11 Options To Find The Best Breast Pump For Exclusive Pumping

how much milk should i be producing when exclusively pumping

When you are looking at breast pumps in an attempt to find the perfect one for you to use for exclusive pumping, your options can be overwhelming. 

Whatever breast pump you choose will do a lot of work for quite some time.

Knowing the best breast pump for exclusive pumping is half the battle.

Finding the Perfect Pump

You will need a hospital-grade breast pump, and a double electric breast pump will complete the job efficiently and quickly.

However, when it comes to extracting breast milk for your baby, you must be a bit picky when choosing a breast pump, especially if you plan to pump exclusively.

This article is about the best breast pumps for moms who know or think they will be exclusively pumping breast milk for their babies. We will discuss electric breast pumps, manual breast pumps, and more.

Keeping your milk supply up depends mainly on having the best breast pump possible to get the most out of each pumping session.

What does exclusive pumping mean?

First of all, let’s get it out of the way. 

Pumping your breast milk with a breast pump and then giving your baby a bottle with breast milk in it is still breastfeeding. It makes you more or less a breastfeeding mama than women who nurse.

When we say exclusive pumping, we mean that a woman does not latch her baby onto her breast. Instead, she uses a breast pump to extract the milk her body produces.

Best breast pump for exclusive pumping

Why do some women pump instead of nurse?

There are many reasons that women choose to pump rather than nurse. 

Consider skipping nursing or why some women don’t nurse but reach for a pump instead.

1. Demanding work schedule or career

Maybe you have a demanding job, and it will be impossible for you to nurse your child while at work, but you still want them to get the benefits that human milk can give them.

2. Injury or medications

Breast injury, illness, certain medications, or infections can also prohibit a mother from nursing. Some women also switch to pumping sessions after a hospital stay or surgery.

3. Sensitivity

Some women want to avoid chapped or sensitive nipples that can occur as a result of a baby’s mouth and saliva. An electric unit has a constant and steady rate of suction, and you are less prone to sensitivity issues going this route over nursing.

4. You don’t want to nurse

To be perfectly honest and blunt, no woman must give a reason. If you want to pump rather than nurse, that’s perfectly fine! 

If you are one of these women, and you’ve been struggling to find the best breast pumps on the market for someone who knows their breast pump won’t get many breaks, then this is the article for you.

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Best breast pump for exclusive pumping

Not all breast pumps are created equal. Some lactation consultations will even go so far as to say that if you want exclusive pumping sessions to be as successful as possible, you should settle for nothing less than a hospital-grade breast pump.

Electric pumps vs manual

However, some women find some pumps too powerful, and the high suction leaves them sensitive and irritated. 

In these cases, you may want a manual pump when you’re feeling sore, need a break from a high-powered double electric pump, or are on the go.

Don’t worry. We’ve got everyone who plans to pump exclusively covered.

1. Medela Pump in Style with Max Flow

The Medela Pump in Style is one of the best pumps on the market and the best-reviewed by real women. It’s comfortable, small, and made for everyday use, which is precisely what you want in a closed system pump that can help you to up your milk supply while not being incredibly heavy or clunky.

It’s a double electric breast pump, which means you can pump both breasts simultaneously, cutting the time in half. 

It’s small enough to fit in most bags, and it can run on batteries when you need it to so that you don’t always have to mess with a charger or find an outlet.

2. Motif Medical Duo

This breast pump is designed specifically to be a portable breast pump, and it does a fantastic job as your on-the-go pump. It has a rechargeable battery that lasts over two hours on a single charge and is very lightweight and compact.

It has three expression modes and ten suction settings to make this breast pump work perfectly. It’s very quiet so that you can use it without anyone knowing.

3. Elvie pump

The Elvie breast pump is touted by many as the best wearable breast pump on the market.

This is a favorite brand of moms who work in high-demand jobs that may not allow time to take breaks for pumping sessions, such as nurses and doctors. 

This hospital-grade pump is a silent electric breast pump that can fit right inside a nursing bra and be worn while you are still working or going about your day.

It does all of the work automatically and shuts itself off when the bottles are full so that you can avoid spills, leaks, or any mess. It only has a few parts, and it is dishwasher safe. 

It’s a genuinely perfect pump for on-the-go moms.

It also has a downloadable app that records when you pump, how much milk you get per pumping session, and more.

4. Motif Medical Luna

If you don’t want a double or single pump, this may be for you. With solid suction that mimics a nursing baby’s actual movements and suction, this portable pump can be used as a single or double pump breast pump.

It’s small and compact and has lights on it so that you don’t disturb your little one or anyone else in the middle of the night if you need to pump.

5. Medela Harmony

The Medela manual pump, the Harmony, is an excellent manual breast pump that may rival some hospital-grade breast pumps, according to some moms.

This manual breast pump is excellent for exclusively pumping moms with a primary pump at home. Still, they need the best portable breast pump they can use anywhere when their breasts are full, and they need to express breast milk immediately.

Hand powered vs Electric

While electric pumps do most of the work for you, this one, and virtually all manual pumps, work off your hand’s power. 

However, Medela Harmony’s pump is said to produce milk flow almost immediately, and milk volume is better with this hand-powered pump than with many other brands. It is regarded by many to be the best manual breast pump on the market.

Make sure when using any breast pump that the breast shields fit well so you’ll get the best suction and liquid gold from a pump with breast shields that fit you.

Best breast pumps for exclusive pumping

6. Medela Symphony breast pump

As far as hospital-grade pumps go, this is the classic and the gold standard. Most breast pumps do their best to improve continuously upon style and functionality. 

This one doesn’t need any improvement.

With a price tag that includes four figures, remember that this closed-system breast pump can be rented from many hospitals, as can many closed-system pumps. 

Also, your insurance company may cover the cost.

With proven results that you will achieve output and milk flows faster with the Medela Symphony pump, you won’t regret starting your pumping journey with this unit.

The downside to this unit is that while you get more milk supply with this pump, it’s also large, heavy, and not very portable.

7. Willow breast pump

The Willow pump is a closed-system wearable pump that consumers swear by. There are no cords or attachments to worry about, and the cups contain the motor for these portable pumps that are silent, light, and oh-so-convenient.

Able to work in any position, you can pump right into the breast pump bags and then store them for future feedings. 

These are expensive pumps, but worth the money for those who need wearable pumps as an option. And since most insurance companies offer a free breast pump, you may consider this option.

8. Baby Buddha Single electric breast pumps

When it comes to portable breast pumps, this one is highly regarded. 

It can also be used as a double pumping kit, so moms who enjoy both options can use this one and be satisfied. 

It’s small (smaller than a standard calculator), but don’t let that fool you. 

This pump can stimulate milk flow as powerfully as any other double-electric breast pump out there. With this kit, you won’t have to worry about a diminished breast milk supply.

It’s a hands-free breast pump that will help increase milk production, and there aren’t a lot of breast pump parts to worry about. 

It also has a rechargeable battery, which is a plus that other pumps can’t often offer.

9. Spectra s1

The Spectra s1 is a pump mechanism many love for its efficiency, quietness, and rechargeable battery. 

This pump is a closed system, so it keeps the milk separate from any of the pump parts, and you can easily rent this one from many hospitals. 

Parents highly regard it.

10. Medela freestyle flex

Hands-free and small, this electric pump packs a lot of punch. 

It is very quiet, comes with an app that can keep everything from your output to your pumping schedule all in one place, and gives you suggestions, help, and resources at the touch of a button.

It’s a double electric pump, so you can use it and be done pumping in half the time as you would with a single electric pump.

11. Pump in Style Advanced

This massive kit is a favorite among women with multiples or large breasts. 

It comes with two different sizes of shields, and larger ones can be ordered. 

It comes with a large tote bag that everything fits into, so you can move it around wherever you need it.

This pump has a lot of power, isn’t super loud, and is portable, despite its large size.

When in doubt, ask an expert

If you still need to decide which breast pump is right for you, remember that there are lactation consultants who have an entire career dedicated to helping women just like you. Reach out to your doctor for a referral.

The best way to express milk

Less than half of mothers who start breastfeeding are still doing so one year later. Whether this has to do with how milk is collected is anyone’s guess, but a reliable breast pump offers security and comfort, which is essential in staying the course.

A good pumping bra, a pump that will render enough pumped milk to keep your little one satisfied, and one that can create suction that isn’t uncomfortable are significant perks when looking for a pump that is perfect for you.

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