The 11 Best Baby Shower Themes Unisex And Gender Neutral Themes

Baby Shower Themes Unisex

The world is not black and white or pink and blue. It’s full of colors, combinations, and shades that make everything interesting. The same applies to baby shower themes unisex, as well as gender neutral themes.

Nowadays, you don’t have girl or boy themes; you can have a gender-neutral baby shower. Sometimes parents don’t want to know the baby’s gender before being born, and sometimes they don’t like the stereotypical themes.

Baby shower decor usually focuses on the centerpieces and bright, pastel, or muted color schemes. It’s also important to have a pretty dessert table with various sweet bites and a cake decorated according to the theme.

Food and drinks are also important, and the mom can decide if she wants to offer alcohol or not as part of the celebration; either is acceptable.

Whatever your reason, there are so many unisex baby shower ideas to choose from that you will have a blast going through them. And there’s even the possibility, if you’re crafty and creative, that you can create your own theme to fit any baby gender.

We made a selection of some of the most adorable themes for you to choose from. So let’s get started.

Gender-neutral baby shower themes

Whether you’re having a baby boy or a girl, a gender-neutral baby shower provides the perfect scenery for the celebration. Here are some ideas for you to explore.

1. Woodland-themed baby shower

If you like the outdoors and cute baby animals, a woodland baby shower is what you need. The adorable illustrations of woodland animals complemented with fresh flowers, wooden elements, and a natural feel would be the perfect theme, and the pictures will be amazing.

And depending on the season, you can add touches to give it a more wintery look or add leaves to resemble the woods in fall.

2. Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower

A classic theme that brings back our childhood nostalgia is a Winnie The Pooh baby shower theme. It has beautiful pastel colors suitable for either a boy or a girl.

You can give honey pots as party favors and set up the baby shower games according to the storybook and all the characters.

Baby Shower Themes Unisex, gender neutral baby shower

3. Moon and Stars baby shower

No matter the baby’s sex, we all want to give our children the moon and the stars. Make this wish come true with a moon and star baby shower theme.

This can be one of the most elegant baby shower themes because it uses a lot of muted colors and silver and gold.

Set up your table decor to resemble the night skies with bouncy balloons and use candles to give subtle lighting to the ambiance. It’s no wonder why the moon and stars theme is an all-time favorite among the options for a gender-neutral baby shower.

4. Gold baby shower

What about an all-white and gold baby shower? It’s a combination both vibrating and sophisticated that could make up for an adorable baby shower theme.

It’s as simple as using only those bright two colors, white and gold, for every element and maybe breaking the color scheme a bit with complimenting tones such as brown. You can even set up a dress code for this baby shower and ask your guests to dress accordingly.

You don’t need greenery and many decorations for this baby shower theme. Keep it simple with gold and white centerpieces, a white throw blanket, or carpet here and there, and prepare for an exciting time with all your close ones.

5. Bee baby shower

Celebrate the mom-to-be with a cute honey bee baby shower. For this gender-neutral baby shower, you could offer sweet treats made with honey and have custom cookies in the shape of bees.

Your baby shower favors could be tiny honey jars or honeycomb-shaped soap bars. Decorate with natural greens and lots of flowers in bright colors to “feed” the bees.

6. Botanical baby shower theme

Another fan favorite for nature lovers is a Botanical baby shower with lots of natural greens and flowers. This is one of the most simple neutral baby shower themes to accomplish, as you could use only greenery and even some herbs if you don’t like or can’t get flowers to compliment it.

For this gender-neutral baby shower, you could give fresh herbs as party favors that are not only cute but also useful.

7. Fruit baby shower

Do you want a summer baby shower? Then have fun with a fruit-themed baby shower! From lemons to peaches and oranges, this great theme will be fun for the new mom and all the guests.

Can’t choose one specific fruit that fits your personal style? Then make it a Tutti Frutti baby shower and have all of them mixed together.

Make it a brunch celebration, offer your guests mimosas, and create a food menu featuring fresh fruits.

8. Boho-themed baby shower

A sweet way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of your little cutie is with a lovely Boho-themed baby shower full of warm, muted colors,

The combination of feathers, ribbons, dream catchers, balloons, and some flowers or simply foliage for its decor makes this theme cherished by all. You could serve drinks in mason jars and use dry flowers instead of fresh ones to compliment the color scheme.

9. Teddy bears baby shower

A few things say “baby” as a sweet teddy bear, so what’s better than celebrating the new baby and the mama to be with lots of them. And the plus side is that after the party you could keep the decor as toys or use them as decorations for the nursery.

There are so many types of teddy bears that it could be a perfect theme for a gender-neutral baby shower.

Since bears eat a lot of berries and honey as part of their diets, you could set the dessert table with sweets with those flavor profiles and ingredients. Even the baby shower favors could follow that guideline.

And to prevent your bears from getting cold and help prepare for hibernation, set up a hot chocolate station for all your guests, and it will be guaranteed one of the most memorable gender-neutral baby showers.

10. Pastel Gender-neutral baby shower

Pastel colors are not exclusive for girls’ baby showers, and depending on the colors you choose, it can be a sweet theme for a baby boy or gender-neutral. Colors such as pastel green, yellow, brown, purple, peach, and blue, among others, are considered gender-neutral by many.

So whether you’re looking for neutral baby shower ideas or the big reveal of the baby’s sex, this is a pretty theme for any party.

Baby Shower Themes Unisex, baby shower decorations

11. Baby in bloom baby shower

For a springtime gender-neutral baby shower, the theme of “Baby in bloom” will surely bring a lot of smiles to the mama-to-be.

The selection of blooms and the color scheme make it gender-neutral, but there are always many options available to suit all preferences. The color combinations are endless for this party theme, which focuses heavily on centerpieces and other floral arrangements.

And those arrangements will undoubtedly be used by the mama as home decor for at least a few days after the party.

Babyshower decoration ideas

When planning a baby shower, you must remember two things: the mama’s style and the budget. There’s something for everyone, and it just takes a little research to find a shower theme and where to get everything you need.

Also, there are a lot of tutorials and guides about DIY decorations that could create to not only serve as party decor but also be reused later as part of the nursery’s decorations.

Remember to set up some baby shower games to make the party fun for all the guests and the mama. And keep in mind that the theme you choose should permeate the whole party, including the dessert table, the cake, food selection, drinks, and favors.

Designing the invitations with the baby shower theme you chose is also part of the whole idea. If you’re in love with that specific baby shower theme, add some of the presents on your baby registry to follow the same line and colors.

For the first baby, the mama tends to be more stressed out and excited than the following ones, so be patient and have fun planning the baby shower because a baby shower is an event that should be remembered fondly.


Regardless of the gender of your baby, a baby shower is a celebration to prepare you for the new arrival of your little cutie and a chance for mama to share a special moment with her closest relatives and friends.

 And if you don’t find neutral baby shower themes that fit your preferences or that you fall in love with, then create a theme combining ideas from different baby shower themes and have fun with it.

Possible combinations include Boho + Woodland animals, a star baby shower without the moon, baby in bloom + teddy bears, and so on. The combinations are limitless, and they can make a unique baby shower theme.

And you could also convert any gender-neutral idea into a girl or boy baby shower by adding more feminine or masculine colors and details to the whole scheme.

Remember to have fun and that as long as mom is happy and enjoying herself, that’s the goal.

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