Best Blackout Curtains For Nursery: Our Top 8 Recommendations

Best Blackout Curtains For Nursery

Blackout curtains, or blackout shades, help a nursery greatly when the afternoon sun is beating through the windows. 

Cute and sheer nursery curtains leave something to be desired when your little one isn’t napping well during the day. 

Then, when bedtime rolls around, sleep is elusive, and you’re in for a long night. All because sleep patterns were interrupted.

Blackout curtains are imagined by many to be thick, black curtains that are heavy and hang on a rod, lending no character to a room. 

Ominous, dark, and lifeless. 

However, times have changed since the days when your only option for blackout shades is these hideous drapes. 

They now come in many styles and even different colors.

This article will showcase some of the best blackout curtains for nurseries, blinds, and blackout shades. 

Eventually, you should know the best blackout curtains for nursery, and maybe even for your own bedroom.

Types of blackout curtains

Babies sleep lightly, and a child’s bedroom is best kept dark and quiet as a sleeping environment. 

While natural sunlight is excellent during the day, keeping outside noise and light out of the room for daytime naps will give optimal sleep conditions in the nursery, room, or napping area.

You may get confused about the different types of blackout curtains on the market. 

What most of us know is that we need a bright room to be darker so that we don’t have to deal with the baby waking up several times a day or night, and the sheer curtain that came with the nursery decor set we got isn’t doing the job.

The following are some of the different types of blackout curtains.

Two-pass blackout lining

These curtains will not give you the completely dark room you may be looking for, but they get you pretty close. 

The process involves a sprayed layer of opaque membrane sprayed with white acrylic foam.

These curtains are lightweight, often making the curtain flush with the window rather than adding a lot of bulk.

Three-pass blackout lining

These curtains provide a completely dark environment by blocking out 100 percent of the light from entering the room through the window.

It involves the same process as the two-pass system, but this adds an extra step of adding one more layer to give it that extra boost of darkness. 

Bright lights don’t stand a chance, and better sleep can be had with these curtains.

Triple weave fabric

Triple woven fabric is more environmentally safe than curtains sprayed with foam to block the light. 

They are also 100 percent effective, meaning the baby nursery will be pitch black at night, as long as the curtains are pulled across the tracks.

They also work to give kids a better night’s sleep by reducing noise and offering insulation to regulate temperature better. 

These curtains block out just about everything.

Best Blackout Curtains For Nursery

Does a baby need blackout curtains?

Blockout curtains will help your child will sleep better and they will also stay in sleep mode longer in a dark room. 

The following are the reasons why a dark room primes your little one to sleep.

Less stimulation

Room darkening blackout curtains reduce the amount of outside stimulation for your baby, which will help your infant get to sleep better. 

With less stimulation, they can calm down and go to sleep. 

Having curtains up means that you control how much light gets into the room, suggesting that during playtime, you can let in as much light as you want, but during sleep time, your baby will start to register the dark with sleep, and the routine will stick.

Like the womb

Your baby is used to sleeping in a dark space. 

There was very little light when they were still in the uterus, and the darkness helped the baby get to sleep and sleep well.

A cozy bed or even a toddler cot for older kids in a dark room adds comfort and will help your kiddo get to sleep faster and get better sleep.

The best blackout curtains for nursery

If you are determined to go with curtains or already have curtain rods ready for use, finding something that suits the room and blocks out the sun will be easier with this list.

Pottery Barn Kids

These are high-end and quite expensive, but they are also high quality. 

With a pleated shade, colors, and styles that seem endless, these are great for any theme, including a gender-neutral nursery. So you can put these curtains on your baby registry, even if you don’t know the gender of your little one yet.

These are dry clean only, so be wary of the cost associated with that, and having any backup, such as roller blinds or other curtains, may be a good idea for when these curtains are at the cleaners.

Buy the blockout blinds here

Nicetown curtains

Top rated on Amazon; these blackout window curtains are perfect for almost any window frame. 

They come in several colors, including white blackout curtains so you can match any color scheme or nursery decor.

If you already have curtain rods, be sure they are heavy-duty. 

These are very heavy because they have two layers of triple weave fabric. 

This means that this is an actual blackout curtain. It will completely block out any light that is coming in the window.

If you are looking for something that allows a little light into the room, you may be better off selecting room darkening curtains instead.

Buy the blockout blinds here

Amazonbasics Room Darkening Curtains

These curtains keep the light out and are also a noise barrier, meaning that your baby’s nursery will be warm, dark, and quiet: the perfect blackout curtains for a nursery.

Equipped with grommets and velcro tie-backs, they can be easily slid open and secured back when the baby is awake and wants to play in the sunlight in the room. 

Because they are darkening curtains, they have a blackout window liner to help filter out the light and, therefore are stiff and heavy. 

On the upside, they are also machine washable, which is very convenient for a quick clean.

They also come in 21 colors and several different patterns to fit the decor and theme of the baby’s nursery.

Buy the blockout blinds here

Peace and Quiet Noise Reducing Blackout curtains

Designed with noise reduction in mind, your baby’s room will be a space of quiet tranquility and keep harmful UV rays out. 

They also have insulation which helps to conserve and save energy.

Buy the blockout blinds here

Riviera Striped/Linen blackout curtain

These white blackout curtains have a thick liner to keep out the sun. 

They come in several adorable patterns that are great if your child has a nursery theme of the beach, ocean, or coast.

Don’t let the fact that these curtains are white fool you. The blackout lining does a great job of keeping the room dark.

Buy the blockout blinds here

BGMent Blackout Curtains for Kid’s Bedroom

These are some of the best blackout curtains for kids’ rooms, as they come in many cute and fun designs. 

You get two panels that will fit on almost any curtain rod. They block out 80 percent of the sunlight during the day, and a full 100 percent at night, making these some of the best baby blackout curtains on the market.

They are also insulated so that the room will stay warm in the winter and cool in the hot summer heat. 

Perfect curtains for a nursery, your little one is sure to get a good night’s sleep with these triple weave blackout fabric curtains.

Buy the blockout blinds here

Amazon Basics Portable Baby/Kids Travel Window Curtain with Suction Cups

This curtain requires no curtain rod and is one of the best nursery blackout curtains for families on the go. Simply take it with you! 

It will stick to most existing window treatments and adjust with Velcro to expand or contract to fit the window size.

The blackout lining is very effective and does a great job when placed on the window of a hotel room, friend’s house, or relative’s home, without being big and bulky or doing any damage to the windows.

Buy the blockout blinds here

Chicology Blackout shades

One of the best blackout shades available for purchase, Chicology will block light from your child’s room. 

They also don’t have a cord, so there is no risk of strangulation.

You can use them alone or hang curtains with them to help with noise reduction to help the baby’s sleep stay deep if you live on a noisy or busy street.

These are neutral shades so that they will go with almost any curtains or theme of a child’s nursery.

Buy the blockout shades here

Blackout blinds and blackout curtains

Always read reviews

When looking for the best blackout curtains, always read plenty of reviews and ask people you know who have tried them. 

They can make a big difference in the quality of sleep your little one gets and can be effective and benefit the entire family.

It’s also a good idea to ask anyone who works the third or night shift and needs to sleep during the day. 

Even adults need darkness to get excellent sleep, so thinking outside the box and asking people who sleep during the day for suggestions can be very helpful.

It may seem strange to want a dark room for your baby, but remember that babies are not inherently afraid of the dark

That comes much later, if at all, and you can always scale back the blackout level or get a nightlight if that problem arises.

For infants, however, you seldom have to worry about the fear of the dark. 

Babies are born with only two natural fears: loud noises and falling. And having good blackout curtains can keep loud noises out, so it’s also a benefit in that area.

Shop around and make sure that you are aware of your options. 

If you want some blackout curtains that are on the higher end of the price scale, put them on your registry! 

Even if you don’t get them as a gift, many companies offer a significant discount after your due date or baby shower on items you registered for but didn’t get. 

It’s certainly worth it to add some quality curtains to your registry.

While you’re at it, consider getting some for yourself. After all, most parents end up pretty sleep deprived at some point. 

Getting the best sleep possible (when you get a chance to sleep) is ideal for everyone in the family. Blackout curtains aren’t just for babies.

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