11 Best Breastmilk Cooler Bags To Keep Your Milk Stash Safe And Fresh

Breastmilk Cooler Bags

Breast milk cooler bags come in handy when you need to transport pumped milk and don’t want to worry about spoiling or warming up too much. 

A good cooler bag can be a lifesaver on road trips, vacations while commuting from work, during sports practices for your older kids, and more.

If you don’t know where to start your search for the best breastmilk cooler, don’t worry. This article will cover all the best options depending on your needs, budget, and more. 

Whether you’re looking for a cooler bag with a contoured ice pack or a cooler bag you’ll need to purchase, you’ll find it all in this article.

Why do you need a cooler bag?

An insulated cooler bag is something that breastfeeding women rely on at many points in their breastfeeding journeys. 

Breast milk coolers are explicitly designed to keep breast milk cold enough so that it won’t spoil.

You can transport milk storage bags or store breast milk bottles in them for a few hours at a time, along with ice packs so that you can be assured that when you’re traveling with breast milk, it won’t go bad, and your baby will be able to consume it safely.

Do I need a breast milk cooler bag if I don’t pump?

The short answer is that having one is good because you cannot predict hiccups in life. 

You can get stuck in traffic on your way home from work when you’re already late for a nursing session and need to hand pump or use a portable breast pump while stuck at a standstill on the road.

You may end up ill and need a medication you can’t breastfeed while taking. If you don’t want to risk having your breast milk supply drop or even dry up, pumping that milk regularly while you cannot nurse is a good idea.

You should consider investing in a cooler bag for breast milk even if you don’t regularly pump. You should also have a breast pump and breast milk storage bags.

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How long can breast milk stay in a cooler bag?

If you have a good quality cooler bag, freshly expressed or previously frozen breast milk that has been thawed should be good for 24 hours as long as you use several ice packs.

Never refreeze thawed breast milk, and if you do not use the breast milk from cooler bags within 24 hours, then you should not feed it to your baby.

Best breastmilk cooler bags

Finding the best breast milk cooler for your freshly expressed breast milk depends on how often you intend to use it, how much milk you plan to store, and your needs and preferences in a cooler bag.

According to consumer reviews, the following are some of the best breast milk coolers on the market.

1. Medela breast milk cooler

Most parents trust their liquid gold in the hands of Medela

Known for their breast pumps, they also make this breast milk cooler bag with four bottles. It also has a contoured ice pack that perfectly fits around the bottles.

The ice packs keep the breast milk cold for up to 12 hours, which is excellent for those long days at the office, commutes, vacations, and more. 

They fit most breast pumps, so you don’t have to have a Medela pump to use this Medela breast milk cooler.

2. Momcozy insulated baby bottle bag

These breast milk cooler bags are great for traveling with breast milk, taking to work with you, and for on-the-go moms everywhere. 

It has extra storage, a sturdy strap, and clips that enable you to attach it to your briefcase, diaper bag, or luggage.

It only comes in one color for now, but since it’s a neutral color, it goes with just about everything. 

It’s got an area that is not insulated, as well as an insulated cooler bag part in the bottom that can hold five or more bottles, depending upon their size.

3. Skip Hop Insulated breastmilk bag and Baby bottle bag

It’s not expensive and simple, but this is still hailed as one of the best breast milk cooler bags on the market. It will keep two full-size bottles or sippy cups cold and up to six breast milk storage bags. 

It has double zippers for security and easy access to safely store breast milk without worrying about it falling out of the bag.

4. RTIC Soft cooler bag

While not specifically designed or marketed to keep breast milk frozen, it will do that for a fraction of the cost that many bags sold for breast milk bags will.

This cooler bag is large (it’ll hold up to six bottles at least), durable, easy to clean, and has thick sides so that you can be sure that the freezer pack you put inside won’t thaw. 

You can keep anything you like in it, but have a separate ice pack on hand, as this one doesn’t come with any.

This one may look plain because it is, but it does have a comfortable shoulder strap that makes carrying it around more comfortable.

5. Luxja Breastmilk cooler bag

This cute and small bag will keep your bottles cold and looks like a small purse or mini diaper bag

It has a detachable shoulder strap, as well.

It may be small, but this baby bottle cooler has pockets on the front and back, giving you more storage space than other small bags. 

An ice pack is included, and depending on how much breast milk you need to transport; you’ll find that this multipurpose cooler bag has lots of room.

6. Pack It Freezable baby bottle cooler

Of the first cooler bags on the market, and still one of the most loved, this one holds up to four bottles (those can be tall bottles, too). 

The thing that sets this bag apart is that it does not require ice packs. Instead, you put the entire cooler in the freezer. Say goodbye to buying separate ice packs with these insulated bags.

This keeps frozen milk cold with its freezable gel that is patented. 

You must flatten the bag and put it in the freezer overnight to activate the gel. Then take it out of the freezer, put your baby bottles in, and you’re good to go.

7. Homga Breast milk insulated cooler bag

With its airtight and temperature-controlled bag, this thick cooler is an excellent choice for many parents who want the look of something heavy-duty to be able to trust in it completely. 

It has extra padding and is very durable and easy to clean. It also has an adjustable shoulder strap to carry it or let your partner do it.

8. JL Childress Maxi Cool Breast milk cooler

With its snap closure and sleek design, this bag looks more like an insulated lunch box than other breast milk cooler bags. 

Because it’s so small and sleek, it easily fits in a large purse or diaper bag, making it easy to store milk and transport. It also has a snap handle to attach it to your stroller.

9. Lekebaby Breast milk cooler bags

If you’re looking for something that can hold larger bottles, this is the pump bag. One of the best cooler bags out there to keep large bottles of breastmilk cold, it’s got a contoured ice pack with it.

This bag also fits most bottle brands, so you don’t have to spend extra money and time hunting for specific bottles to fit in it.

10. Sarah Wells Cold Gold

Known as the best cooler if you need something long-term, this bag will keep your breast milk cold for up to eight hours. 

It also has a cute design that will excite you to lug it around rather than dread carrying it.

It has an adjustable and even detachable handle and is easy to clean. You may fall in love with this bag when you see how cute and useful it is.

11. Itzy Ritzy Chill Like a Boss Bag

This stylish bag holds three tall baby bottles and fits inside the larger bag for diapers and baby gear that matches it! 

This is a favorite for working moms who want to look professional and sleek while having to pump at work.

There’s no rule that breastfeeding needs to be drab, and a little bit of flair never hurts anyone!

Using a breast milk comparison table to help you decide

When it comes to comparing breast milk cooler bags, it can get confusing. Many of them are similar, and it can be challenging to remember which come with ice packs and which don’t.

To find the best breast milk cooler bag for you, consider looking up a comparison table that will list several features that may be important to you when transporting frozen breast milk and which of the leading cooler bags have those features.

This means you can more easily find the right breast milk cooler bag out of several breast milk bags on the market.

Deciding between breast milk cooler bags

Whether you trust Medela pump bags more because of their name, you’re looking for something budget-friendly, or you need something for those “in case of emergency” times, there is a perfect breast milk cooler bag out there to fit your needs.

Having suitable materials at your disposal is very important for sticking with breastfeeding. 

The rate of women breastfeeding at six months is nearly half that at birth. If having a cute cooler bag, a huge or functional bag, helps you stick with it, then go with whichever bag you like most. 

Hopefully, you’ve found that best breast milk cooler here that you love!

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