Best Diapers For Sensitive Skin: Our 9 Recommendations For Your Baby

best diapers for sensitive skin

Your diaper caddy may be complete with all the products intended for nappy-changing duties and whatnot – from rash creams and baby wipes to disposable or cloth diapers. 

However, whether you use disposable diapers or cloth diapers for your baby, diaper rash and other irritation to the baby’s sensitive skin can occur. 

A baby’s skin is new and delicate skin that deserves to have the best disposable diapers and cloth diapers to combat and prevent diaper rash and other irritations.

This article will discuss the best diapers for sensitive skin – from cloth diapers to diapers that can be disposed of, to hypoallergenic diapers and even overnight diapers and baby products.

Before you stock up on diapers, read on to know more about the brands we recommend to help keep your baby’s delicate skin healthy.

How to tell if your baby has sensitive skin

Any baby can get a diaper rash if left long enough in a diaper. 

Diaper companies have done their best to help parents stay on top of this issue by using an indicator on the front and back of many diapers that lets you know when the diaper is wet or soiled.

If you’re confused about whether your baby has potent poops that cause redness on the skin or if your child truly has sensitive skin, pay attention to how the baby’s skin reacts when you use a new product. 

You can use the best diapers on the market, but any change of products or materials can still make for a red bottom and diaper area. If this is the case, you most likely have an issue with sensitive skin, which is common in babies and people. 

Finding and switching to the best diapers for sensitive skin may help keep your child’s bottom from turning red or looking chapped and painful.

If you don’t want to use throwaway diapers, look for the best cloth diaper to keep your baby’s skin healthy. 

Breathable material, in this case, is a must. 

Finding the right diaper for your little one can be exhausting and expensive, but protecting that fragile and delicate new skin is worth it.

Best sensitive skin diapers

Identifying the rash

Is it diaper rash, eczema, or hives? Knowing the difference between these issues is essential to solving the problem. 

The following are descriptions of each skin condition. 

Remember that if you are unsure what you’re looking at on your infant or toddler’s body, you should refer to your child’s pediatrician to get a more conclusive diagnosis. 

A baby with a rash doesn’t mean that you aren’t a good parent. Doctors see it all the time, probably several times a day.

Diaper rash

This is relatively easy to identify, and it occurs after a baby sleeps in a very wet diaper, has acidic diarrhea, or tries a new food and then poops. 

It is usually identifiable by redness in the area where moisture or feces touches the skin.

Creating a barrier with diaper creams or petroleum-based lotions can help the damaged skin recover.


Eczema can be caused by genetics, but most likely not diapers. 

However, the problem can worsen if your diapers have chemicals, dyes, or fragrances.

This is flaky, itchy, dried skin that can and usually does occur all over the body and is not restricted to the bottom or crotch of your little one. It usually appears in patches of skin rather than in random spots.


Hives come out when you are allergic to something. These often look like raised bumps that can swell and change color and sometimes need medical attention. 

While it is more likely that your child’s diaper is less to blame than some other factor like a new food or bug bite, not all diapers and not all brands are created equally. If your child is susceptible to allergens, you may need to run the diaper gamut to find the correct diaper.

Best diapers for sensitive skin with a wetness indicator

Cloth diapers vs. disposable diapers for sensitive skin

Many parents think that if their child has sensitive skin, bypassing any diaper companies that market diapers that are disposable for sensitive skin and skipping straight to cloth diapering is the best choice. 

Some parents even believe that using cloth diapers will prevent any issues with sensitive skin.

Cloth diapers: myth or fact?

The misconception is that diaper brands that produce diapers you can throw away are riddled with chemicals and can cause skin irritation, especially for little ones with sensitive skin. 

However, believing that a cloth diaper eliminates sensitive skin issues is a myth.

While many children who suffer from sensitive skin and rashes while wearing store-bought diapers meant to be thrown away after use do better after switching to cloth, some do not. 

This is because cloth diapers don’t breathe as well and aren’t as absorbent as a diaper you buy at the store in a pack.

Your little bub’s skin can still be irritated with cloth, especially if the baby’s bottom is left too long in the diaper, which is always pretty puffy, making it a bit tricky to tell when it’s full, leading to diaper rash. 

The use of other baby products such as baby wipes and baby lotions that dry out the skin and cause irritation also add to the problem.

So don’t worry if you don’t want to use a cloth diaper to help with the baby’s sensitive skin. There is most likely a disposable option that will work.

Best diapers for sensitive skin

The following are some of the best-reviewed and highest recommended diaper options for a baby’s sensitive skin. 

If your baby is prone to redness in their diaper area, rashes, or even dry, flaky skin, there is bound to be something on this list that will help with the issue.

If you find that you have tried everything and are still dealing with issues that stem from sensitive skin, contact your doctor to see if you have a skin infection, illness, or are having a possible allergic reaction to a product you are using. 

Seek professional medical advice if your child is exhibiting any other symptoms of illness or irritation.

Cloth diapers

The following are some of the best options for cloth diapering to help with the baby’s sensitive skin issues.

1. Alva baby cloth diapers

These diapers are a great option because they work on a two-part system. 

First, there is a waterproof outer layer that is machine washable. Secondly, the insert options are numerous and range from bamboo charcoal to tri-layer microfiber. 

This caters to the baby’s needs and the parents’ preferences regarding what they deem suitable for their child’s skincare.

Buy Alva Baby Cloth Diapers here

2. Humble Bebee

Made of simple unbleached cotton, these cloth options are as simple as it gets. They are also the most affordable of cloth diapers. 

They are pre-folded and can be easily adjusted to fit your baby’s waist, helping to prevent leaks. They also double burp cloths, can be used as inserts for other diapers, and are absorbent.

Buy Humble Bebee Diapers here

Disposable diapers

The following are some of the best-rated and reviewed diapers for sensitive skin that you can throw away after use.

1. Honest company hypoallergenic diapers

This hypoallergenic diaper is made with plant-based materials to keep things natural so that potentially harmful chemicals don’t make contact with the baby’s skin. None of these diapers have lotions, fragrances, chlorine, or latex.

These are also great overnight diapers because they wick wetness away from the body and can hold up to seventeen times their weight in liquid. 

Disposable diaper brands like Honest Company have made significant strides in making natural diapers and affordable diapers that families of all budgets can afford.

Buy Honest Company Hypoallergenic diapers here

2. Bambo Nature diapers

Regarded by many as the best diapers that are disposable for sensitive skin, these baby diapers have a back sheet that allows for extra airflow that can help cut down on skin irritations caused by lack of air getting to the skin.

These eco-friendly diapers are great sensitive skin diapers with an absorbent core and a wetness indicator, making it easier to keep your baby from sitting in a wet diaper for too long.

Buy Bambo Nature diaper here

3. Babyganics Ultra Absorbent Diapers

This is the most affordable disposable diaper brand and is one of the best at preventing diaper rashes. 

Equipped with an exclusive seed blend oil made from natural materials to help protect a child’s skin, these diapers feature a wetness indicator and stretch-fit sides.

This is a great diaper brand if you are on a tight budget but want baby diapers that offer leak protection and don’t use harsh chemicals. They also make and sell hypoallergenic wipes!

Buy Babyganics Ultra Absorbent diapers here

4. Seventh Generation diapers

Made of absorbent material, these baby diapers are easy on the baby’s skin and are free from chemicals. Along with allowing airflow through the diaper to prevent diaper rashes, these are perfect diapers for parents looking for something simple yet effective option.

Buy Seventh Generation diapers here

5. Little Toes Bamboo Diapers

These premium bamboo disposable diapers are 60 percent more absorbent than cotton or other materials, giving you an ultra-absorbent core and a diaper that you don’t have to change often. Hypoallergenic and biodegradable, these ultra-soft diapers will help keep the baby dry and happy.

Buy Little Toes Bamboo diapers here

6. Dyper: Best Hypoallergenic Diaper

You don’t get much more plain than these diapers, which is excellent news for your little one’s skin. 

According to many parents, these diapers are made of entirely plant-based materials and are the softest plant-based diaper on the market. They help prevent diaper allergies and allergic reactions and keep very sensitive skin dry and protected.

While other hypoallergenic diapers are on the market, these are at the top of their game.

Buy Dyper diapers here

7. Huggies special delivery diapers

These are Huggies best diapers for sensitive skin, and they are also hypoallergenic diapers! 

With a money-back guarantee, these are great for baby’s skin if they aren’t the softest diapers you’ve tried. 

The soft liner makes it different from other diapers of the same brand.

These diapers help to prevent that dreaded diaper rash with their inclusion of a wetness indicator. 

Huggies diapers’ softest absorbent core means that these are not only super soft but also allow you to change fewer diapers than if you use conventional diapers and still avoid skin issues.

Buy Huggies Special Delivery diapers here

Finding the perfect diaper

Finding the right diaper for your baby and their skin can take a lot of work. 

Some babies can wear diapers and never have issues; for others, every little change in material and brand can affect the skin.

There are so many options available to parents now that it can be overwhelming which ones to get for diaper changing duties at home or what to put in the diaper bag when on the go.

From eco-friendly diapers that are biodegradable and plant-based to bamboo diapers that are absorbent and natural, there is no shortage of options.

Many manufacturers and companies offer coupons on their websites and even trial packs so that you can try their brand without having to buy a full pack. 

And if you find the brand you like, some companies offer subscriptions with discounts for monthly orders and loyalty programs to cut down on costs. 

Your doctor may also be able to give you a few different brands to try to see if your child’s bottom agrees more with one over another.


Rashes and other skin issues can cause discomfort and even pain for little ones, and many parents can feel helpless in battling these issues. We try different creams, ointments, lotions, wipes, laundry detergents, and baby powders. 

Sometimes all we need to do is take a deep breath, assess the situation, and then make informed decisions about the products we use and the diapers we purchase to keep our little one’s skin healthy.

Sometimes, simply allowing the baby to spend some time “airing out” each day without a diaper on can make a huge difference when it comes to keeping baby’s skin dry. 

Avoiding acidic juices like apple juice is another option to keep skin healthy and happy.

With a little trial and error, and the process of elimination, you can help your little one stay comfortable and dry.

You will forever be trying to protect your child, and protection against rashes and irritation due to sensitive skin is no small feat, but you can do it.

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