas

Some of the baby shower ideas we’ve seen so far can later be used as nursery theme ideas for your new baby girl. So it can be fun to select the baby shower theme with that in mind so you can reuse some of the decorations in the nursery and keep the same theme when choosing the baby shower gifts you’ll add to your registry.

Remember that part of preparing for a baby includes being mindful of your budget because a baby represents a significant cost increase once they arrive. And one way to do that is by reusing or repurposing some of the baby shower decorations.

For more ideas for the nursery themes, you can also visit Pinterest and Etsy, where you can find a lot of inspiration and also purchase the elements you need to achieve the design and vibe you want to get for your little girl.

Final thoughts

A baby shower is a special celebration of life that brings a lot of excitement into the lives of the mom-to-be and her loved ones as well. Sometimes people get stressed over the organization and planning of the baby shower and lose focus on what’s really important: having a great time celebrating the upcoming arrival of your beautiful baby.

So have fun and plan the baby shower you, as a mom or your loved one who’s expecting a baby, will actually enjoy and remember fondly. In the end, decorations, souvenirs, food, and games are important, but what the people really remember at the end of the day is how much fun they had and how happy they felt.

For your next baby shower, remember to simply have fun!

If you are looking for more baby shower ideas, this article may interest you. If you are looking for baby shower games, we also have you covered!

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